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Listed here find retirement bungalows to rent, lease or own, on the Niagara Pensinsula, ranging from Hamilton to Niagara Falls. Many seniors find bungalow living the ideal solution as they age. One storey homes imply less physical stress and life becomes much more simplified.


Further advantages

Many of the communities listed above are, in fact, built for people 55 and older. This goes beyond style of housing: ease of accessibility will be a built-in feature of the entire community layout. For example, hill grades will be very small. Shared buildings within the community – meeting halls, games rooms, etc. – are likely to also be one storey.

Bungalows are a minimalist way of living that is increasingly amenable to anyone 50 and up. This entails economical use of space as well as money, following from a mentality of reducing wastefulness. Why use more than you need? Bungalow living also presents the advantage of ownership, where your money keeps working for you (as long as home values rise). In our broader look, we list more advantages of bungalow living.

Words from retirees living in bungalow communities near here

Isabel lives at a retirement community with bungalows in St. Catharines. She’ll tell anyone: “I feel very safe here and I find the living very affordable. I’m very happy here!”

Jan puts it this way: “It’s so convenient to have everything within reach in my home. And it’ so easy to do a lot of things for yourself, with the way so many things are within easy reach.”

Mike J. makes his home at a retirement bungalow community a little further west, but the advantages are the same. “Everything is all right here. I never have to worry about stairs, not in the whole community, in fact. Everything you need you can get to with a golf cart.”

Take Comfort: retirement home reviews
Before you commit to a 55 plus bungalow, read reviews of Niagara adult lifestyle homes.

Although there are no studies that we know of, it’s a safe bet that bungalow living adds to people’s lives, on average. There is less risk of falling, less stress on the body, and certainly less stress on the cardio-vascular system. And the untold story of many of these communities is that people here are happier and more content. Simplified living has that effect, no matter what your age. There are also advantages to land lease, life lease and some of the other options that are often specific to these older adult communities.

We urge you to get out and investigate these communities for yourself and find out why people like living here.

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