10 Steps For Better Mental Health

Following these 10 easy steps will help you improve your overall mental health.  Your mental health affects a number of aspects in your life including your physical health, levels of stress and work-life balance.  The article below discusses ways that you can easily improve your mental health and make a positive change for the better to your overall lifestyle.  Why wait? Get started today by implementing these easy steps and continue to visit our blog for additional health and wellness advice.

Improve Your Mental Health

Your mental health is an activity, not merely a state of being. Indeed, the wellness of your mind, which is vitally important in all other aspects of your life, requires you to take care of this often-neglected part of your body. There are many ways in which you could either maintain or improve your mental health.

Improve Your Life With These 10 Easy Mental Health Tips!

1. Physical activity or physical health, as the Mayo Clinic explains, is a great way to reduce anxiety.  Being physically active can improve your mood and reduce your risk of depression. Yoga is a great option, as it is both a form of exercise and mental relaxation.

2. Work-life balance - You need time to yourself and time to spend with family and friends. While work is important, it should never be all-encompassing.

3. Daydream - The Mental Health Network puts it best: “Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a dream location. Breathe slowly and deeply. Whether it’s a beach, a mountaintop, a hushed forest or a favourite room for your past, let the comforting environment wrap you in a sensation of peace and tranquility.”

4. Use your brain - Brain games were really helpful during my period of depression. I did a lot of crossword puzzles, as they allowed my mind to focus on things other than myself.

5.Think less. You may see this point as counterintuitive. But, according to renowned life coach Brian O’reilly of Human Potential Plus, thinking impedes our ability to feel and is the cause of a lot of human misery. We constantly over-think things.

6. Only try control yourself. We often try to get people to behave in ways that we desire. And, usually, we find out that we do not have this power. Avoid seeking control over others and just worry about how you can make a difference.

7. Communication - This strategy was also really helpful during my depression. Concealing what you are really feeling is not healthy for your mind. Conversations with a friend, family member, or a professional can be a productive way to relieve your stress.

8. Laugh! We sometimes take life way too seriously, but we must recognize that humour is the essence of sanity. When you mess up, do not fear laughing at yourself.

9. Volunteer - According to the Mental Health Network, volunteering is a “win-win” mental activity, as it helps others, but at the same time, makes you feel good about yourself. It can also expand your social network and be a great opportunity to learn.

10. Do not fixate on things - We often retrospectively obsess over insignificant things (i.e. projects at work). Even if you think something is incredibly important, fixative behaviour will just fill your mind with stress. Take time to concentrate on other things.

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How do you maintain or improve your mental health? Share your ideas and tips in the Comments section below.

Tips to Improve Your Mental Health

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