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The complete guide to retirement homes and senior care in Saskatoon

Retirement Communities for Seniors in Saskatoon

Several agencies in Saskatoon work to ensure the availability and access to a continuum of quality programs and services for seniors. Seniors homes have individual suites, meals, laundry and housekeeping services as well as other services for seniors. Social and recreational activities, scheduled transportation to local community shopping centers and 24/7 on-call caregivers are provided in all of Saskatoon’s elder care homes. Seniors can also access basic health facilities and services. It is important to choose the right type of senior home with appropriate care and facilities for the senior in question.

For elders, a structured routine is also essential so that they maintain a lifestyle which keeps them active and healthy. Residing in your own home requires responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the house. In addition, a senior has to manage daily chores too. Seniors homes offer the best of both worlds as a senior is free of the worries of daily living and is also able to take advantage of care, services and amenities.

Today, home care is a popular option for many seniors who wish to remain in their home for as long as possible. For a number of seniors, remaining at home is possible with the assistance of a home caregiver. View our guide to retirement homes in Saskatchewan. 

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Home Care Saskatoon

Home Care in Saskatoon includes any service that allows seniors to live healthy and productive lives while remaining in their original homes. Home Care Saskatoon is a community based member of the Saskatoon Health region, though there are several home care programs in Saskatoon beyond the official government program. There are several agencies offering home care services in Saskatoon, including grocery delivery, assistance with household maintenance, and senior friendly transportation. Home care in Saskatoon can also be extended to include companies that remodel homes to make them more livable for elderly tenants. Installing stair lifts, entry ramps, and shower railings can be considered a form of home care as it enables seniors to remain in their original residence instead of moving into retirement homes. Like most cities, home care in Saskatoon is generally more affordable than moving into a retirement home. However if a senior is reliant on several home care services they might prefer moving to a senior community where their needs are still addressed only a more social environment is also provided. Saskatoon home care can be seen as a step before long term care and part of independent living, where seniors are largely self sufficient but engage a variety services to make their lives easier.


Seniors Housing Saskatoon

Senior housing in Saskatoon is generally implemented when a senior is no longer comfortable in home care.  Seniors housing in Saskatoon covers a wide range of senior living options, overlapping independent living and assisted living categorizations. Compared to the rest of Canada and Saskatchewan, Saskatoon seniors housing is affordable with options for different levels of luxury and medical care. An aging population has led to more developments in senior housing in Saskatoon, in both independent living and assisted living designations. Saskatoon retirement homes and retirement communities are rapidly evolving to accommodate a new generation of retirees.  


Active Adult & Independent Living Saskatoon

Under the seniors housing Saskatoon umbrella, independent living or active adult living in Saskatoon refers to retirement communities where guests are relatively healthy and choose to live in a home for entertainment rather than medical reasons. In Saskatoon, these independent living facilities tend to be 55+ or 65+ and offer seniors a social environment comparable to a hotel full of amenities like restaurants, exercise facilities, and lounges. There are usually nursing staff on site though independent living in Saskatoon caters to active seniors looking for a structured environment to enjoy their retirement rather than those needing medical care and receiving it a comfortable facility. Saskatoon retirement homes become affordable seniors housing options when comparing the costs of independent living in a traditional home combined with recreation expenses rolled into Saskatoon retirement community prices.


Assisted Living Saskatoon

Assisted living in Saskatoon is available for seniors dependent on some type of medical care.  Assisted living is typically considered part of long-term care as unlike independent living, there is no possibility of the senior living comfortably without some type of support system. Saskatoon assisted living generally takes the form of retirement homes. These Saskatoon retirement homes offer a comparable level of hospitality as Saskatoon’s retirement communities only it is delivered in a style consistent with its resident’s health. Retirement homes in Saskatoon also provide over medical care for their residents, nursing staff are always on call, if a doctor is not on site everyday he or she is reachable in case they are needed, and Saskatoon retirement homes typically have relationships with pharmacies to fill resident’s prescriptions for them. As part of long term care, Saskatoon retirement homes often provide a continuum of services ranging from standard geriatric medicine to memory care treatments for Alzheimer’s patients. Retirement homes in Saskatoon do a masterful job of balancing their medical and hospitality services. Where retirement communities can focus only on having fun, retirement homes in Saskatoon are able to entertain without interfering with their individual therapy schedules and medical needs.   Typical Saskatoon retirement home recreation activities include arts and crafts classes, special interest lectures, trips to cultural events, specially designed aerobic programs, memory games that act as Alzheimer’s therapy, social gatherings, and residents are inviting to suggest ideas for future programs. Assisted living and long term care facilities in Saskatoon encourage visits from family members and in some cases offer facilities for residents to host family gatherings inside the long term care centre. Saskatoon retirement homes are easily accessible by public transit. Many retirement homes in Saskatoon have some kind of shuttle service, similar to the senior friendly vans available as part of home care Saskatoon, to help residents move about the city in comfort and on their own schedule. Compared to other Canadian cities, Saskatoon retirement homes are affordable. Especially when considered the emotional and financial costs of supporting a family member in need of long term care or dedicated senior housing without professional knowledge or facilities.

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