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580 Yates Road, Kelowna, British Columbia, V1V 2M3
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Lifestyle options:
Independent Living
Guest stays available, Private home-care allowed
Cost (from):
165 suites (1-bed, 1-bed + den, 2-bed, 2-bed + den)

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Our Perspective

How we see Sandalwood Retirement Resort

It’s significant that Sandalwood has both staff and residents who have been here for more than a decade. Drive into the property here, look around, and you’ll see what inspires such loyalty. There’s beauty throughout, ranging from the beautifully landscaped exterior and gardens to the fun lifestyle seniors live here.

Inside, find the kind of amenities you’d expect in a seniors’ resort. Features include a hair salon, a piano lounge, a fitness centre, and a movie theatre, complete with retro design that takes you back to your youth. You can relax and read at leisure in the library, or play billiards in the sports lounge.

Staff is an integral part of the community, joining in activities and adding to the fun atmosphere here. In addition, family members are encouraged to take part. You’ll find the setting inspiring for other reasons, too. Suites are exceptionally comfortable and spacious. Floor-to-sky lighting in the dining area enriches the experience there. The greenery of the courtyard makes it a wonderful place to relax in summer.

This rich elegance understandably attracts good people, which is what you find. Sandalwood is an elegant resort-like experience that packs in enjoyment, a true focus of life here. People not only “love living here” but they also live long here, thanks to that.

Community’s Perspective

How Sandalwood Retirement Resort sees itself

Who are you as a community?

Life at Sandalwood is elevated living in a homey environment. The Sandalwood lifestyle includes use of the spa and fitness centre, residential library, sports lounge, country kitchen, workshop, private theatre and more. There's always enriching activities and events throughout the residence to engage you. In addition to our extensive amenities, we offer a wide selection of bright and spacious 1 and 2 bedroom suites, most with spectacular views of our mature landscape and the valley beyond. Everyday life at Sandalwood means all your needs are taken care of: dining, linen, housekeeping service, transportation and 24 hour security. Allowing you more time to enjoy your best retirement life! Join us for a tour of our beautiful residence and experience all that Sandalwood Community has to offer.

  • Opened in: 2000
  • Ownership: Private.

What do you do differently or uniquely well?

The longevity of our staff and the team approach at Sandalwood makes it a warm and inviting atmosphere. It should feel like home when you enter the front door each and every day. The Sandalwood community feels like you are surrounded by caring individuals who are invested in your happiness because you are! We have done our best to balance an elevated living environment with a cozy and homey feel where you could grab a latte from the country kitchen and sit by the fireplace in peace with a good book or enjoy the company of a friend over a game of scrabble. The people are what makes Sandalwood unique and special.

What supports do you offer residents as they adjust to life there?

A welcome gift will be waiting in your suite for you to enjoy, along with an information binder for reference. After a long day of moving, and often weeks of emotions, Sandalwood invites family to join our newest residents to celebrate their new home over dinner - we believe the adjustment is one that effects the whole family. Members of our welcoming committee will also check in on you in the first few days to show you the ropes and help with the adjustment to life at Sandalwood. Our housekeepers will pay you a visit to go over schedules and any specific expectations you might have. Our entire team is available anytime you have questions or suggestions or simply want to chat. We believe in a strong community approach.

How are residents supported if their needs change?

Sandalwood Retirement Resort has not responded to this question yet.

Under what conditions would you advise someone against choosing your community?

Sandalwood Retirement Resort has not responded to this question yet.

What might residents find surprising about your community?

Sandalwood Retirement Resort is just that - it's the retirement living you deserve! Our residents are treated with respect and treated like independent adults. We do not tell you what to do or when to do it, residents still get to make all the choices in their daily life.
We have created a warm and enjoyable environment where residents and staff get along. Laughter is often heard throughout our hallways. Our staff can be found dancing along at Happy Hour, joining in fitness classes, or having a cup of coffee with our residents. Resident Families are encouraged to join us for activities and events. Sandalwood offers space for families to enjoy time together and create more memories, instead of simply doing chores for our elders.

How will your community change in the next five years?

Sandalwood Retirement Resort has not responded to this question yet.

What five facts about your community should people know?

