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Experience the freedom that comes with condo living

Condo buildings offer a variety of onsite amenities ideal for seniors. These include services like laundry, housekeeping and security. You'll never worry about crime or noisy neighbours again. In addition, maintenance like plumbing and electricity, as well as grass cutting, home repairs and all other home ownership headaches are gone! If there's any problem, call the senior condo staff and let someone else take care of it. Your condo will be relaxing and inviting of course, but there is lots of other things to do in Montreal. The lively downtown core offers shops, restaurants, theatres and a wide variety of other attractions. Family will love to come visit!

You'll find senior condos in Pointe Claire, Laval, Lachine, Westmount and elsewhere throughout Montreal waiting for you with open arms — and a long list of features. You’ll love all the freedoms you gain in purchasing or leasing a senior condo, a subset of retirement homes in Montreal. Montreal senior condominiums let you step into a world of freedom. You'll never look back!

Montreal senior condos also offer proximity to medical and healthcare services, sometimes offered as part of the condo package. Of course, all condo units and suites have state-of-the-art accessibility for seniors, as well as assisted living features. The variety of other amenities might include a swimming pool, golf facilities and more. Click here to view all Quebec retirement homes.

Montreal apartments as assisted living

Apartments in Montreal or any city for that matter can be considered a form of assisted living. Senior housing refers to any house that is modified to cater specifically to senior’s needs. Assisted living covers any situations where a retirees receives extra help with their day to day routine while living outside of a dedicated care facility, perhaps in a Montreal condo or their original home. It is easy to see how senior condos or apartments are a combination of these two ideas. A regular Montreal apartment will have amenities typical homes do not, which make senior’s lives easier, and can therefore be considered a form of assisted living. Reduced space, increased security, and maintenance services can significantly reduce stress in retirement living. Just by offering these basic condo services is probably enough for Montreal apartments to pass as a form of assisted living.

Senior condos take those basic services several steps further, catering the entire building to senior’s unique concerns. This is evident in the building’s amenities and culture. A senior’s condo is obviously full of tenants who are approaching or enjoying retirement living. Socially this makes a huge difference as many seniors looking to spend their retirement with people sharing similar values or care needs. It also means Montreal senior apartments or senior condos in any city tend to be quiet as the people living there likely go to sleep at approximately the same time. Generally, senior condos mirror senior homes in terms of the special considerations they take to better serve the elderly.

Typical amenities found in seniors condos not regularly seen in typical Montreal apartments include designs that reduce time on stairs or extra space in elevators for walkers an wheel chairs, and senior friendly social gatherings that are catered to a an older generations preferences. Lastly, any 'building calling itself a seniors condo will typically go beyond a regular Montreal apartment when it comes to maintenance services. Once the facility begins to take special considerations for seniors, it is considered assisted living rather than independent living, though all fall under the banner of senior housing.

Senior condos are the lowest tier of assisted living in Montreal. Residents maintain the vast majority of their independence as they are responsible for cooking, cleaning, and recreation. Senior homes typically handle these things for seniors or provide more assistance and are therefore higher on the continuum of senior housing and assisted living. Montreal apartments can absolutely be considered a form of assisted living even if they are not technically a senior’s condo because they make retirement living less of a burden for their elderly residents.    

Where Montreal seniors are finding affordable apartments

Montreal is a large vibrant city. With many diverse neighbourhoods, all of which all full of furnished apartments and seniors condos. Where you live can have a huge impact on your retirement living experience. Condos are for sale in Montreal throughout the year, so there is no seasons that’s more affordable than another, though seniors tend to find moving during the winter more difficult than in the warmer months. For the most part, every senior apartment or condo in Montreal is close to medical centres and accessible from public transit.  The main question is where to buy a seniors condo in Montreal. Here is a quick look at Montreal’s more distinct neighbourhoods with senior’s condos.

Old Montreal is a historic, luxurious neighbourhood with apartments and condos available for assisted living purposes. As one of Montreal pricier areas, seniors that move to old Montreal apartments do so for the classically inspired architecture, recreational parks maintained by Parks Canada, and to be walking distance from the neighbourhood’s many designer boutiques. Old Montreal apartments are either connected to or seconds away from the underground city, which connects Old Montreal to the downtown core through underground tunnels, making it possible to walk there during the winter.  

Le Plateau Mont Royal appeals to seniors looking for trendy affordable Montreal condos. The neighbourhood has a worldwide reputation for attracting the artistically inclined and is full of cafes, independent galleries, and record stores. Many condos and apartments in this area are walk ups, negating the traditional assisted living benefits of some Montreal senior’s apartments or condos. That said, active seniors will love the sense of discovery imbedded in this diverse and inventive neighbourhood.       

Downtown Montreal is full of skyscrapers, which naturally include senior friendly apartments and relatively affordable condos. This is an ideal neighbourhood for seniors that have stopped working full time but plan on remaining active throughout their retirement. Downtown apartments are close to Montreal’s many cultural institutions and is very well networked with public transit. The area is full of shops and is similar to Old Montreal only with a more contemporary feel. 

Parc Ex is another neighbourhood with assisted living options for seniors. The area has more affordable apartments than others in Montreal and is still easily accessible from the city’s core. Home to Montreal’s Greek Town, newly renovated Le Boulevard Shopping, and Cirque Du Soleil world headquarters senior condos in Parc Ex offer residents the assisted living benefits of apartment style retirement living, all the perks of Montreal, in a quieter more affordable location.    

Rosemont is a centrally located, culturally diverse Montreal neighbourhood full of affordable apartment options for seniors and retirees. Rosemont is home to one of the biggest Little Italy neighbourhoods outside of Toronto as well as many world renowned restaurants, cafes, and cultural centres.  In terms of assisted living, senior apartments and condos are regularly available in the area.

Lastly, a number of retirees have found affordable apartments in Montreal’s West Island neighbourhood. The region is technically outside of Montreal proper but is accessible by public transport and home to popular destinations like Pierre Eliot Trudeau Airport, Galeries des Sources Mall, and Cap Saint Jacques Nature Park. Seniors with condos in Montreal’s West Island enjoy all of the conveniences of apartment style assisted living, the benefits of living in a major city like Montreal, only without typical metropolitan congestion.

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