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As your parents age you are likely to be increasingly uncertain about how they can continue to live independently or how they might be cared for "should something happen." It's difficult to broach the subject of impending care or the need for a "home for the elderly" with your parents. The subject is also difficult for elderly parents to discuss freely, as it is for all people in a culture where youth and vigour are so highly valued and not one of us likes to admit that we are aging.

In our section on aging parents – and in actuality, across – we try to offer a wealth of advice on issues related to aging parents.

Some of the issues you face might be as follows:

Seniors and driving: one of the most difficult choices families face is dealing with aging parents who still crave the independence offered by an auto/mobile but who may in fact be a danger to themselves and to others. We offer advice on how to tell if your aging parents are a danger, how much help you can get from authorities in determining your parents' driving ability and the growing body of technology that helps to improve seniors' ability to operate vehicles. Read more.

Exercise and fitness can go a long way toward keeping your parents independent and healthy and has other important benefits for the mind and the spirit. Aging might be inevitable but it can be slowed through the pursuit of healthy living and regular activity. Find out more.

Staying connected with family: Will my family visit me in a retirement home? This is a common concern for many seniors. Of course, there's no guarantee that family will visit you no matter where you are, be it in your own home or at a retirement home. 

One of the advantages of moving into an excellent quality retirement home is that it is nicer for people to visit you there and to see you well taken care of, in a happy, sunny environment. A retirement home that is near shopping or any environment appealing for any other reason (nature trails, outdoor activities, local attractions, etc.) is more amenable for children and even grandchildren.

"My son and I came in to tour the place and right away he said, 'Mom, you're moving!'"

Too often seniors impose their own interests or ideas of fun on their children and grandchildren. Find out what it is they like then keep this in mind when choosing a residence that might be near activities or attractions they enjoy.

Seniors and tech: In the wired world, techno logy opens up opportunities for seniors to learn, improve their daily lives and stay connected to family and the world. You can learn more about how seniors benefit from life online as well as read our ongoing coverage of seniors and technology.

On top of these and the many other possible issues you might be facing with your aging parent, there is the issue of senior care for your mother or father. We offer comprehensive advice including dozens of articles from many years, our senior care advisor and a look at all retirement home options including the following:

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