1. Sandalwood has multiple residents that have called this home for 18+ years; as well, multiple whose own parents lived here and are now our 2nd generation residents.
2. We are pet friendly and encourage you to bring your furry friend with you.
3. More than a dozen suite floor plans to choose from and you are encouraged to make it your own space.
4. Sandalwood holds regular residents meetings so your voice is heard and respected.
5. Sandalwood staff maintain our outdoor spaces year round to allow residents to safely enjoy the beautiful grounds without having to worry about a slip or fall (WINTER too!).

Insider Perspectives

Reviews of Sandalwood Retirement Resort

What residents and their loved ones say about Sandalwood Retirement Resort in reviews.

Jean, senior

"All the get-togethers and the staff are just phenomenal. There’s the gym, the book club, all the different game and card games. We have entertainment that comes in which is wonderful."

Lorraine, senior

"We have a pastry chef and our deserts are so delicious. We have an Executive Chef so our meals are prepared fresh everyday. I just have to tell everybody how happy I am because I love it here."

Doreen, senior

"It’s just such a pleasant place to be. It’s like being on a cruise."

Read all reviews


Lifestyle options

Independent Living (definition)
Cost from $3,895

The rental price at Sandalwood always includes the following: • All utilities (except phone, cable & internet) • Continental Breakfast – 3 mornings a week & Dinner with fresh daily Soup and Salad Bar – 7 days a week • Weekly linen, towel and housekeeping service • Access to our scheduled transportation service 5 days a week – door to door • Extensive on-site and off-site social activities, fitness programs and Friday Night Happy Hours with live entertainment • The use of all recreation amenities and features within Sandalwood, including our Old Hollywood-style Majestic Theatre, Woodworking Centre, Fitness Centre, and the private pathway around the property • 24-hour emergency response monitoring service to ensure your safety and well being Please note, we have someone present in the building 24 hours a day – actively awake throughout the night.


  • Designated dining area
  • Meals (2x/day)
  • Housekeeping (1x/week)


Type Size
(sq ft)
Lifestyle CostCompanion fee Includes Contact
1-bed 654 - 681 $3,895 - $4,395 (Rent) +$600 per month
  • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
  • Call Bell System
  • Full size fridge
  • Patio/Balcony
  • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
1-bed + den 749 - 789 $4,595 - $5,195 (Rent) +$600 per month
  • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
  • Call Bell System
  • Full size fridge
  • Patio/Balcony
  • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
2-bed 749 - 1024 $5,195 - $5,995 (Rent) +$600 per month
  • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
  • Call Bell System
  • Full size fridge
  • Patio/Balcony
  • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
2-bed + den 1015 - 1261 $6,445 - $7,095 (Rent) N/A
  • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
  • Call Bell System
  • Full size fridge
  • Patio/Balcony
  • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
  • Type: 1-bed
  • Ownership: Rent
  • Cost: $3,895 - $4,395
  • Size: 654sq/ft
  • Companion fee: +$600
  • Details:
    • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
    • Call Bell System
    • Full size fridge
    • Patio/Balcony
    • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
  • Contact: email

  • Type: 1-bed + den
  • Ownership: Rent
  • Cost: $4,595 - $5,195
  • Size: 749sq/ft
  • Companion fee: +$600
  • Details:
    • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
    • Call Bell System
    • Full size fridge
    • Patio/Balcony
    • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
  • Contact: email

  • Type: 2-bed
  • Ownership: Rent
  • Cost: $5,195 - $5,995
  • Size: 749sq/ft
  • Companion fee: +$600
  • Details:
    • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
    • Call Bell System
    • Full size fridge
    • Patio/Balcony
    • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
  • Contact: email

  • Type: 2-bed + den
  • Ownership: Rent
  • Cost: $6,445 - $7,095
  • Size: 1015sq/ft
  • Companion fee: N/A
  • Details:
    • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
    • Call Bell System
    • Full size fridge
    • Patio/Balcony
    • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
  • Contact: email


A diverse menu created with involvement from all kitchen staff and therefore an investment made in the quality of food presented to residents. Friday evening meals tend to be more casual in nature, while Sunday meals are more traditional. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are embraced and a fresh daily soup created first thing in the morning for all to enjoy. There are multiple choices in entrees for each mealtime and dessert always included. Flexibility with meal times and seating location is all part of Independent living at Sandalwood.

