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When making a decision about which Victoria retirement home to move into, you're well-advised to gather as much information as possible. That's why Comfort Life has reviews of top Victoria and area retirement homes, based on our close relationship with senior care experts in Canada, as well as feedback from residents and families themselves. Below, find comments from seniors who live in Victoria retirement homes, as well as our own expert assessment of homes. Reviews are intended to be informational, highlighting unique aspects of each home, so you can find a retirement residence that best matches your unique requirements and expectations. For families in Victoria, Saanich, Langford and other outlying areas, looking for independent, assisted living, or any other senior care, this is another tool to help you make the best choice possible.


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Victoria, British Columbia

  • This newly opened community brings Tapestry’s brand of world class senior care to Victoria in a beautiful new setting, in the harbourfront area, just blocks away from verdant Beacon Hill Park. While the location itself is good cause to consider a lifestyle change, life here promises to be fulfilling in a much deeper sense. Not only are you close to natural beauty along with bountiful urban convenience, you’ll also find great support by staff.
Duncan, British Columbia

  • Sherwood House is ideal for active and independent adults who want to live in community with others. If you live in the area, have kids and grandkids near here, you need to look at Sherwood House. If you want to retire to a truly amazing Vancouver Island location (spectacular local scenery!), this is a remarkable find. It's especially ideal for seniors looking for a very happy, social retirement residence in which to settle.
  • Life is much better at Sherwood House, the people are so helpful here. I'm just much happier here.
Victoria, British Columbia

  • Cherish at Central Park has developed an impressive community. It's a great choice for seniors looking for the very latest, best and brightest in senior living, in a world-class retirement destination, with a burgeoning community of peers and good friends. This state-of-the-art retirement village comes from seasoned professionals at Cherish who have helmed other very renowned retirement communities in Langford and Victoria.
  • I am really impressed. It's obvious people love living at Cherish.
Victoria, British Columbia

  • The Camelot is ideal for people who want something more intimate in a retirement residence, offering a cozily private community of peers. Among Victoria retirement homes, this is a unique, boutique-style community. You can come and go as you please, with a ready set of companions and friends living in the same building. Set in a quiet residential neighbourhood, people who are more introspective or artsy may find this to be a comfortable way to settle into retirement living.
  • Fabulous location, comfortable apartments, delicious dinners, and lovely staff. Two thumbs up!

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