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Adult lifestyle communities, popular near Ottawa, but found throughout rural eastern Ontario, offer an ideal retirement destination, for people 55 and older.  Also known as active adult communities and other names (as used below), these are one of the biggest trends in housing in the past few decades. And they continue to grow in popularity. If you're looking to fully optimize the freedom of retirement, you're on the right path. 


Why you should consider this

The move out of a family home into something smaller is a challenging decision. However, lifestyle communities (another name) are perfectly positioned as an answer to the needs of people in your situation. They are usually sized rightly for couples, properties will be smaller, and of course, the entire community is restricted to people (sometimes 50 but more often) 55 and older.

This entails that there will be no such thing as typical suburban family-oriented features. There will be no playgrounds or bus stops or any other public transit traffic in the neighbourhood. You'll also be free of some of the negative aspects of the suburban environment. For example, you will not have teenagers driving by, with the bass blaring out of their car stereo. There will be no  children making unwelcome noise. Instead, when moving into a lifestyle community, you'll find people with whom you share so much. The social life in an adult community is robust! Ottawa and eastern Ontario retirees like yourself love the way these match their current lifestyle and needs.

There are a number of ways in which these places create community that is ideal for empty-nesters:

Options you can choose from

Retirement bungalows
The most popular type of 55 and up housing is bungalow style communities, often found in a more rural setting or on the outskirts of a major center. These create a unique community of hundreds of people, reminiscent of small towns, but with a distinctively upscale feel to them. Of course, the great thing about these small villages is that everyone is essentially the same age, grown up and having raised families in the same era, with shared interests, values, and current lifestyle. In some cases, these rural locations can also be situated close to water, such as a lakeshore. For those retiring in Ottawa, there are a number of outlying adult lifestyle communities built in this style, populated near the rivers in the capital region.

Golf communities
Not exclusive from the above, necessarily, seniors' golfing communities focus on this activity, loved and enjoyed by so many  people 55 and older love (especially during summer). These are increasingly popular in Ottawa, where retirement community members may spend the summer, while living elsewhere in the winter. Golf is an ideal way to get outdoors, socialize and relax.

Gated communities
The option or feature of a gate gives community members peace of mind and security, especially for those who travel or like to get away from the Ottawa Region for extended periods of time. For members who winter in the south or holiday abroad, this means you don't have to have family or friends check on your house while you are away.  

Retiring in the Ottawa Region from out of the area

If you are looking to find a place near family in Ottawa, active lifestyle communities in places like Kanata, Orleans, or other nearby towns offer a superb alternative to other options. There's a full life to be lived in the area, and an even fuller life inside 55 and over communities near the nation's capital. Look closely at communities listed above and get started on the next phase of your life!

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