Seniors Use More Than Email

My grandfather, who turns 90 in December, is interested in seeing what is up with computers. Technology isn't scary to my grandfather. He took over running the family feedmill in Innerkip, Ontario when his father passed away when he was just 16 years old. However, we have had a hard time convincing him, until lately, that it would be a fun challenge to learn about computers. His change of heart seems reflected in a new study released from the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM).

In this survey, Life Stages & Life Styles: Turning Generational Differences Into Media Opportunities, from October 2009 we learn some interesting details about the online activities of people Boomer age and older. It turns out that "Googling" and Amazon are well established in the lexicon of those surveyed.

Adults over 65 spend their Internet time online writing email, doing health research and making purchases. More that 55% of the respondents also manage their banking and finances with their connected computers.

Boomer adults (45-65 years old) were also using the net to get their news (73%) and almost half visit networking sites and forums.

It will be interesting to watch these trends for the increasing use of smart phones and how that effects what people are looking at online. iPhone apps aimed at seniors can't be too far away.

How long, do you think before Grandpa whips out his iPhone and tweets that he is "out cutting the grass at the old place in 'Kip"?

Read More: Dialogue+, our publication for Canada's retirement residence professionals, has an article about PointerWare computer software for seniors. 


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