Retirement Communities Optimize Your Health

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Do more cardio! Increase strength training! Improve flexibility and balance! Sound familiar? Unless you’re specifically looking into an active adult living community to keep you on the go, it’s likely you don’t immediately associate ‘physical fitness’ with ‘retirement community’.

But the reality of retirement communities is that each type has something different and unique to offer in terms of providing quality programs and engaging activities for residents to encourage optimal physical health.

Optimize your health

These retirement communities act as your cheerleader—they can offer tailored programs and the support you need at your level of fitness and care, to help you maintain good health for the rest of your life.

Independent and assisted living communities provide unique physical programs. Take Delmanor Seniors Communities, for example. “One of the unique aspects to Delmanor is the Living Well program,” says Elaine Wood, vice president of marketing and sales. “Within Living Well, we have our personal coach that really sits down with each resident after they move in and talks to them about their personal goals—what they’d like to see benefit their level of health and wellness. We also have a Living Well lecture series with some top speakers around the topic of health, wellness and vitality.”

Delmanor has fitness classes every single day of the week and on-site physiotherapy for those who need a little extra, she adds. “We also promote brain fitness through Cognifit to encourage those deepseated memories that we all have. Also, working on recent memories.”

Tapestry at Wesbrook Village is also very focused on staying healthy. They developed a unique program called Primefit, which uses a holistic approach to well-being, working with kinesiologists to establish programs to help residents get fit. Their on-site gym includes group fitness classes with yoga and meditation, and for those who aren’t into traditional exercise, the community also has activities such as a golf simulator and wood-working shop.

Long-term care communities individualize physical fitness

Highview Residences engages their close-knit community in “meaningful but not stressful activities with each resident as they are able,” says director and resident nurse, Kathy Nelham. The staff provides holistic care and activities designed to engage but not overwhelm, particularly as the residence specializes in Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

Because the programs mentioned here are just examples, it’s worthwhile to ask the retirement community you’re interested in about the wide range of activities they have to offer. Whether you’re searching for a retirement community that can help you increase or maintain your physical health, rest assured there’s one out there that’s just right for you.

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