3 Ways to Stay Active and Warm This Winter

After one of the warmest summers in recent memory, the focus now shifts on ways for seniors to remain active throughout the winter months. It is important that seniors remain active throughout the entire year and not just when the weather outside is pleasant. Here are three ways that seniors across Ontario are braving the cold winter and staying active within their local communities.

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Indoor Pickleball

This is the sport taking Ontario seniors by storm even in the snowy winter months! Many Municipal buildings, senior centres and recreational halls are making the necessary adjustments so residents have the opportunities to play pickleball indoors making it a year round event. Pickleball (named after the founder’s dog “Pickle”) is a delightful combination of tennis, table-tennis, and badminton. It is truly a game for everyone with the equipment being lightweight to handle and the pace of the game more moderate thanks largely to the type of paddles and the use of waffle balls.  Many seniors cannot get enough of this sport, resulting in pickleball being played year round.

Nordic  Skiing

As long as you bundle up there are plenty of wonderful Nordic ski routes across Ontario. Nordic Skiing (also known by many as Cross Country Skiing) is considered by many as a great way to remain active, while at the same time enjoy the beautiful natures of a winter in Ontario. Recreational cross-country skiing is most frequently used as an opportunity of touring areas that have an abundant amount of snow. Nordic Skiing can be combined into an activity over an extended period of time by using tents and equipment similar to bushwalkers/hikers. Others prefer to take relatively short trips from ski resorts on maintained trails.  What makes this an even better opportunity for seniors is the fact that many Nordic Ski trails are flat in terrain and easily skied by participants of all ages.

Card Games

Thousands of seniors also remain active by participating in their favourite card games. Whether it is euchre, bid euchre, duplicate bridge, contract bridge or cribbage, all are terrific ways of staying mentally active and engaged with fellow residents in your communities. In almost all cities, towns or villages there is a local group playing cards on a weekly, if not, daily basis.  Having card games available to residents in the majority of towns is also beneficial to seniors because they don’t have to worry about winter road conditions. Common areas for these events to occur include your local senior centres, Legions, community centres, or recreational halls.

These are just three great examples of ways for seniors to consider staying active throughout the upcoming months.  Winter should not be a time for people to take hibernation, rather it should be a time for them to stay active both physically and mentally in their favourite activities. Whether it is joining a hockey league, book club, curling group or skating club, there are opportunities out there for everyone to enjoy!

In the Joy of Sport,

Matt Trinnear, Program Coordinator- OSGA 55+

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