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Reviews of Berwick by the Sea

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Our perspective

Winner of multiple building and design awards, Berwick Campbell River has one of the most breathtaking locations we’ve ever seen, overlooking the Strait of Georgia. It’s a special place that, to our minds, immediately leaps onto a short list of the very best retirement communities in all of Canada. For seniors anywhere in the country who’ve been exposed to the beauty of BC and want to retire in “the most beautiful place on earth,” this place is worth taking a closer look at.

On the basis of the building and its location, alone, it feels like a whole new definition of beautiful. Aside from that, superlative aspects of this community are still hard to cover in a review. Since we can’t squeeze it all in, we’ll offer some of the bigger highlights for us. The starting rate’s affordability is striking. The amenities will remind you of the very best resort you’ve ever been to. Chef-prepared meals are a cornucopia of gustatory pleasure. The lifestyle and activities here are fulfilling and engaging. Suites are spacious and (did we mention?) very affordable, especially considering the location. The Tyee Lounge is one of its kind, featuring a panoramic view of the ocean as you lounge with friends beside a lit fireplace. The Berwick Theatre shows everything from great movies to sporting events. Surrounded by this environment, people find their enthusiasm for life revitalized. (That may be one reason exercise classes here are so well-attended.)

Berwick By the Sea is found in the centre of Canada’s only Mediterranean climate, where some January days you can walk outside without a coat. The location seems to infuse people with a calmness and a joy in living that you’ll find palpable when you take a tour, and you’ll likely witness that the moment you set foot in the door. We’ve heard a few people living here who openly enthuse about “loving all of the people here.” Staff here wear their commitment on their sleeves, and they openly adore working with seniors. Residents who come here do not want to leave, ever.

More of what people say about this community

We've collected reviews and testimonials from around the web that are relevant to you: those from residents and their loved ones.

Norm, resident

I moved into Berwick by the Sea, “Independent Living” facilities in July 2020. This was done after considerable research and number crunching to convince myself that it was do able, considering my pension, my savings and the sale of my Condo in Sask. and the savings of the monthly cost of taxes, utilities and condo fees. After 2 ½ years, I am convinced that I made the right decision. Independent living means I am free to come and go as I wish. I am still living alone but there are always fellow residents close by to chat and socialize with. The best part, everything in provided in the monthly rent including all means, utilities, weekly cleaning and laundry service. It’s like living on a Cruise Ship without being on the water. Granted, the rental costs do increase each year but usually in line with taxes and living costs associated with owning and maintaining one’s own home.

John, resident

For me moving to Berwick by the Sea was never a consideration. I had always owned my own home and that is what I planned to do when I moved to Campbell River. After I investigated the Berwick advantages, I decided I would try it and now it would be difficult for me to consider making a change. At Berwick I have my meals, my housekeeping, my laundry service and most importantly I have found a building full of new friends I can visit with while enjoying the exercise room, the coffee breaks and the many other advantage of retirement living. Berwick has changed my lifestyle – for the better!

Sally, resident

Last year I made the decision to explore senior independent living. I took a tour of Berwick and was impressed with what I saw and could see myself living here. When we discussed the monthly rates I wasn’t sure if I could afford it. I was given a package outlining all that Berwick provided including a form where I could outline my current expenses and compare them with what I would pay at Berwick. Much to my surprise, I found that what I was currently paying was more than what I would pay at Berwick. I have since been able to save money each month. It was certainly the right decision for me.

Glennis, resident

I moved in July into 1 of the larger 2-bedroom, 2 bathroom suites. I , too, did the math, and the totals were so close! If I had chosen a smaller suite, I’d be saving even more. And there are so many activities going on that I am sure I’m saving money over those as well.

Norma Robson, resident

When I came here I had a feeling that fills you with calmness and love. I went back and talked to my family and said, “That’s where I want to be.” And I haven’t been sorry for one day.

Name withheld for privacy's sake, resident

It’s difficult to give up your home but this is a better home for me than my own home was. My children are so happy that I’m here. My daughter says, ‘Mom, I’m going to move in there, too.’

Name withheld for privacy's sake, resident

From the first day, we felt like we were being welcomed to a family. That sounds like a cliche but I really did feel that.

Roger, resident

We interviewed a half dozen friends here and [asked] each one of them to tell me something unfavorable about [life here] and they had a big struggle to find anything.

Helen Ayers, resident

We have a lot of friends who want to be here. The business ethic, the responsibility, the work that Berwick and the Benfords have done to maintain a reputation within the community [is] bar none. It’s why they win [all] the awards.

Kent Reesor, family member

This is a brand new facility for seniors wanting an upscale place to live but with minimal care. There is everything my dad could ask for as far as entertainment and they are always going out on tours. The ocean views are spectacular and the meals for the residents are excellent. We have gone with the whole family on many occasions and there is two great places for him to host us.

Heinz Munz, resident

Excellent for people to retire. Everybody, staff and employees, are very friendly and all the residents like [it]. Actually one has to like it because there is nothing to complain [about]. The rooms are like in a better hotel with balconies and in excellent condition… All I can say is, I highly recommend it for people who look for a place to retire and live a good life without any stress.

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