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Retirement Home Costs in Alberta

How much does it cost to retire in Alberta?

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Alberta has a wide range of costs for retirement living (independent and supportive living), long-term care (facility living) and home care services. Alberta's continuing care system ensures that whether you are single or a couple, looking for a retirement community or supportive home care, you'll find affordable retirement options within your cost range.

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More about Alberta senior care costs

In a broad sense, retirement homes cost between $2,000 and $3,000 per month, in the province of Alberta. This includes retirement homes and lodges offering independent and supportive living. 

Average cost of Alberta senior care

According to the CMHC’s Senior Housing Report for 2018, the average cost of renting a seniors’ housing space in Alberta was $2,780 per month.  Actual costs you will pay will vary widely based on needs and other factors (see more below). 

Home care costs in Alberta average between $15 and $75 an hour depending on the type and level of care you are looking for. Alberta Heath Services provide some home care living support costs based on a needs assessment. 

Costs for independent living in Alberta

We surveyed a variety of retirement homes from across the province of Alberta. The following provides an overview of what you may expect to pay, based on size. 

City Suite Sq footage Cost/mo (starting)
Calgary, AB 1 br 685 sq ft $3,500
Calgary, AB 2 br 925 sq ft $4,500
Edmonton, AB 1 br 700 sq ft $2,950 (estimate only)
Edmonton, AB 2 br 900 sq ft $3,900 (estimate only)

In independent living, some care services may be hired in through home care providers, or provided by the retirement homes themselves. When seniors require more detailed care, this may require the move to supportive living or memory care facilities, where care is likely to be more expensive. 

Supportive living retirement home costs

Supportive living in Alberta is roughly synonymous with assisted living elsewhere. In this type of care, you get extended, specific care such for activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing, dressing, etc. This may be part of an umbrella fee covering any detailed care option, but more often specific care options may be charged on a fee-per-option basis.

City What's included Cost/mo (starting)
Calgary, AB meals, housekeeping, all ADLs $4,500
Calgary, AB 925 sq ft $4,500
Edmonton, AB meals, housekeeping, all ADLs $3,900 (estimate only)
The Ultimate Retirement Home Checklist helps you keep a clear mind as you navigate choices.

For more supportive care beyond these (such as that required for Alzheimer's sufferers in a memory care facility), you can expect the cost to be higher. Generally, the cost for memory care is about 15-18% higher than it is for supportive living.

Long-term care costs

Alberta's long-term care costs (nursing home or facility living costs) are regulated by the government: Alberta Seniors and Community Supports and Alberta Health and Wellness. The costs depend on the type of suite, duration of stay and the individual's income. Spaces in long-term care residences are determined solely by need through the Single Point of Entry process with Alberta Health Services.

Approximate long-term care residence costs:

Length of stay Daily- Monthly Rate
Long-stay basic $54 – $1620
Long-stay semi-private $62 – $1863
Long-stay private $72 – $2167
Short-stay $35 – $1053

Whether you’re looking for an active adult living community or need a greater amount of care that an assisted living or long-term care residence offers, you will find housing options that fall within your budget. The cost of each will vary, depending on the level of care you need, the type of retirement community or home care service you choose, and your location within the province (Calgary, Edmonton or Medicine Hat). It is important to first determine your needs, before you start your search. This way, you will be able to compare each option easily and make the best decision based on your available budget.

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Get specifics about rates from residences:

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Origin at Spring Creek

Origin at Spring Creek

808 Spring Creek Drive, Canmore, Alberta, T1W0K3
Origin at Spring Creek is Bow Valley’s leading independent, assisted living, & memory care community. Nestled in the luxurious mountain town of Canmore, we empower our residents to remain happy, healthy & active.
Boardwalk Retirement Community

Boardwalk Retirement Community

3520 31 St. NW, Calgary, Alberta, T2L 2A5
Welcome to the BRC, a beautiful assisted living facility located in the heart of Calgary's NW. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are safe and cared for with our friendly and passionate staff.
Trinity Lodge

Trinity Lodge

1111 Glenmore Trail SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2V 4C9
Trinity Lodge Retirement Residence combines the elegance & style of a fine traditional hotel, with the security & warmth associated with senior living. Homecare staff is available 24/7 to give you support when needed.
Aster Gardens - Optima Living

Aster Gardens - Optima Living

7 Brower Drive, Sherwood Park, Alberta, T8A5L2
Aster Gardens, coming Fall 2020, is Sherwood Parks’ newest residence that will transform the way seniors live. Every part of the building has been designed from the perspective of the resident. Let Us Welcome You Home.
Cottonwood - Optima Living

