Seniors and Dating: Five ways to make a good first impression

Anyone who enters the dating world needs to go into this endeavour with hearts and eyes open. With a positive attitude and reasonable expectations, you can have a lot fun looking for the right companion and make a few friends along the way too.

If you’re new to dating or it’s all old hat to you, it’s important to keep in mind these helpful tips. They’ll make the dating scene more interesting, safer and you’ll be more productive going into each new situation armed and ready for action. Making a good first impression is key and that’s what hooks someone’s interest.

Follow these five tips to make a good first impression:

1.   Guard your privacy: Use caution when revealing personal information; for example, don’t share your address, phone number, or income. Keep your personal information private until you are ready to share it. Keep in mind that wherever you meet someone, you are still strangers. You can meet wonderful people in online dating, through friends or even at the grocery store and hit it off immediately. Just remember to stay safe and be careful. Also, keep in mind that online dating services don’t screen members. Always use your discretion when revealing private information about yourself.

2.   Keep an open mind: The person you’re talking to might not be your idea of your Prince or Princess Charming, however, this could be the basis of a good friendship. Be open-minded and focus on the quality of the person, not appearance. Who knows, they could introduce you to someone who IS your soul mate!

3.   Personal appearance: While we may not all look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, we do know how to emphasize our best features. Dress smart and appropriately for the occasion and make sure you are well groomed and smell nice.

4.   Be attentive: Your body language says a lot about you. It can indicate whether you’re interested in someone or if you’d rather be someplace else entirely! Pay attention to your conversation partner. Do not let your eyes wander. They will think that you are not interested. Don’t forget to smile, maintain eye contact, and try not to fidget.

5.   Talk time: It can be a little difficult to think of things to say to someone you’re meeting for the first time. It’s always a good idea to stay away from discussing personal finances, politics, and religion. And remember to share the talk time. You may be nervous but so is your date! Share the talk and be respectful.

It’s important to keep these dating tips in mind, but the most important dating rule: Always be yourself. Making a good first impression comes down to having confidence, being open minded and being open to meeting new people.   Stay safe and have fun!


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What advice do you have for dating success in later life? Share it with other in the Comments below.


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