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Help for Alzheimer's and dementia patients in the Durham Region

If you are searching for care for a loved one with Alzheimer's Disease in the Ajax-Pickering district you have a variety of options. Families dealing with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's or other dementia will begin with the Durham Region LHIN which has branches throughout the area. The central office is in Whitby. The LHIN offers an excellent overview of public healthcare services available to you. However, privately funded care is an alternative that families should also be aware of. Listed below you will find local private Alzheimer's care and memory care.

Memory Care in Pickering, Ajax and Durham Region

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Parkland Ajax  

3 Rossland Road West, Ajax, Ontario, L1Z 0V1

Parkland Ajax offers independent and supportive options! Beautifully designed spacious suites, exceptional on site amenities and professional staff on site 24/7, Parkland is where you can live your best life!

Lifestyle Options: Apartments, Assisted Living, Memory Care

Private Alzheimer's care and memory care services available in Durham

The focus of LHINs is to discuss access to public health care. Our focus here is on the advantages offered by private health care providers. Private help includes both home care services that help for your loved one in the home, and several kinds of advantageous services offered by retirement residences. Both of these types of care can be helpful aids to families as they deal with dementia.  Consider the advantages of each as you care for parents and loved ones with deteriorating health

Home care services and adult day programs are two closely related services that can help with caregiving during early to middle stages of Alzheimer's. Home care can be hired into the home to help with feeding, bathing and other daily living tasks that become harder as the Alzheimer's patient's cognitive functioning deteriorates. Central East LHINs may provide you with assistance in finding and paying for in-home care. However, you might also consider hiring targeted help on your own, to help out with your aging loved one. If you can get help, this will improve your patience level and other fatigue factors, and make you a better caregiver. 

Respite care stays are another way to have yourself "spelled off" in caregiving efforts. In addition to the availability of home care services, this is a service offered by many retirement homes and residences. This service is subsidized by the Ontario government, which covers up to 90 days of respite care per year for single stays of up to 60 days in a row. This allows caregivers in Pickering-Ajax to take a vacation or simply a break from caregiving. Take a closer look at some of your options in respite care on the eastern side of the GTA.

In later stages of the disease, families need to begin to look at long term care. As there are waiting lists for this type of care, families need to look at alternatives. Even if you are not interested in a long commitment, memory care facilities like those listed above can be worthwhile while you are in the later stages of waiting for long term care.

Costs of memory care in Pickering-Ajax

Costs for this type of care can be considered reasonable (under $4,000 per month in some cases) when you recognize that this includes all housing costs, meals provided, and many levels of personal care including feeding assistance, transfer assistance and more. Memory care facilities have many advantages over remaining in the home. Many families choose to use memory care facilities as a temporary stop while they wait for a bed in a long term care facility. This can provide targeted help to get you through the waiting time. 

Advantages of using memory care facilities

  • Retirement residences offer a kind of middle ground between hospital care and remaining at home. Residences are home-like in that suites can be private, there are healthy people their own age and there are many home-like accoutrements including plants, furniture, lounges and more. There is also on-site healthcare that may include nursing staff, an onsite doctor, a pharmacy and more.
  • Memory care therapies have been shown to alleviate or at least slow memory loss and other symptoms of dementia.
  • Care offered in retirement homes often has a rejuvenating effect and can extend life.

One last helpful hint

Be sure to avail yourself of all available government help available to you. We offer a close look at some of the surprising benefits that are available to Canadian families in our lengthy look at caregiver benefits.

At Comfort Life, we wish you all the best in your search.

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