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Senior living apartments in Surrey, BC, offer the city’s older residents an ideal way to downsize out of their current home and find a right-sized solution. For many people, this is the perfect move. Here, you can find an ideal community of people your own age who share the same background. It's a place where you’ll always have people to talk to, to do things with, and to share time with. For many who make this move, it’s the start of something wonderful.


The benefits of moving to a seniors' apartment building

The move into an apartment in a senior’s complex can be challenging for some. Many older people feel like they want to just stay where they are. Some even put it bluntly: “I want to stay where I am until the end.” However, the world of senior communal living holds many surprises for people. When you look at various options, it's good to stay open to possibilities.

One way to get an inside look at one of these senior apartment communities is to take a trial stay. A trial stay is the ideal way to get a window into community life. You never know how much you might like it!

There's the possibility you could find a place that is better in every respect. It may be the little things that add up. Think about these possibilities:

Bright interiors where everything is updated 

It can be hard to keep your family home up-to-date. But with a move into a seniors' apartment community, you can look forward to a building that will be new and where updates are handled by someone else.

A community of people

We still believe that the best kept secret of the entire senior living industry. In high quality senior' apartment buildings like those listed above, people love living there. They have a greater love of life and they share that with each other. We have heard from hundreds of people who loved the life they found in a seniors’ apartment. Here are just a few examples.

Dorothy moved from Toronto into a seniors’ apartment in West Vancouver. In her words, you have to "pick the people that you enjoy being with and share the same interests with. You just have to listen and join in." Dorothy fills her days much better than she did living on her own.

Take Comfort: retirement home reviews
Read Surrey retirement home reviews before you commit to an apartment in Surrey.

Cathy lived on her own, and as she says, "You maybe go two or three days before you even see anybody. I thought, there’s got to be a better way.” She moved into a building full of fellow seniors and her life changed 100%. In her words, "It’s like the show Cheers. Here, everybody really does know your name."

There are many more testimonials from people who love having moved into a seniors’ apartment building in Surrey and area.

Be surprised by what you can afford

Many people sell themselves short when thinking about what they can afford. Figure out what you really have at your disposal when you sell your home, consider all your possible income, and consult with family to find out how much they are willing to help. People fall into a negative rut when considering your finances but take a fresh look. We have heard from many people in the past who are surprised at what they can afford in retirement living.

Learn more from the communities listed above. Prepare to be surprised by joy!

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