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1238 Oakcrossing Road, London, Ontario, N6H 0K2
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Lifestyle options:
Independent Living, Assisted Living
Guest stays available, Respite care available, Convalescent care, Private home-care allowed, Palliative care available
Cost (from):
101 suites (Studio, 1-bed, 2-bed)
202 residents

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Our Perspective

How we see Oakcrossing Retirement Living

Oakcrossing has quickly built a reputation for excellence, offering the highest quality retirement living in a state-of the art residence. Those who have moved here have quickly come to love their new life. Family members also appreciate the care available and the quality of the amenities here. Oakcrossing is a response to the needs of today's senior who want a place that will completely transform life. You'll cherish the new life you find in a community of friendly, engaged peers.

Staff have a reputation for attentiveness and superior care. They offer a broad continuum of care that includes independent and assisted living as well as long-term care. Opened in January 2018, Oakcrossing has a number of lovely features that make living here distinctly modern.

In the well-appointed dining room, residents enjoy delicious chef-prepared meals. You'll also enjoy the pub/bistro, where you can form friendships or deepen others. Other lavish features of this community include a hair salon and spa, a cinema, and even a greenhouse. Each suite is equipped with dark wood furnishings, and is safety-focused, with features like hand rails and clear paths in the kitchen and other area. Units range from studio to two bedroom. The hospitality services here include housekeeping and laundry. For seniors who want improvement over every aspect of life in their traditional family home, this fresh, new community offers modernity, space, and renewal.

Community’s Perspective

How Oakcrossing Retirement Living sees itself

Who are you as a community?

We stand out by offering a unique blend of personalized care, vibrant engagement, and a commitment to independence. What sets us apart: 1. Personalized Care: We believe every resident is unique, so we tailor our care plans to meet individual needs and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and fulfilling retirement journey. 2. Independence: Our community empowers residents to maintain their independence while offering support as needed, fostering autonomy and self-sufficiency. 3. Engaging Lifestyle: We provide a rich calendar of activities and social opportunities, promoting new friendships and enabling residents to explore their interests. 4. Culinary Excellence: Our culinary team offers delectable, locally sourced meals, making dining a delightful experience for residents. 5. Holistic Wellness: We prioritize residents' well-being, offering fitness programs and healthcare services for physical and mental health. 6. Lifelong Learning: Residents can continue their intellectual growth through educational programs, workshops, and discussion groups. 7. Comfortable Spaces: Our thoughtfully designed living spaces ensure comfort, accessibility, and aesthetics. 8. Continuum of Care: Our adaptable care plans allow residents to age in place comfortably. 9. Community Engagement: We actively contribute to the broader community through volunteer initiatives and partnerships.

  • Opened in: 2017
  • Ownership: Private.
  • Languages Spoken: English

What do you do differently or uniquely well?

Oakcrossing Retirement Living, where we have a fresh perspective on senior living. Suite layouts offer a large variety of spacious studios, one and two-bedroom suites with both retirement and assisted living services available. The residence has elegant dining rooms, lounges, a pub, cinema, library, greenhouse and spa. The building design sets the stage for life at Oakcrossing Retirement Living: All the best retirement living can offer.

What supports do you offer residents as they adjust to life there?

We are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and comfortable transition for residents as they embark on this exciting new chapter of their lives. We offer a range of resources designed to help them settle in and feel at home:

1. Personalized Welcome Packages and Handbook: Each new resident receives a personalized welcome package. This package includes essential information about the community, schedules for activities and events, and contact details for staff members who can assist with any questions or concerns.

2. Regular Check-Ins: We conduct regular check-ins with new residents to gather feedback, address any concerns, and ensure their overall well-being.

How are residents supported if their needs change?

Oakcrossing Retirement Living has not responded to this question yet.

Under what conditions would you advise someone against choosing your community?

Oakcrossing Retirement Living has not responded to this question yet.

What might residents find surprising about your community?

The actual experience at our community often pleasantly surprises people, as it frequently diverges from their initial expectations in several key ways:

1. Vibrant Social Life
2. Independence and Autonomy
3. Diverse Activities and Interests
4. Culinary Excellence
5. Active Lifestyle
6. Community Spirit
7. Family Engagement
8. Continuum of Care
9. Holistic Wellness

How will your community change in the next five years?

Oakcrossing Retirement Living has not responded to this question yet.

What five facts about your community should people know?

1. Personalized Care Plans: We offer highly individualized care plans for each resident, ensuring that their specific needs and preferences are met.

2. Culinary Excellence: Residents enjoy a restaurant-style dining experience with a diverse menu. This commitment to culinary quality makes our dining experience truly exceptional.

3. Engaging Social Life: We offer a bustling social calendar filled with events, outings, and activities designed to foster friendships and create a sense of community.

4. 24/7 Support: Is available around the clock to address any immediate concerns or needs that residents may have.

