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Listed here, find real estate agents who specialize in helping seniors. Accredited Senior Agents™ are specially trained in understanding the needs of senior clients and network with experts in everything from moving to financial services. Most importantly, they are very experienced with and committed to understanding the specific needs of seniors who may be making their first move in many years.

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Magda Zecevic
Magda Zecevic
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Magda Zecevic

Work with an agent who specializes in helping seniors and has connections with a network of transition experts. Magda is a Master Accredited Senior Agent or ‘transition specialist’— one of 30 in Canada with this specialization. Magda saves families time and money and ensures a stress- free transition by providing A to Z services. These include a full service property sale and arrangement of professional assistance, including legal, financial, accounting and more.

At Comfort Life, we champion the value of accredited senior real estate agents. They are markedly different from regular real estate agents who may have limited experience working with seniors and who treat all their clients the same no matter what their age. They are also distinct from the designation of Seniors’ Real Estate Specialist, an American designation held by agents who may have experience working with seniors but who are accredited by a body whose training is focused on US law.

A few other noteworthy advantages offered by Accredited Senior Agents are as follows:

  • They will have worked with many a variety of seniors, including those who have been widowed, and with adult children and other family members. They understand how to deal with various family dynamics. They have training in and experience with families in the middle of a health-induced crisis. They’ll be able to offer both professional and personal support to families.
  • They will have subject matter expertise and will connection to a network of experts in a variety of areas. They will be offer advice or recommendations in both legal and financial aspects. They can recommend seniors’ moving companies with which they will have worked with before. They will also know property appraisers, estate specialists, healthcare experts and other specialists.
  • They have rich training and (most often) experience specifically in helping Canadian seniors sell a traditional family home and move into a retirement home. Typically, they have the resources to make the move very smooth. On the actual moving day, the senior leaves their current home for good, and moves seamlessly into independent living or senior care.

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