Retirement bungalows London

Right-sized for 55 plus empty-nesters

Find retirement bungalows in London and the rest of Southwestern Ontario listed here. Many people 50 and older who have emptied the nest find this option appealing. In addition to bungalow style housing, there are advantages to moving into a community that is planned for people 50 and older.

Bungalow communities in London and area  

Bungalow living is the best

Over the years, we have heard from many people who live in bungalow communities and praise the value.

Mike J. lives at a community near London and he praises the simplicity of life there. Not only is his home all on one storey, but everything around him is equally accessible. “You can take your golf cart anywhere here,” he says. “There are people where who are over 80 and they may not be eligible to drive on the highway anymore. They can go down to the post office here, sort out their mail. It’s all very well thought out.” Read more about Mike in our look at the many advantages of contemporary retirement communities.

The land lease option that is popular with many of these bungalow communities also comes with notable advantages. Ruth W lives in the same community as Mike and she loves the fact that “in the summertime the grass is cut for you, and in the wintertime the snow is cleared for you. You don’t need to worry about those things.” Ruth has been living in a land lease retirement community for nearly 20 years.

These advantages feed into the simplifying of life that comes part and parcel with living in a bungalow community. One of the hidden benefits is that you live in community with people who are all experiencing this simplification, and the laid-back lifestyle that is naturally invoked. Comfort and contentment are contagious in these communities.

You can read more about advantages of bungalow living. We urge you to go out and investigate for yourself. Talk to people who live in the community you are interested in and find out for yourself whether you think it’s the right fit for you.

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