Goals Keep You Going

Last week, I wrote about the importance of finding balance in your life to fit everything in you want or need to do. To achieve everything you want, it is vital to have a well thought out plan by goal setting.

The importance of setting goals can never be underestimated. Whatever it is you want to achieve in your healthy life – lowering your risk of chronic diseases, fending off aches and pains, losing weight, improving balance, having more energy or improving your mood – it will be more easily achieved if you have a plan that outlines your goals and the steps needed to reach those goals.

Goal setting helps you to stay on track when life seems to get in the way. This is especially important if you find yourself in a social setting or are travelling for a period of time where food choices or places to exercise are less convenient than at home.

Here are some specific ways to keep your healthy life in balance:

Taking the time to plan your healthy life will feel so rewarding – more energy, less stress and a feeling of satisfaction that you are in control of your life.

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Next week’s blog will dive deeper into the specifics of Moving Your Body to lead you to an independent and active life.

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