Cottonwood - Optima Living

4224 8th st west, claresholm, Alberta, T0L0T0
Cottonwood Village was thoughtfully designed to deliver the best lifestyle rural Alberta has to offer. Located in Claresholm in the heart of the foothills. Let Us Welcome You Home
Lake Bonavista Village

Lake Bonavista Village

11800 Lake Fraser Drive, Calgary, Alberta, T2J7G8
Lake Bonavista Village Retirement Residence is the perfect place for seniors to retire. You can choose from a variety of suite sizes in the main building or one of our unique cottages.
Prince of Peace

Prince of Peace

285030 Luther Rose Blvd NE, Calgary, Alberta, T1X 1M9
Prince of Peace a variety of suites styles with kitchenettes and incredible mountain views. It's the perfect residence for seniors who are active, require some assistance, or have memory care needs.
The Lodge at Valley Ridge

The Lodge at Valley Ridge

11479 Valley Ridge Drive NW, Calgary, Alberta, T3B5V5
At The Lodge at Valley Ridge, you'll enjoy spacious suites, impressive cuisine, and exceptional services. We have recently renovated. We welcome the opportunity to show you our great community.
Dr. James Hemstock

Dr. James Hemstock

4202 54 Ave, Lloydminster, Alberta, T9V 2Z3
At Dr. Hemstock Residence & Hearthstone Place, our highly-skilled group of health care professionals and qualified staff are here to do whatever we can to ensure that all your needs are taken care of.
Chartwell Fountains of Mission Retirement Residence

Chartwell Fountains of Mission Retirement Residence

222 25th Avenue South West, Calgary, Alberta, T2S 3E9
Chartwell Royal Park Retirement Residence

Chartwell Royal Park Retirement Residence

4315 Richardson Road SW, Calgary, Alberta, T3E 7J7
Chartwell Eau Claire Care Residence

Chartwell Eau Claire Care Residence

301 7th Street SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 1Y6
Chartwell Harbours Retirement Residence

Chartwell Harbours Retirement Residence

20 Country Village Cove NE, Calgary, Alberta, T3K 5T9
Chartwell Colonel Belcher Retirement Residence

Chartwell Colonel Belcher Retirement Residence

1945 Veteran's Way NW, Calgary, Alberta, T3B 5Y7
Chartwell Wild Rose Retirement Residence

Chartwell Wild Rose Retirement Residence

9612 - 172nd Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 6C7
Chartwell Country Cottage Retirement Residence

Chartwell Country Cottage Retirement Residence

75 Cranford Way, Sherwood Park, Alberta, T8H 2B9


Take Comfort: retirement home reviews
Quality is probably the most important factor in determining monthly costs. Consult retirement home reviews to hear how people feel about the value they are getting. Calgarians, check out reviews of Calgary retirement homes.

Factors that affect the cost

Your final costs can vary quite widely depending on where you live and what care you require. Here's a look at factors that affect the cost of seniors care, and how you can reduce these costs.

  • Location of the retirement home. If you move away from a city center or move to a smaller town, the cost of real estate is lower, and you will pay less for a retirement home stay.
  • Size matters. You may be paying as much as 50% more for a few hundred square feet, so consider the possibility that less is more: less room means more money staying in your own pocket.  
  • Type of care offered. There's not much you can do if you need to have assistance or supportive living care. However, you can shop around, and many homes will allow you to hire in your own home care service, if you think that's cheaper than paying for that same care provided within the services of the retirement community.

Paying for a retirement home

For anyone moving into a retirement home, you need to know the full costs associated with each home or residence before you move in and you need to be aware of potential changes to those costs such as lease or rental increases or changes to your income or investments.

Paying for a retirement home may be easier than you think when you consider that the monthly rate covers many living expenses including everything from home repairs to property taxes to heat and hydro.

Basic ability to pay begins with Government of Canada benefits, Old Age Security (OAS) and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and any relevant supplements that apply to you. Beyond that there are a variety of source of income you can tap into. Many people are fortunate to have a workplace pension that covers additional costs of living. If you have investments or other income, those also can help you pay rent or other fees associated with retirement care.

For information on budgeting and financial tips read Easing Your Financial Stress

We provide an overview of how people in Alberta afford to pay for senior care. For more information about subsidies, tax credits and support for seniors in Alberta visit the Canada Revenue Agency. The website of Alberta Health Services covers a wide variety of topics including standards, an overview of the system and much more information.

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