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Toronto senior apartments offer an ideal active adult or independent living lifestyle with the perfect mix of privacy and social fun. You’ll find apartment living is a liberating lifestyle you can certainly get used to. Senior apartments’ communal activities might include shopping trips, sports events, group outings, and golf. For seniors who require some assistance, many buildings offer special provisions for home care and Toronto home care services to come in and take care of your needs.


Senior apartments in Toronto

Parkland on Eglinton West  

4650 Eglinton Ave. W., Etobicoke, Ontario, M9A 0E3

Parkland on Eglinton West offers Lifestyle Apartments, All-Inclusive Lifestyle and Supportive Lifestyle options for seniors. Parkland makes it easy for you to do more of what you love!

Lifestyle Options: Apartments, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care

Scarborough Retirement Residence  

148 Markham Road, Scarborough, Ontario, M1M 2Z8

A family owned and managed residence that offers seniors the opportunity to maintain their independence. Enjoy healthy Chef-prepared meals, daily life enrichment programs. We also offer short-term trial or respite stays.

Lifestyle Options: Apartments, Independent Living, Assisted Living

Much of senior housing in Toronto is dependent on senior apartments or condos. Toronto senior apartments come in every size and luxury level and accommodate the varying needs of seniors, allowing them to enjoy retirement. Many people considering a senior apartment or condo in Toronto also consider Toronto retirement homes.

What to look for in a Toronto seniors' apartment

Location! How close is the apartment to all the things you will need or want to do regularly? Consider the area, too. If you do not know the area, research its history, things like crime rate and any other factors important to your quality of living.

Transportation, like location getting to and from the apartment, is a major concern. Does the building have a shuttle service? What are the parking regulations for residents and guests? Is it close to public transit? It is possible for something to be technically nearby yet difficult to reach. The logistical details involved in coming and going to your apartment will have a significant impact on your experience there.

Break your list down into different senior apartment complexes that look right, in brochures or online listings. Remember that it is okay to judge a place based on what it doesn’t have. Everyone has “deal breakers” or things they just can’t stand. Identifying these traits in a potential Toronto senior apartment before moving in ensures you will be happy with your final decision and will enjoy living in your new residence. 

Judge amenities based on if you'll actually use them not how fancy they may appear. For example, if you are already a member of a gym you enjoy, are you willing to stop going there in order to use the apartment’s facilities?

Ask seniors in the building how they like living there; get them to talk about specifics. You’ll know more about what life inside this apartment is like.

Try and meet the staff. Depending on the type of residence, you will spend a great deal of time interacting with medial and hospitality staff. These people will likely be very pleasant at any senior’s apartment but you’re ability to develop a report or overall impression of them is important.

Visit your final choices at different times of the day. See how things look in a different light. Traffic will be busier at certain times of the day, noises might be different, or you may see a variety of senior tenants.

What types of rooms are available? Your private apartment is perhaps more important than the building’s amenities. If you do not want to be above a certain floor, near an elevator, or in a particular layout then it might make sense to choose another facility.

On a similar note, consider the makeup of the building. Is it filled with people you can see yourself having fun with?

Peak into the dark corners. If the building is well maintained, you’ll notice. If it’s well cleaned and it meets your standards, that’s a big plus. Listen to your gut as you make the final decision.

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The most wonderful thing about seniors’ apartments in Toronto is that you find yourself in a community of peers. Many people that we talk to love the independence and freedom, and the idea of taking charge of their own destiny that comes with moving into a space that is really created with their needs in mind. The feeling of rejuvenation and of finding the perfect fit is the ultimate value of moving into a seniors’ apartment community.

About senior apartment living in Toronto

Toronto is a remarkably senior-friendly city and its senior housing is only one reason why. If you need assistance, you can hire in one of the many home care companies in Toronto

Some senior apartment buildings are more social and could be considered retirement communities. Toronto senior apartments tend to be more upscale.

Residents will tell you that Toronto is perpetually under construction. A new condo or apartment is always being built somewhere in the city. Construction has begun on a new wave of senior apartments in Toronto in preparation for more retirees. This adds an unprecedented level of choice for anyone looking to invest in Toronto senior housing while also driving the price down (view all GTA retirement homes).

Moving to Toronto from out of the area

Moving to a Toronto senior apartment has benefits that reach beyond housing. The city has some of the most senior friendly public health and recreation programs in Canada. Toronto hospitals boast some of the world’s best geriatric care facilities while the city’s support services have received glowing reviews from senior activists. Residents in Toronto senior apartments can take advantage of Wheel Trans Services, a subsection of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) which specializes in providing safe, comfortable, and affordable transportation for seniors.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to senior housing in Toronto, whether it is a subsidized residence, a Toronto senior’s apartment or, a Toronto seniors condo, is the ability to downsize without compromising. Generally people move into senior housing to save money by limiting their rent, possessions, and obligations. Toronto senior apartments and condos allow seniors to do those things. The difference being, by living at the heart of Canada’s largest city, many Toronto senior apartment residents and condo owners find their lives getting more exciting and fulfilled in their seniors condo than before they decided to move.

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