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Karim Kassam, co-founder, Optima Living [0:42]

[Speaking about Aster Gardens in Edmonton] Everything is touchless, so they don't need a physical key to get in anywhere. When they move in, they get a band. That band allows them to move into common area doors, into their suite doors…

The other thing that is going to be exciting for them is that they could be sitting on the fourth floor having a beer, watching the hockey game, and it's time to clear the tab. They don't have to do anything, because everything is being tracked on their fob. So, they don't have to sign a piece of paper, they don't have to do any of that. They click it, and through the QR code technology, everything is being tracked for them.

They decide they want to go have a swim. Again, we know exactly where they are. One of our wellness coordinators will join them for that swim, make sure that they're safe and secure while they're entertaining. While they're having chair yoga, we know exactly where they are in that moment. And we know that if there are issues with their health during that chair yoga, that we can track and monitor their well-being.

We also have a state-of-the-art memory care neighborhood that we are offering at Aster Gardens. And that's what I think is [the] first of its kind in Alberta... We value knowledge partnerships and so Optima’s proprietary Brain Health model was developed in concert with the University of Alberta and the University of Manitoba. So, we're taking both a very clinical approach and a very knowledge-based approach to the way in which we deliver our memory care services to our residents.

And the reason why they live in neighborhoods is because they're not done living their best life. We're going to provide tools and interesting ways in which they're going to be able to leverage the parts of their brain that they can use effectively, to make sure they have physical engagement, and really ensure that when they and their families are together, they really are able to live that life that their loved ones want them to lead.

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Angela Kelly, director of operations, Estates of Niagara [2:45]

I think the other unique piece is the life equity component of [Stoneridge Estates]. So, although the trends are showing that 50 plus [adults are] looking to lease, there are some that are still looking for investment opportunities, and this idea of life equity. So, [Stoneridge] is offering a multitude of opportunities with respect to purchasing, owner-occupied investment, life equity, or even leasing. So, on the financial side, there's still opportunity there for people to make sound investments in real estate, which [of course] is proven over, time and time to be a good investment, and we're seeing that more and more these days, with what's happening in real estate.

So, life equity would be that they would become a shareholder in the corporation. And they would be given earnings … Once all net operating expenses [are cleared], whatever's left over, they would be paid a certain amount per share. [That would again] fund more of the lifestyle that they're looking for.

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Elaine Wood, former vice president of operations, Delmanor Senior Living [4:04]

Every day we have Eureka moments. Every day, through great collaboration, we look at how can Delmanor push the envelope further and further and further, to making sure that we remain that leader in the retirement industry. I think one of the Eureka moments for me, personally, is seeing how quickly our teams can respond during crisis, and change the way that they operate. 

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