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Below, find government services and regulatory bodies focused on protecting the interests of seniors, especially those living in retirement homes. Agencies below offer help, guidance or even regulation of senior care or retirement communities near you. Many of these can be consulted by seniors and families who have concerns about regulation, the protection of seniors’ rights, and other seniors-related issues.

Government agencies for seniors

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The Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (RHRA) is responsible for administering the Retirement Homes Act, 2010, which includes licensing and regulating retirement homes on behalf of the government of Ontario. We are an independent, self-funded, not-for-profit corporation, committed to the protection and well-being of seniors living in retirement homes. Our mandate is to ensure residents live in dignity and have the support and knowledge needed to make informed choices about care options.

There are, of course, many different government programs, services and bodies who offer help for seniors, in various situations. Here’s a brief glimpse at types of government services, with links to more information.

Regulatory bodies ensure that the private sector meets legal and regulatory requirements. For instance, if parliament puts new legislation into effect, they might also institute a related regulatory body to ensure or enforce private sector compliance with the new law. This regulation may include inspections, licensing of service providers, and even the ability to fine, or otherwise enforce the laws. The rights of citizens are protected through these types of government services.

Health services, found at the federal level and in provinces across the country, administer care, often with a focus specific to seniors. For example, in the province of Alberta, regulation of certain types of senior care is administered by Alberta Health Services. We provide more information about their work across related pages on our site, and you’ll find detail in our page on supportive living in Alberta (as just one example).

Advice and case management for seniors and families seeking care is offered in provinces across the country. Theses services may also be connected to a network of resources that can help people in need. In Ontario, families in the early stages of care research should begin with their local LHIN. LHINs replaced the Ontario CCACs. In the province of Alberta, starting advice is available from Alberta Health Services.

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Home care companies offer a variety of services, ranging from senior companionship to personal service workers.

Learn more about sources of government help in Ontario in our senior care advisor.

Long term care is typically administered by provincial governments in Canada. Learn more about assessments and waiting lists.

Links to other government services and websites

The Government of Canada's Portal for Seniors

British Columbia: Support for Seniors

Programs and Services for Seniors in Ontario in Ontario offers directories of local health and community services across Ontario, including many services for seniors, along with news, events and more.

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