Greening your home

When older adults are considering selling their homes and downsizing it is always important to get the most value out of the real estate. Even folks who are not in the mood to move can consider making some small changes that will reduce the cost of running a house. Greening up your home is full of benefits no matter what the future holds.

These changes (ranging from $0.00 to $1000.00) will add value to your home and do a little something for the environment, too.

Energy Saving Kit Contact your utility provider to see if they offer a kit, as many do. Often included are: shower head, kitchen sink aerator, bathroom sink aerator, roll of Teflon tape, 2m of foam pipe insulation.

Remote Controlled Thermostat There are a range available, including those that allow you to control temperature via a website. They allow you to control the temperature of the house through the day, for example, reducing the heating when you're not home, and increasing it when you are. 

Two Button Toilet It's quite common these days to see a two button toilet in hardware stores. Button one is for your most common toilet visits (a small amount of water) and button two (larger amount of water) when it's required. Rather than replace the toilet, there are kits available that will allow you to easily convert your existing toilet.

Attic Fan Many people associate attic fans with warmer climates but they also make sense in the great white north. With a quiet system you can turn on the fan in the evening and vent out all of the hot air that has accumulated over the day. That means that you won't have to keep the air conditioning running in to the evening - you can let physics do the work for you!

Tankless Hot Water Heater Keeping water hot takes a lot of energy. A tankless hot water heater will use up to 75% less energy and give you a nice long hot shower when you need. A tankless, or on-demand, heater, will only heat water when you turn on the "H" tap. The water is drawn through a coil where it is heated as hot you would like. Not keeping 50 gallons warm means your $1000 investment will be paid off in less than 2 years.

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