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Surrey offers a growing number of senior care and retirement community options. How do you know which one is right for you or your loved one? Comfort Life has been working with retirement communities in the area (and across Canada) since 2002, learning what makes each community great. You’ll find our Take Comfort review of communities in Surrey and nearby Richmond linked to below. Of course, reviews also list comments by people with an insiders’ look at each community — both seniors and family members. Get an overview of what makes each community great and learn which ones intrigue you most, as you research communities on your shortlist.


List of communities in Surrey

Vancouver, British Columbia

  • OPAL represents an exciting new vision in senior care, offering superior senior living, with an upscale modern design and up-to-the minute technology, in an intergenerational living environment. This building, the flagship of Element Lifestyle Retirement Inc., has excited us here at Comfort Life, since we first heard about it in 2016.
  • You certainly get what you pay for and with OPAL, they seem to have all the bases covered. We were o
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Surrey, British Columbia

  • This retirement residence is ideal for seniors who want to live close to family in Surrey and who want to enjoy delightful senior living. Many families who move their parents and grandparents here express delight at the quality of the facilities ("like being on a cruise ship") and the caring staff ("all warm and so caring!")
  • The best part of living [here] is the people and the food!
North Vancouver, British Columbia

  • This home is ideal for many reasons but is especially appealing to outdoor enthusiasts who love the many trails nearby. Many residents who move here find a new or renewed love for exploring; hiking, canoeing and kayaking become new interests. Cedar Springs offers an almost implausible number of attractions. It's a world class retirement destination.
  • I am much more social than I was before. I visit with friends often.
Burnaby, British Columbia

  • For all of the features onsite, it's the people that make this truly great. Mulberry PARC broadcasts itself as "a welcoming community" and that's truly a focus. The knitting group is just one example of a friendship circle (a "great group of ladies," says one member) within the larger community. Ideal for families from Burnaby and New Westminster, and for seniors who want to be closer to family here, it's a spectacular retirement home experience. Here, it's easy to pursue previous passions or try out new interests.
  • There's lot to do here. I really appreciate the flexibility and freedom here because I've always bee
North Vancouver, British Columbia

  • This is an ideal place to move into, if you are an independent senior in Vancouver seeking rejuvenation in a new community of people your own age. Let someone else take care of all the mundane cares (now burdens) of living in your own home. After you look at Summerhill and look at the cost realistically, you'll never want to be anywhere else in Greater Vancouver. As residents here say, there's always something going on.
  • I moved here because I wanted to be around people. Now, I'm a very happy soul.
Richmond, British Columbia

  • Customized care that meets the needs of community members is a hallmark of life at Courtyard Gardens. One of the unique features of this community is the private pay suites, where you have the option to purchase personalized services customized to your needs. There are a variety of suite sizes that allow for this option, ranging in size from one to two bedrooms. In addition, suites available in the assisted living residence are subsidized under the auspices of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCH).
  • I love that I can transition simply into a higher level of care whenever I need to.
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Richmond, British Columbia

  • Great care is found at Gilmore Gardens. The environment here leaves nothing to be desired, certainly, but staff really goes out of their way to cater to residents' needs. When you (or one of your parents) experiences a setback, you want to find the best care that will quickly bring you back to enjoying life to the fullest, surrounded by caring people, great friends and an optimally healthy environment. Staff here combines the qualities of being knowledgeable and personable with a love of fun.
  • Four stars. Clean suites. All common areas are really neat and tidy.
New Westminster, British Columbia

  • There are a number of things about this community that make it easy to move here. There's the encouragement to personalize your suite with effects from your home. Another is the warmth of staff, who create a strong sense of kinship and community. Here, community includes not just every senior, but staff and family of residents. Adult children love how they are included in all important discussions.
  • [From the very start], we [marveled at] how clean everything was, how kind staff was ... how beautif
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