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Adult Lifestyle Manitoba

An ideal lifestyle change for people 55 and older

A growing number of people 55 and older are gravitating toward the unique combination of freedom and enrichment offered by adult lifestyle communities. Find a list of Manitoba's best active adult communities below. Further below that, we look at why these are appealing and, in fact, a smart investment.

Adult lifestyle communities in Manitoba

Pros and cons of a 55 plus community

These adult lifestyle communities, peppered throughout Manitoba, are typically appealing for the following reasons:

  • An ideal way to downsize out of a traditional family home that, for many people 55 and over, is now unnecessarily large. Couples who have emptied the nest and finished raising their children, when they consider all the pros and cons of hanging onto their home, may realize that a move makes perfect sense.
  • A good investment of home equity. Bungalow communities or condo communities, offering smaller homes, are ideally cheaper than many suburban homes. For many people, you will need to use only part of the equity you have from the sale of your family home which you essentially reinvest in your right-sized active lifestyle home, with some left over. Depending on how much you have left over you can use the money to invest in financials or spend it. For some people, downsizing is the pathway to becoming mortgage-free.
  • A relaxed lifestyle pace. In spite of the 'active' tag, you live life here at whatever pace you want. It's inevitably simpler, too. Many active adult communities are self-contained villages where you won't need to leave often. There may be a store and shopping on site. You may also have golf, shuffleboard and other activities to take part in. All your friends will be right next door and there will be plenty to do right in the community.
  • A return to play. Many communities for those 55 and older offer a lot of activities that are, in fact, games, notably golf and shuffleboard (and others). Play is something that is missing from many people's lives, and there are many benefits that go beyond mere exercise. The fun interactions facilitated in active adult retirement communities make this kind of living uniquely healthy, in ways that people often underestimate.  
  • A community of peers creates unexpected benefits. You find new friends, sure, but we are social by nature. There is something uniquely bonding about living together, playing together and eating together with a closed group of people that is not found in suburban neighbourhoods or anywhere else. We think there might be something ineffably elemental about living in community.

There aren't many disadvantages to this type of community. Some people may object to the idea of an age-restricted community. You need to be mindful of hidden fees, and we do list worthwhile questions to ask before signing a purchase agreement. 

Moving to Manitoba makes sense!

These communities are not just ideal for people from Winnipeg or elsewhere in the province of Manitoba. People from other provinces do well to open their minds to the idea of buying into a Manitoba active lifestyle community. Real estate prices in Manitoba are appreciably lower than Ontario (for example), and communities here have the same appeal as living in parts of northern Ontario. Buying a summer place in Manitoba is also appealing for people from the United States (perhaps especially Minnesota, the Dakotas and elsewhere near the border), although moving to Canada comes with some legal and tax provisos.

The variety of 55 plus communities

Adult lifestyle communities in Manitoba come in different shapes and sizes:

  • Bungalow communities typically contain between 30 up to several hundred bungalows in a neighbourhood-style community. 
  • Condo communities or townhouse complexes are typically situated in a city, where there may be all the conveniences you need nearby.
  • Gated communities are rarer in Canada, but more are being built all the time. The gate adds extra security. The exclusivity usually comes with a price, which some people are willing to pay. It's ideal for those who travel often.   
  • Golfing communities are a sought-after type of community for those who want to get in all the golfing they can.

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