What Family Members Say: Darlene's Story


Darlene's mother-in-law, Ingrid, is so happy at Magnolia Gardens that she recommends it to everyone. Her only regret about Magnolia Gardens is that her mother-in-law, Ingrid, didn't move in sooner!

Hi my name is Darlene Krupps and my mother-in-law is Ingred Krupps and Ingrid has lived at Magnolia for close to a year now.

It's the best decision we ever made as a family for her to be here close to us in our community. And Magnolia has made it so easy for us to be with her, to communicate with them, to make sure she's happy and safe. Couldn't say enough about Magnolia they've made this transition very easy.

The staff is unbelievable, they treat everybody here like they're their own relatives, they're their family. They've done things that I haven't asked them to do that have made things easier for our family; made sure that she has everything that she needs; communicated to me and the family what she would need to make things easier; they've communicated with Fraser Health the pharmacy, anybody that she interacts with they all communicate together to make it just just easy and simple. And the best part is that I know that she's safe here. If there's a problem they call me, no decisions are made without us giving the okay.

It's just a really friendly homey place here. The meals are unbelievable, the activities are non-stop if you want want to participate or if you don't. There's always somebody checking on you coming to your room to see if you need anything else and also there's your privacy and your own suite. It's just like having your own home.

My only regret is that we didn't find out about this sooner and she could have taken advantage of all everything that's here sooner. I'm very happy, she's happy, the family's happy. And you know if there is other transitions that need to be made they talk to you about it and they're willing to make exceptions or make things work for you; a lot of thinking outside the box that's just made it so easy for us.

And we're always welcome here. Everybody smiles everybody waves when you walk in the door. Everybody...there's just so much going on here like they have events and music and bingo and cards. And I'm really happy, and she's happy here too.

Ingrid loves it here. And you know the grandkids come visit her and we want to have a meal with her for a birthday or an event she doesn't have to leave here we get the dining room we can all sit down and have dinner together in a home setting. It's wonderful. I'm really happy.

I would definitely recommend. I tell everybody if it's something you're thinking about definitely get on the wait list do your research. Come for an interview. Come for a tour. Do it in a gradual process so that your loved one your family member is prepared for it. And they get to bring their things with them; their furniture, their knickknacks, their clothes— everything. The suites are just like a suite at home, just on a, you know, a smaller level if they're coming from their big family home. But the transition is really easy.


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