Are you in your happy place? Edgewood Suites offers “a simpler life”


Welcome to a vibrant adult living opportunity in the heart of Ontario’s greatest four-seasons paradise.

Joanne Bennett, 64, is done with the hustle and bustle of life in Brampton. “I don’t need the noise and the traffic anymore,” she says. She’s also had enough of  home ownership. “I knew I wanted to sell my home and plan for my retirement and I wanted to be free of debt. When you own your home, you have to consider repairs, renovations, and all that. In the long run, to pay property taxes, insurance, and the like, it’s pretty expensive.”

She’s right. People who choose to retain their own home don’t often consider how much easier life would be if they switched to renting. Even if your mortgage is paid off, annual expenses are still money out the door. The annual rent Joanne pays at Edgewood Suites in Dundalk (roughly $20,000 a year) is less than what many people pay in property taxes, house insurance, heat, hydro, upkeep expenses, and renovations.

In her new home, all of those costs are covered in one simple monthly payment. Maintenance is also taken care of for her. “I used to dread a snowstorm,” she says. But more than that, “It’s a simpler life, which is what I want. I love the beauty of the countryside here.”

Dorothy Stansall, 75,  also loves the life she lives in Edgewood Suites, having left behind urban living in Brantford. “I didn’t like people firing up their cars nearby, the noise of traffic constantly.”   

At Edgewood Suites, “I’m in my happy place,” she says. She tells a story of enjoying watching two ducklings out front of her apartment. “I just watched them from my window. It was just very nice. It’s very comfortable and quiet here.”

Right-sizing and right-living

Some people talk about ‘down-sizing’ but for Joanne and Dorothy, Edgewood Suites is more like right-sizing. It’s the right fit for who they are now, and it anticipates changes they’ll go through in coming years. Unit sizes, social programing, concierge services, and amenities in the building and around town, all add up to a right-sized experience. 

“The atmosphere of the area and the community gives me a deep sense of peace of mind. It’s just very relaxing,” says Joanne. Social programming at Edgewood Suites is tailor-made for staying active. There are wine tastings, bus tours, walking groups, and weekly potluck dinners. “People go to the theatre or golfing together, and it’s really nice to have. They have a walking group and it’s nice that the company is there if you want it.”

You live a maintenance-free lifestyle, enjoying spacious outdoors and contemporary indoors — while someone else takes care of all the upkeep. You also gain amenity spaces like a gym, library, faith room and games room.  The two patios and a gazebo give you space to take in the sun and the fresh air. 

So why own your own home when you can rent? 

That’s right! Consider how selling now ensures that you get maximum return on the equity that you have in your home. Look at why it’s the right time to do this, so you can move into an idyllic life like the one Dorothy and Joanne are enjoying:  

  • It’s a proactive move. It’s a bad idea to wait until you must sell. Preparing your family home for sale and then selling it can be physically and mentally taxing. You don’t want to do it under duress. Taking it head on while your mind is clear gives you full control over the process.
  • Staying in your home isn’t free. You always have carrying costs like utilities, property taxes, maintenance and insurance. This can easily come to $20,000 or more per year.
  • Get older in a place that’s built with aging in mind. Your current home was likely built for a growing family. Staircases and carpeting are an increasing hazard as you age. Modifications to make it age-friendly can run into the tens of thousands dollars in cost.
  • Your home is constantly deteriorating. Consider major items like the roof, windows, furnace, plumbing, appliances, and more—all of them needing to be repaired or replaced over time. Then consider how much money you can walk away with if you sell now. 
  • Leave behind pesky maintenance tasks. The daily or weekly home maintenance of  cleaning, snow removal, lawn care, gardening becomes harder every year.

Renting relieves the burden of property maintenance, and the financial stress of home repairs and upgrades. Sell your home and discover the freedom to  use your equity the way you want to! Edgewood Suites is a lifestyle opportunity tailor made for people who want freedom now.

Just ask Dorothy how much better it is. “I’m a happy camper,” she says. “Just the fellowship downstairs, the walking group, pizza nights, barbeque nights. Where I was [before] was not making me happy. Everything here is happy.”

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