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Unionville retirement communities offer many services and amenities for seniors in Ontario. A community within Markham, Unionville is a highly sought after. Browse the list below to find a retirement community that will meet your needs. 

Lifestyles available in Unionville retirement homes

Included in the superb seniors' care provided at homes here, you will find some or all of the following services:

All of the retirement homes featured with Comfort Life present adult living at its very best, including superb services and amenities trusted by Canadian families. 

Unionville retirement homes tend to skew towards long term care. There are certainly more hospitality focused senior centres in the area, which could be considered independent living retirement communities, but a typical retirement home better resembles a nursing home. Unionville appeals to patients requiring long term care because as a village within the city of Markham, it offers every urban comfort without the noise of a major city.

Life inside a typical modern retirement home

A Unionville nursing home (today more commonly known as a retirement home) is an ideal place to spend retirement for someone needing a high level of medical care. The range of services vary at different Unionville homes, though a typical Unionville nursing home will have round-the-clock medical care with dedicated nursing staff and a doctor available whenever they are needed. It is also common for staff to be familiar with the latest eldercare, palliative care, and senior friendly therapy techniques.

Places are remarkably luxurious, especially considering their focus on medical care. A Unionville nursing home will integrate therapeutic practices into a comfortable lifestyle, so residents are cared for while they are also being entertained. Retirement homes will have top quality restaurants, classes, and guest speakers that entertain guests while keeping their minds active, as well as regular visits to nearby cultural attractions.

Homes are normally apartment style residences, though a Unionville retirement home will have opportunities for community gatherings and social events. No Unionville nursing home is hard to access. They are all reachable via public transit and located close to major highways. Unionville homes are also known to organize transportation of considerable distance for their residents both to and from their Unionville nursing home.

Unionville retirement homes are generally affordable, especially compared to similar retirement residences in the heart of Toronto. Specialized facilities, under the umbrella of Unionville long term care like Alzheimer’s care that go beyond the medical capabilities of a standard Unionville nursing home are logically more expensive. Alzheimer’s care in Unionville homes is similar to methods in place throughout the country. A community with specialized Alzheimer’s facilities will reduce wandering patient’s ability to harm themselves by locking certain parts of the building and using increased security in the forms of locks, check ins, and unobtrusive monitoring.

Just as retirement homes integrate medical care alongside hospitality services common in retirement communities, so to do Alzheimer’s treatment centres introduce therapeutic interventions as a form of entertainment. Specialized dementia treatment like memory games, coordinated social interactions, and storytelling are often presented as entertainment rather than strictly medicinal at a Unionville nursing home with designated memory care. This ensures patients at Unionville homes are in good spirits and maintain their dignity throughout their long term care or Alzheimer’s treatment.   

Senior living in Unionville

Though not technically rural, Unionville retirement homes are located in a quaint small town that is objectively beautiful without being nature intensive. This type of environment is very attractive to long term care patients who enjoy being outside and exploring but require benches, roads, and sometimes transportation systems in order to do so safely. A Unionville retirement home will organize trips to the villages’ many cultural events.

Seniors in Unionville particularly enjoy the annual Unionville Festival. Unionville long term care patients in retirement homes are more involved in the community than in other towns due to Unionville’s small size but more so for the town’s natural senior friendly attitude. Schools in Unionville have reached out to retirement home or long term care home residents to speak at past events and residents of Unionville retirement homes have participated in the city’s heritage festival, Christmas breakfast with Santa, and Christmas candlelight parade.

Retirement living is looked at as a new phase to be celebrated and enjoyed. Unionville retirement homes obviously work to guarantee their resident’s medical needs are met but make a special effort to ensure they are also entertained, optimistic, and fulfilled. A Unionville retirement home will distinguish itself not with first class amenities (which several do have) but by offering an environment where long term care residents are valued and encouraged to continue living engaged lives.     

Active Adult Living In Unionville

Retirement communities, often with smaller houses in a quieter neighborhood encourage a more relaxed and retirement minded lifestyle. For this reason Unionville active adult homes appeal to independent seniors looking for a change but not in need of care.Active living for seniors in the area generally involves enjoying Unionville’s many senior friendly attractions.

Independent seniors who enjoy walking can normally find likeminded company at Markville Shopping Centre or on a nicer day along Unionville’s famous Main Street. Seniors with Unionville homes are also known to visit scenic Toogood Pond as well as cultural institutions like The Varley Art Gallery and Salem –Eckhardt House. Many seniors visit these sites with adult day programs, which are of course open to those with Unionville homes outside of retirement communities.

Moving into active adult lifestyle a popular choice for independent seniors looking to transition from working life into retirement, needing to downsize and possibly relocate to an area more conducive to a relaxed lifestyle. Moving when independent will make an eventual transition to long term care easier for any senior and familiarity with the city will make the already impressive Unionville long term care facilities more inviting.

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