Living in a Neighbourhood You Love Improves Your Wellbeing


Studies have shown that the neighbourhood in which you live affects both your mental and physical health. Find out why here.

Did you know that your neighbourhood can have a significant impact on your quality of life? Studies have shown that the neighbourhood in which you live affects both your mental and physical health in many ways. People living in neighbourhoods with access to the natural environment have higher levels of life satisfaction than individuals in neighbourhoods with less access.

Just think back to when you chose your current home – whether it was the home in which you raised your family, or the sanctuary you’ve enjoyed in your later years – you probably carefully considered the neighbourhood as a key factor in your decision.

For young families, proximity to schools, parks and recreational facilities and grocery stores are obviously important. But for older adults, many of the same considerations apply, along with other important features such as easy accessibility to medical services, proximity to walking paths, shopping and restaurants.

Many Reasons to Live in a ‘Hood’ You Love

Living in a neighbourhood you love as you age is important for many reasons. It could be that you have friends and family close by – or neighbours you’ve literally grown older with. Your relationships with doctors, pharmacists and even your favourite local haunts are important factors in establishing a healthy lifestyle that includes social activity and wellness.

If you’ve decided to move to an invigorating new neighbourhood — perhaps closer to your adult children — ensure your new location enhances your lifestyle. Your neighbourhood and its proximity to all the things that make your life better should be a front-running factor in your decision. And, if you’re exploring a move to a senior-oriented residence, your choices today couldn’t be better.

The good news is you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your ideal location, whether it’s in your current area or close to your heart’s desires, such as nature trails, ocean seawall walks, urban shopping or simply a calm neighbourhood setting.

Is Now a Good Time to Consider Moving?

We know that both location and home ownership are top of mind for many B.C. seniors. Thanks to rising interest rates, the real estate market has seen some instability, leaving many wondering if this is the right time to sell and downsize.

As you get older, home ownership can come with many hidden costs, including maintenance, challenges with mobility and access, isolation and potential loneliness, and even safety.

For seniors looking to enrich their golden years with more accessible social and safety networks – and more time for fun instead of spending their energy on home maintenance chores – renting can make the most sense regardless of economic conditions.

If you’re a senior considering your next steps – whether downsizing, right-sizing or moving to a place that enables you to stay active and independent – think about what’s holding you back from making that move. Chances are the reason is not as tough as you might think.

Your Local Independent Living Residences

If you love your neighbourhood, consider the opportunity to live somewhere you’d love just as much, close to all that you hold dear.

At PARC, we know how important the right location is for a thriving senior’s lifestyle. That’s why we’ve built our stunning residences in the best locations – so you don’t have to worry about leaving your favourite things behind. With two locations in North Vancouver, one in West Vancouver, one in Burnaby and White Rock, and locations coming soon in Coquitlam and Kelowna, we’ve got so many fantastic neighbourhoods covered.

Our large condo-style homes offer stunning views – whether mountain or water – plus easy access to all the amenities and services you need, including shopping and grocery stores, medical services, local eateries, community centres and churches, plus friendly high walk-score neighbourhoods and social connections right at your doorstep.

Our plentiful active living activities, make it easy to socialize and make friends, and our many driving services get you around if you need to go further. And if you prefer quiet time in nature, we’ve got that too, with natural gardens and roof-decks, and walking paths always close at hand.

Now is a great time to consider renting in a neighbourhood you love.

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