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For families dealing with Alzheimer's Disease in the city of London, Ontario, there is no better care imaginable that that offered by Alzheimer’s care retirement homes like those listed below. Professional retirement homes in London offer assured care, with professional help for those suffering from this degenerative disorder. Treatment and care by professional Alzheimer's care providers in up-to-date facilities and an excellent environment is the best solution for those in the later stages of this disease.

Alzheimer's robs sufferers of normal cognitive functioning and memory. There is no known cure for this disease, the most common form of dementia.

Retirement Homes With Alzheimer’s Care

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The Village of Glendale Crossing  

3030 Singleton Avenue, London, Ontario, N6L 0B6

A true retirement hub featuring independent Living Apartments with full kitchens, Retirement Apartments, Full Service Retirement suites with walk out patios, Assisted Care, Memory Care and LTC.

Lifestyle Options: Apartments, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Long-term care


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Home care for early-stage Alzheimer's

For seniors in the early stages or onset of Alzheimer’s Disease, home care is a reasonable option. London families are advised to learn all they can about the disease and its effects. If they feel comfortable providing round-the-clock attention for family members, they should consider supplementing family care with home care for Alzheimers' patients.  Click her for facts about Alzheimers. 

To find out more about the causes, symptoms, differences and treatments of Alzheimer's disease and dementia download our free Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Handbook eBook.

Alzheimer’s treatments in London care homes

Home care can take a variety of forms. There are many organizations within London that will provide in-home professional support workers to assist an Alzheimer’s patient or someone in need of geriatric care through a series of scheduled visits. Generally, home care is only a viable option for Alzheimer’s patients in the early stages of the disease while healthy seniors can remain comfortable in home care indefinitely, subject to their healthcare needs. Depending on the person, home care is either an integral part of retirement living and senior care London or a step towards London retirement homes.  

Under the broad spectrum of home care, Alzheimer’s patients who do not live in a dedicated facility often participate in adult day programs. London offers a wide variety of such programs. Adult day programs range in scope and design, however they are generally designed to increase brain function and give patients the opportunity to socialize. Adult day programs can be found throughout the city of London, catered to a variety of interests and economic groups. Most London adult day programs are open to all memory care and dementia patients, not only those with Alzheimer’s.

Read more about Alzheimer's treatments.

Retirement communities London

In the broader context of senior care London, retirement communities in London and elsewhere are considered the next step from home care. Taking the patient out of their family home is as more invasive form of treatment though in many cases it is necessary in order to provide that individual with the services they need. London retirement homes and retirement communities are focused on hospitality as well as medical care. Residential senior care options for Alzheimer’s patients in London are similar to the retirement homes many seniors are voluntarily moving into, only with special treatment facilities and protocols in place to better treat dementia.    

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Read London retirement home reviews before you commit to Alzheimers' care anywhere in Middlesex County. 

Cost of Alzheimer’s care In London

A room for an Alzheimer’s patient at a London, Ontario facility will cost roughly $5,395 per month. Click here for Alzheimers care in Ontario.  This is on average slightly more than retirement communities in London. Costs for home care vary greatly depending on the service provider and the degree of care needed. Most senior care London organizations will offer help with groceries, hygiene, housework, as well as provide an opportunity to socialize and mentally engage with another adult. Adult day program costs also vary significantly depending on the program. Most classes and speakers will cost approximately $10 per session, though there are sometimes additional fees for equipment and options to buy several classes at once for a reduced rate.

Choosing an Alzheimer’s care facility

Before Deciding To Move:

  • Is it difficult for your loved one to complete necessary housework by themselves?
  • Are they struggling finding occasions to socialize and are they lonesome for people their own age?
  • Have memory lapses become a consistent problem?

When Choosing A Home:

  • Are the facilities the best match for their medical concerns and recreational interests?
  • Do you have they family or close friends living in or close by the home?
  • Do the facility’s staff make them feel welcome and cared for?
  • Can you see your loved one living and thriving in the environment?

Medical services at London retirement homes with Alzheimer’s care

London retirement homes with Alzheimer’s and memory care generally follow the same guidelines as similar institutions throughout the county. It is common for London retirement homes to have a doctor on site or at least one that makes frequent visits and is easily reached if needed after hours. In London retirement homes with specialized Alzheimer’s, dementia, or memory care facilities there is typically a specialist on call in addition to a general practitioner or elder care expert. One can expect every retirement community in London to be staffed with registered nurses who have often received additional training in Alzheimer’s therapy, palliative care, and other fields of use to geriatric patients.

Safety and security at London retirement homes with Alzheimer’s care

For Alzheimer’s patients surveillance and other forms of monitoring are an essential part of retirement living. London retirement homes all have unique protocols in place to ensure residents do not pose any risk to themselves or other patients. Depending on a building’s physical layout, certain areas will be locked at certain times to eliminate wandering. Staff will check in on patients in friendly, unobtrusive ways throughout the day to assess their condition while cultivating a sense of community within the home. London retirement homes with Alzheimer’s care will all have a form of emergency communication installed so that residents can quickly contact staff during their unsupervised hours.


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