Need motivation to exercise? Try prediction events!

With spring comes the ambition of millions of Ontario residents to take advantage of the warmer weather to get in better shape and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Staying active, being outdoors and taking advantage of the great weather is especially important and should be a goal of all seniors.  The cold, blistery winter season is a great excuse for everyone to stay indoors and be cozy sitting around a fire but there are far fewer excuses with the spring weather upon us.

Understandably many seniors will be very selective in how they choose to resume activity in outdoor settings. Many will want to get involved in some of their favourite recreational pursuits but will need to start that process in simple and gradual ways.

What are prediction activities?

If you agree, then “prediction activities” may be the answer for you!

Do you know how long it would take you to cycle 5 km, walk 3 km or swim 200 metres? If not, are you willing to practice to have your time down to a perfected science?

The ultimate goal of prediction events is simply to get seniors comfortable in becoming or remaining active. Individuals will use the predicted time suggested as a new way to exercise and keep motivated so that they will come as close as possible to their “predicted time” (without looking at any clocks of course!)

Getting yourself involved in predictive events is simple and can be done individually or with friends and neighbours.

Six simple steps to become part of the new sensation called “prediction events”:

  1. Plan a walking route in your local neighbourhood, park or walking trail

  2. Record or estimate the approximate length of your route

  3. Get friends and neighbours involved

  4. Write down everyone’s “predicted times” to complete the route

  5. Have yourself or another individual keep the official time it takes each participant to compete the route

  6. Repeat the process and try to get even closer to your predictive time!

According to the Ontario Senior Games statistics, some of the fastest growing recreational activities for seniors are prediction activities.

These activities have been instrumental in two ways:

Ontario 55+ Summer Games

Prediction events will be some of the most popular events at the Ontario 55+ Summer Games this August in Brampton.

Summer prediction events include cycling, walking and swimming. In the Winter Games they include skating and Nordic Skiing.

Regardless of whether you want to become Ontario’s best prediction walker or you are just doing your personal best to stay active, please consider implementing prediction components into your daily routines and enjoy what we all hope will be a beautiful spring season!


In the Joy of Sport,

Matt Trinnear, Program Coordinator- OSGA 55+ Games


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What are your tips for staying on track with exercise? Do you exercise regularly? Share your stories and tips in the comments section below!

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