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For seniors considering a retirement home

There are two likely scenarios you are beginning with:

In any case, this is where you begin your journey...

What do you want to learn about?

There are likely to be two broad care options you are considering: independent living or assisted living. Let's look at the two.  

Independent living

Independent Living Communities This is a bit of a misnomer since most people in this type of care will at least have their meals and housekeeping taken care of for them. It may even be more complicated than that, with some retirement homes opening up to more flexible care plans. For example, people in independent living suites in some residences may avail themselves of a variety of extra care services, even if hired in privately.

In any case, though, "someone would make this move because there are one or two barriers to living on their own," says Sharon, an admin at a Winnipeg senior care residence. "Doing the laundry or making the beds or even meal preparation" are increasingly difficult for seniors who may be losing mobility. When you can move into a place where all those things are taken care of, where there are no more stairs to climb and everything is built with someone just like you in mind, moving becomes an easy decision. On top of that increased ease, there is the community of people your own age who share your interests and more. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Find out about independent living... get yourself into a carefree stress-free home… live in a community with your peers… never again worry about all those mundane everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning… let someone else take care of it all, while you enjoy freedom at last. 

Your move into one of today's retirement homes can mean any or all of the following:

Assisted living

Assisted Living CommunitiesYou have increasing problems with mobility, or you have health concerns that may include growing memory loss, issues related to incontinence, or other concerns related to activities of daily living.

You will be happy to learn that these are well cared for in assisted living retirement homes

These are broad care options, part of the traditional care continuum that is becoming increasingly flexible, especially in some retirement homes.

We hear an increasing number of voices from within the retirement home industry who focus on providing services that the client requires rather than making clients fit into the molds of specified care options. Every scenario is unique and many care homes accommodate an increasingly wider variety of situations.

A variety of circumstances, a variety of options

Some situations where it is advantageous to consider a retirement home are as follows:

There are a wide variety of circumstances, and every person has their own story. One thing you will encounter in a retirement home is many other people, all with their own stories. Many of those stories will be similar to the one you are living, with your own family.

Take Comfort: retirement home reviews
Read retirement home reviews to get the big picture, before you commit to any retirement residence.

Trial stays

Short term respite staysYou can try a short term stay or a respite care stay, in order to learn what the home is like. This is a unique service you won't find in any other kind of housing, where you can go and live in the home and learn exactly how it fits your needs or your lifestyle. You can make the trial stay as long as you want. Several weeks ought to give you a full taste of what life is like. During this time, you and your family will learn everything you need to know, in order to make a considered decision about your future.

The possibilities are endless, really, and you can find out exactly how flexible the homes are. Contact homes near you to learn about trial stays.

There are also respite care stays and convalescent care stays available at many homes. These also offer an illuminating glimpse into life in a local care home.

Think about the positives of living in a retirement home

The positives of moving into a retirement residence include the following:

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