Senior Care Resources: Getting Help at Home

Are you an active and independent senior who's just starting to think about retirement and community or privately funded support services like home cleaning and grocery shopping? Perhaps you're already facing some health challenges such as injury, illness or chronic disease and you're looking to find a family health care team or social worker to help you manage? Or maybe you want to know who to contact or what to do should you experience a health crisis?

The Senior Care Advisor Tool, developed by Comfort Life and ElderCareCanada, can help you plan ahead or get in touch with support services right away, regardless of which of the three stages you may find yourself in.

This easy-to-use tool will help you understand your health care options based on your current health status, breaking everything down into three categories:

  1. Active and Independent — Learn about retirement communities and the activities and programs in your community that will help you enjoy a happy and healthy retirement. Here you'll also be able to find resources for government-funded home care and support, as well as community advisors to help you access any additional services you or a loved one may need to maximize your active lifestyle.

  2. Increasing Health Challenges — Discover resources and daytime or after-hours support to help you manage challenging illnesses or chronic conditions, get assistance organizing your health information with a health care team or social worker, and learn how to apply for government-funded home care or how to choose a long-term care home for additional assistance.

  3. Health Crisis — Caregivers or family members can prepare ahead of time by coordinating with a hospital social worker or discharge planner to discuss what to do in case of an emergency, visiting the hospital, and what alternatives are available besides emergency care. You can also find information on palliative care and end-of-life care in Canada.

Whatever your stage of life, the Senior Care Advisor Tool can help you plan ahead and explore your health care options to ensure you get the most help and support possible.

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Do you feel prepared as you consider retirement or are you already retired and looking for additional resources? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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