5. Assistance with Daily Living: Such as dressing, grooming, and medication management.

Insider Perspectives

Reviews of Oakcrossing Retirement Living

What residents and their loved ones say about Oakcrossing Retirement Living in reviews.

Tim Brown, family member

"My family were delighted with the outstanding care and support our Mother received when it became evident that she was unable to remain on her own. Oakcrossing made the transition from hospital to their facility a seamless and drama-free experience at a heightened time of sensitivity. Our Mother loved the food, her spacious and modern one bedroom suite but above all, the caring and empathetic staff. To them, she was not just another resident but a member of the Oakcrossing family. I would highl..."

Jane, family member

"Having moved my Dad into Oakcrossing in September 2021 we are so thankful and pleased at this amazing facility. The staff is top notch, and I would love to name them all and give them a shout out, there are so many amazing people that work here I would be afraid of missing someone. I can't always visit due to distance, Oakcrossing makes it easy with an option for virtual visits which they set up completely, making it foolproof with my technology challenged Dad. There are lots of common spaces,..."

Dorothy Mereu, resident

"We moved here for the sake of my husband, John. He was in assisted living here for a while, then transferred to long-term care when a room opened up. I could just go down the hallway over to the other building. And I could see that he had very good care over there, too. It was a godsend, really ... The staff are wonderful. All very helpful. All wonderful. You just have to ask ... It's a wonderful community. Everybody here is friends. It's interesting, because we often find out we have connection..."

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Lifestyle options

Independent Living (definition)
Cost from $3,460

Three beautiful meals daily, a robust recreation program, housekeeping, plus the security of 24/7 staffing. Laundry of linens & towels included in Independent Living.


  • Designated dining area
  • Meals (3x/day)
  • Daily tidy (Extra fee)
  • Housekeeping (1x/week)
  • Medication administration (Extra fee)

Assistance with

  • Bathing (Extra fee)

Assisted Living (definition)
Cost from $5,300

In addition to all the great services included in the Retirement Living package, you will receive daily suite tidying and personal laundry services. Medication administration and bathing/showering assistance are included as are some care and support services customized to your needs. Assisted Living offers a comfortable setting with its own spa, lounge and dining area. With access to 24/7 nursing staff and the ability to add care services as needed, we can offer you the exact level of support you require.


  • Designated dining area
  • Cancer care
  • Diabetes
  • Dialysis (Extra fee)
  • Huntington's Disease (Extra fee)
  • Multiple Sclerosis (Extra fee)
  • Stroke care
  • Meals (3x/day)
  • Daily tidy
  • Housekeeping (1x/week)
  • Incontinence care
  • Medication administration
  • Resident Reminders

Assistance with

  • Bathing (1x/week)
  • Dressing
  • Transfers (Extra fee)


Type Size
(sq ft)
Lifestyle CostCompanion fee Includes Contact
Studio 308 - 512 $3,750 - $4,780 (Rent) +$850 per month
  • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
  • Call Bell System
  • Kitchenette
  • Mini-fridge
  • Patio/Balcony
  • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
1-bed 468 - 634 $4,680 - $5,620 (Rent) +$850 per month
  • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
  • Call Bell System
  • Kitchenette
  • Mini-fridge
  • Patio/Balcony
  • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
2-bed 898 $6,975 (Rent) +$850 per month
  • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
  • Call Bell System
  • Insuite washer/dryer
  • Kitchen
  • Mini-fridge
  • Patio/Balcony
  • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
Studio 311 - 481 $5,950 - $6,500 (Rent) +$850 per month
  • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
  • Call Bell System
  • Kitchenette
  • Mini-fridge
  • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
1-bed 502 - 610 $7,050 - $7,730 (Rent) +$850 per month
  • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
  • Call Bell System
  • Insuite washer/dryer
  • Kitchenette
  • Mini-fridge
  • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
  • Type: Studio
  • Ownership: Rent
  • Cost: $3,750 - $4,780
  • Size: 308sq/ft
  • Companion fee: +$850
  • Details:
    • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
    • Call Bell System
    • Kitchenette
    • Mini-fridge
    • Patio/Balcony
    • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
  • Contact: email

  • Type: 1-bed
  • Ownership: Rent
  • Cost: $4,680 - $5,620
  • Size: 468sq/ft
  • Companion fee: +$850
  • Details:
    • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
    • Call Bell System
    • Kitchenette
    • Mini-fridge
    • Patio/Balcony
    • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
  • Contact: email

  • Type: 2-bed
  • Ownership: Rent
  • Cost: $6,975
  • Size: 898sq/ft
  • Companion fee: +$850
  • Details:
    • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
    • Call Bell System
    • Insuite washer/dryer
    • Kitchen
    • Mini-fridge
    • Patio/Balcony
    • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
  • Contact: email

  • Type: Studio
  • Ownership: Rent
  • Cost: $5,950 - $6,500
  • Size: 311sq/ft
  • Companion fee: +$850
  • Details:
    • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
    • Call Bell System
    • Kitchenette
    • Mini-fridge
    • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
  • Contact: email

  • Type: 1-bed
  • Ownership: Rent
  • Cost: $7,050 - $7,730
  • Size: 502sq/ft
  • Companion fee: +$850
  • Details:
    • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
    • Call Bell System
    • Insuite washer/dryer
    • Kitchenette
    • Mini-fridge
    • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
  • Contact: email


• Three well-balanced meals daily with a variety of options from our restaurant-style menu • Snacks and refreshments available • Complimentary room service for up to four days during illness. Extra fee for additional days.

