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For seniors moving into a retirement home, there may be many reasons for trepidation. Families may also have concerns. However, many people have moved ahead of you, and they can attest to the fact that it all turned out better than they might have first imagined.

Many people say that they feel much improved after moving into a retirement home, and they couldn't be in a better place.

What are you concerned about?

Here's the whole story of how other people have come to realize that moving into a retirement home is the wisest move they could have made:

It prolongs your life and improves your health

Everyone says I look so much better… I was very sick when I came in here
I would say it’s prolonging our lives. I am not just saying that — I firmly believe it.
We thought it was time we got to a place where they had medical assistance right in the building. Now, thanks to this place, I feel just fine, with no problems and no pain.
I could hardly walk. Doctors told me I'd need a walker for the rest of his life. That's when I realized I had to get going, and I found that opportunity in the pool here.

You and your family will be relieved at the care you receive

Early one morning I had some pain and I thought I was going to faint. So I pressed my little button. I told my daughter afterwards, and she cried. My family is in heaven that I am in here.

So many things to do 

You think that when you move into a place like this, that you won't have enough to do. But there's something going on all the time. Our activities director arranges trips to the theatre and the museum, to the mall, and I enjoy the company.
Sports in the morning—chair exercises three times a week. I do weight training in the gym, aqua fitness, dance therapy and yoga. There’s the poetry group—we read and do a little bit of writing; the book club; the brain-twister program with funny little puzzles; the Scrabble group; and I lead a singalong group. Movies and concerts. There’s ‘Reading Angels,’ where we go out to a local school and coach the children in reading. That’s a really nice activity.
I'm getting so busy I don’t have time for everything.
I like the ‘resort like’ atmosphere and the fact that there’s lots to do including exercise programs seven days a week.

Easy choice between socializing and having privacy 

I think it’s the peace I like best here. You come in your room and shut the door. I do a lot of writing, short accounts, and I keep up a big correspondence with my friends and family.

Learn new things, try new things

We play cards, we exercise. I'm getting into more things like book club and art classes. I wouldn't be doing these things if I was still living alone. It's so good to interact with other people.
[Having someone else do the cooking] gives us more time to devote to our other interests [such as writing]. I have great curiosity. I like to learn something new every day.
Most people here, too, have grown vegetables and flowers. Flowers are a big thing in people’s windows. You look at the row houses and at all the African violets and geraniums in the windows. So that’s another part of our heritage we planned into the building.
I had never put a line in the water in my life. I got a fish, the first one I ever pulled out. I didn't know what to do with it!

Make friends and enjoy the community aspect, find a supportive group of friends

I made good friends right off the bat, and they're still my friends. That's my advice, go and join a lot of activities. Make a friend you can talk to.
The people. I have so many friends!... I still like to sketch and draw too.
It's an ideal place for me. Lots of people around, and I am amazed how busy we are. I am out all the time. Yesterday, I finally had a free day.
Since a lot of people here had already gone through losing a partner, they understood how I felt.
That’s the word: clicked. We just clicked here. We are together most of the day. The only time we are apart is when we sleep.
Everybody we meet here is as happy as we are. Everybody gets along. You come into the dining room. You find someone to sit with and everybody’s very congenial. We’ve been very, very pleased with that.
It’s stupid being alone. Here, I have lots of friends.

Find Romance

We have our meals together. It’s done a lot for me, having someone to spend my evenings with.
I just thought he was a very nice man. That was the start.

Easier to afford than you might think

I knew we were going to have to move. I couldn't handle winter up north anymore. I couldn't face chipping ice and getting Pat in and out of the car. I was filling the car with gas twice a week, food was pushing $200 a week. There was heating and a $400 monthly charge in our gated community. Things had become so terribly expensive [and I realized living in a retirement home was actually cheaper].
We had no family or friends there, and in the daytime no one was around. Then we got health problems, and we couldn't look after ourselves. We tried having help, but it didn't work out, and we were going to restaurants all the time. [We sat down with family and looked at our finances and] they said it was doable. We had more than enough.
I had never rented before. I had lived in a house for 50 years... But I looked at what houses sell for, and I realized I had enough

Staff in these care homes are exceptionally nice

Honest to Pete. The staff couldn't be nicer. When Marcel takes the arms of some of the older ladies and leads them to their tables, you would think they were going to their first prom.

Residences are very accommodating

I kept my house for a month and went back to finish off the little bits and pieces that you need to do . . . but (the residence) was just great, just wonderful. This was the place I really wanted to be — I never looked back.

Be closer to your kids

I broke my hip, then I fell again. Our daughter is a nurse, and she said this [Mississauga retirement home] was the very best. We stayed for a week, and we really liked it. The atmosphere is great.

Just like being home, only better

I live the same way I did when I was in my own house. I focused on location more than anything [when I was looking]. And it's very pleasant living here.
It’s just like being at home—except I don’t have the stairs to climb.

Eat better than ever

I don't see how it could be any better. The chef serves me exactly what I want, and I eat it wherever I want, including the patio. You get the same meals as served in the dining room, with the benefit of enjoying the outdoors. And someone else does the dishes!
Not only do I like that they cook for me but my husband is a vegetarian. Here he gets meals that are suited to him, with fish instead of meat. Also, I am on a low cholesterol diet and every day we get fish or chicken or eggs. And on days when they don’t have it on the menu, they will prepare it for us.

I wish I'd moved earlier

I was ready to make this move 10 years ago, but I kept thinking I was too young. I had back problems most of my life. I was having bad falls. I really couldn’t stay alone. Now a lot of worry has been released. I feel much better.
We felt at home straight away. Why did we wait so long!

I love it here

I fell in love with the suite the first time I looked at it. It’s so very bright. And the wonderful views!
I couldn't be in a better place than this.

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