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Tillsonburg is home to an increasing number of first-class retirement residences, ideal for retired people who enjoy the best in life.  For people from out of the area who want to settle near family in Oxford County, seniors homes listed below offer an ideal way of being close to children and grandchildren. Research communities listed below or learn more about the world of retirement care below the listings.

List of Tillsonburg retirement homes

Senior living options in Tillsonburg

There are different reasons people consider moving into a retirement home, with corresponding levels or kinds of care available. Here’s a quick look at reasons — maybe they’ll be  familiar — with a brief discussion of the kind of care that matches, with links to broader information on each subject.

Independent living

Seniors who are living alone, sometimes widowed, feel a longing for the companionship of others. There are also singles and couples who may be in their 80’s or 90’s, whose traditional family home has simply become an encumbrance. Housework and yard work are too much, and they might admit that they just don’t have the energy that they used to have. In addition, their home or property may be paid for, with sizable equity now built in. These are just a few cases where someone is ideally suited to move to a retirement home and enjoy the company of others their own age. Communities like those listed above will also have a slate of daily activities that keep the days full. In addition, the suite that you move into is sized for the person you now are.

When you move into a seniors’ home, someone else takes care of all the daily housework, all your bills are handled in one lump sum, you’re in a community with people your own age (some  of whom are or will become friends), and what’s more, there are people around 24-hours-a-day, to watch out for you. There’s still a lot more to this! We offer a fuller guide to all the reasons to move into a retirement home, along with all the advantages in our bigger look at independent senior living.

Assistance with daily living

As we age, we have to keep a realistic view of our abilities and shortcomings, and the fact is that these change with time. We all lose flexibility and movement, our eyesight fails, as does our hearing. Some may even get to a point where they need the assistance of others to get through those activities of daily living like feeding ourselves, bathing on our own, etc. In assisted living, personal service workers help with these activities when needed. We take a much fuller look at this in our hub on assisted living for seniors. Inquire about options at communities listed above.

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