Meal service : Bar, Bistro: (daytime), Pub, Room Service (extra fee), Table service

Seating type : Assigned seating , Open seating, Two Seatings

Special diets : Diabetic, Gluten Free, Low sodium, Puree foods, Vegetarian

Amenities & Services

Residence Amenities & Services

Oakcrossing Retirement Living offers a full selection of lifestyle and leisure programs.

Arts and crafts
Community Garden
Emergency call system (pendent)
Emergency call system (pull-cord in room)
Fitness Studio
Games Room
Hobby kitchen
Laundry machines
Mail box
Mail to concierge
Movie theatre
Newspapers delivered to concierge
Onsite foot care
Parking (outdoor)
Party room
Pet friendly
Private bus for outings, regular trips
Private dining room for family/friends
Recreation facilities onsite
Religious Services & Holiday Celebrations
Spa Services
Spa tub or shower room
Spa/Beauty Salon
Storage lockers
Walking Path
Wellness Center
Wheelchair (electric)
Wheelchair (scooter)
Wheelchair Accessible

Programs & Activities

Arts and Crafts
Assisted Walks/Trails
Bible Classes
Billiards/Pool Tables
Brain Fitness
Card Games
Continued education
Day Trips
Exercise Program
Movie Nights
Religious & Holiday Services
Table Tennis
Weekly Shopping Trips & Excursions

Staff & Care

General Manager's Message
Melissa Hawki

First and foremost, I want to say thank you. Thank you for considering our community as your new home or the home for your loved ones. We are honored and privileged to have you inquiry about our home. It's the people who make a place truly special, and our residents and their families have created a warm, vibrant, and caring community that I am proud to be a part of.

Our dedicated staff works tirelessly to ensure that our residents receive the highest level of care and support. Well-being is our top priority, and we are committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and enriching environment. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us continually improve our services.

I also want to emphasize the importance of our community within the community. The friendships and connections that form here are invaluable. Whether it's engaging in activities, sharing stories over a meal, or simply enjoying a conversation, these moments contribute to the unique sense of belonging that our residents often describe.

Thank you once again for looking at our community.  I look forward to seeing our community continue to thrive and grow. Together, we can make your time here truly exceptional.

General Manager 


Medical and other support staff
Registered Practical Nurses24 hrs/day
Personal Support Workers24 hrs/day
Doctorvisiting 1x/month
Sleep Expertvisiting 1x/week
Massage Therapistvisiting 1x/week
Geriatric Pharmaciston call
Mobility Specialiston call
Foot care specialistvisiting 1x/month
Dentistvisiting 1x/month
Physiotherapistvisiting 1x/week

Care services

Care options available:

  • Guest stays available (cost from $150)
  • Respite care available (cost from $190)
  • Convalescent care (cost from $190)
  • Private home-care allowed
  • Palliative care available

Health Services:

  • Catheter care(with special assistance)
  • Cognitively impaired residents(with special assistance)
  • Ostomy care(with special assistance)
  • Oxygen assistance(with no special assistance)
  • Vitals monitoring(with special assistance)

Move-in requirements

Chest x-ray is required for all residents over 65 years old.

• Chest x-ray
• Medical form completed by family doctor
• Personal Interview
• TB test required

COVID-19 Information

Currently accepting move-ins. Request suite details.


Recent News

Fall in Love with Oakcrossing Retirement Living

Join us for our Open House event to explore all the incredible features our community has to offer! ... read more.

Accreditation & Associations

Social Feed



Conveniently situated near Sarnia Road and Hyde Park Road, Oakcrossing is close to the Hyde Park shopping area, including retailers like Walmart, LCBO and HomeSense. Less than two kilometres away, you will find Tim Hortons, Farm Boy, Costco and Sobeys. Surrounded by churches and close to both Gibbons Park and Springbank Park, Oakcrossing also has access to healthcare services at the London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care London.

Oakcrossing Retirement is located at 1238 Oakcrossing Road, London, Ontario, N6H 0K2.

What's nearby:

Gateway Church
Rexall Pharmacy
Shoppers Drug Mart
Dollar Tree
Giant Tiger
Real Canadian Superstore
Tim Hortons
Crossings Pub & Eatery
RBC Royal Bank

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