Meal service : Bar, Buffet, Table service, Tray service in suite (extra fee)

Seating type : Open seating

Special diets : Celiac Diet, Diabetic, Gluten Free, Lactose free, Low sodium, Vegetarian

Amenities & Services

Residence Amenities & Services

Residents and their families are provided with a monthly newsletter and activity calendar outlining on-going and specialty events around the residence. There are also notice boards throughout the building and in elevators for your convienence.

24-hr concierge
Arts and crafts
Community Garden
Emergency call system (pendent)
Emergency call system (pull-cord in room)
Fitness Studio
Games Room
Hobby kitchen
Laundry machines
Mail box
Movie theatre
Newspaper delivery available to suite
Newspapers delivered to concierge
On-site General Store
Onsite foot care
Parking (outdoor)
Party room
Pet friendly
Private bus for outings, regular trips
Private dining room for family/friends
Recreation facilities onsite
Religious Services & Holiday Celebrations
Spa Services
Spa tub or shower room
Spa/Beauty Salon
Storage lockers
Walking Path
Wellness Center
Wheelchair (electric)
Wheelchair (scooter)
Wheelchair Accessible

Programs & Activities

Some activities are available on a drop-in basis and require no pre-planning, other events and off site excursions will require a sign up. All events are clearly outlined around the resort with additional communication for specialty programs.

Arts and Crafts
Assisted Walks/Trails
Bible Classes
Billiards/Pool Tables
Brain Fitness
Card Games
Continued education
Day Trips
Movie Nights
Religious & Holiday Services
Resident social / activity club
Weekly Shopping Trips & Excursions

Staff & Care

General Manager's Message
Robert Steenwyk

Rob has been a part of Regency Retirement Resorts for over 15years.  He joined Sandalwood as our Maintenance Manager and has been promoted multiple times to the Master Host position in two other buildings before returning to Sandalwood to helm our team.  Rob is often seen out of his office engaging with residents and family members or assisting other departments with their tasks.  Rob is not a hands off manager by any means - he believes in listening to our community's needs and getting the job done - even if that is outside struggling with irrigation lines or in the dish pit assisting our kitchen and dining staff to ensure mealtimes are flawless.  Rob is always looking after the residents, the building, the staff and treating all individuals as equals that bring value to our everyday lives at Sandalwood.

Rob believes there is much to learn by everyone and it takes a village to get jobs done.  In his early days maintaining the building, he was able to gain valuable information behind the scenes that has translated seamlessly to improving the quality of the community at Sandalwood and helping all residents to maintain their Independence as long as possible.

When not at Sandalwood, Rob can be found embracing the Okanagan Lifestyle – fishing and camping with his wife of 35years or down on the floor rolling around with his Grandchildren

Care services

Care options available:

  • Guest stays available (cost from $115)
  • Private home-care allowed

Health Services:

  • Physically challenged residents(with no special assistance)

Move-in requirements

Family doctor involvement ensures resident is suitable to independent living.

• Medical form completed by family doctor

COVID-19 Information

Our doors are open! Sandalwood is Independent Living and as such, we look after each other and our community together. If a resident is feeling unwell, we will gladly deliver their meals to them in their personal suite. If a resident is in need of a COVID-19 test, we have a supply on hand to share with them. Residents and their families are great at communicating any concerns about an individuals health. Same care and attention is given to our staff. Together we support one another and want only the best for each other, so we can continue to live our best lives independently as a community.

Currently accepting move-ins. Request suite details.



Glenmore is a family-friendly community conveniently located 10 minutes from downtown. Glenmore offers an ideal balance of urban and rural qualities and is one of the most sought-after areas in Kelowna. Sandalwood Retirement Resort is located in Glenmore, at the north end of the city of Kelowna. Sandalwood sits at the base of Dilworth Mountain in a charming valley bordering Glenmore Hill on the other side. Glenmore is centrally located and provides the best of both worlds – city lifestyle in a natural, residential setting. The area also home to a number of small family farms and local conveniences. With a quieter setting than the busy city and easy access to nature, Sandalwood offers a variety of suite options to suit everyone’s needs. Local amenities complete the package, with essentials such as banking, grocery stores and coffee shops, dental/medical offices, and pharmacies close by. And a variety of local trails to explore near by.

Sandalwood Retirement Resort is located at 580 Yates Road, Kelowna, British Columbia, V1V 2M3.

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