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Find senior apartments in Niagara Falls here! Buildings listed below. These buildings are made with seniors in mind, and we include communities in the Chippewa, Fallsview, Lundy’s Lane, Drummond Heights, St. Davids, and Clifton Hill neighbourhoods. Live simpler, in a community with peers, in a place ideally suited for you. Communities are welcoming seniors now!

Why you should move to a senior apartment

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, senior buildings offer the following advantages:

Activities and events suited to you. There’s a schedule of activities in many seniors’ buildings. You can join in fun like Bingo, learning activities, or live music right in the building in some cases. People will often say “There’s always something to do.” That’s not true if you’re living alone in a condo or your old neighborhood. There might also be outings where you can join with others and see local sites or visit attractions – together. 

Amenities you won’t likely find elsewhere. Senior buildings typically include amenities tailored to people your age, including things like a swimming pool, hot tub, shuffleboard courts, and more.

Companions, kinship, and new friendships. Are you a senior single? Mingle! Do you wish you had more people to talk to? How about a building full of them? There’s company around every corner. You’ll find commonalities and connections with others. You’ll make new connections!

Peace of mind for your family. Your kids will no longer worry about you being in an outdated place. You won’t be vulnerable any longer.

Seniors’ apartments create an ideal and idyllic place for you. There are more bonuses that will make the move worth your while. Look at 14 reasons to move to a seniors' building

Five tips to help you find the right Niagara Falls seniors’ apartment

1. As with all real estate, location is key. Think about what part of Niagara Falls you want to be in, then find places near there. You want key conveniences to be within walking distance. 

2. Hear from people who live there. If you can, talk to them face-to-face. You can also consult senior apartment reviews. Get as many different perspectives as you can. Find someone who thinks like you do, if you can. 

3. Visit your short-listed buildings more than once. Sure, first impressions can seem critical, as are gut feelings. But visit buildings during different times of the day or week and you’ll see different things.

4. Take a friend or one of your kids. Others see things differently. 

5. Look for places that are updated or have renovation plans. If the building isn’t accessibly designed, move on. Can you see yourself living there ten years from now, knowing your family’s medical history and anticipating changes that could happen to you?

Comfort Life resources to help you make the best choice

Find the right Niagara Falls senior apartment using our Retirement Tour Checklist. This indispensable guidebook gives you all the right questions to ask communities.

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