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Reviews of Hazelton Place Retirement Residence - Verve Senior Living

Gain exclusive insight into life at Hazelton Place Retirement Residence - Verve Senior Living. Comfort Life’s exclusive reviews and videos give you insider information from residents and their families.

Our perspective

One of the most notable features of this residence is the spaciousness of the lounges and three dining rooms. Hazelton Place focuses on offering a variety of activities and attractions to bring residents together and facilitate a lifestyle that is as active (or as quiet) as you might want. The area is rife with history including U of T buildings, and it has been recently reinvigorated, with many new shops and outdoor cafes, etc.

Spectacular retirement home in the heart of Yorkville, not far from the Royal Ontario Museum and a host of other Toronto attractions, including shopping, restaurants, bookstores, galleries, etc. Care ranges from independent to assisted living, with bathing assistance and dressing assistance included for those requiring this help; health services include catheter care and other more personal needs.

Hazelton Place is ideal for those who still want to be where the living is vibrant. People feel at home soon after moving here. You won't have any trouble getting people to visit you here. There's so much to do inside and out of this well-appointed residence in the heart of Toronto.

Video interviews

We interviewed families and/or residents via video conference, asking them probing questions about life at Hazelton Place Retirement Residence - Verve Senior Living. Get the behind-the-scenes information from those with direct experience.

Jen Engels, daughter of resident

Watch our interview with Jen Engels to learn about the unique experience offered by Hazelton Place Retirement Residence.


More of what people say about this community

We've collected reviews and testimonials from around the web that are relevant to you: those from residents and their loved ones.

Carl Knutson, family member

My parents moved into Hazelton Place in December 2022, and they both think it's terrific. They love the food. The dining room is exquisite. The staff are conscientious and quite personable. Both my parents take daily exercise classes, which is a first for my dad. The amenities are ample, and the variety of the daily programming is superb. There's a lot to do, and spacious rooms to do it in. Also, the residents are friendly and accomplished. It's easy to make new friends. All things considered, Hazelton Place is a winner.

Ashley Hennessy, family member

The Hazelton took the very best care of my parents. They organized everything in the move and managed the process seamlessly. My parents are happily settled and have all the resources they need. Everyone that works here is so helpful. We couldn’t have asked for better care.

James Snodgrass, family member

I recently moved my mother into Hazelton Place and it has been a wonderful experience both in introduction process with Leslie Westlake the Marketing Manager who was so professional and outstanding on the following up the details . The staff have been excellent with any interaction, the food excellent and overall cleanest is outstanding.

Eric Keyser, family member

Leslie has been extremely helpful assisting by brother and I find a home for our 96 year old father. Very quickly we determined that Hazelton was the perfect place. Unfortunately, while other retirement homes have a vacancy rate up to 20%, the assisted living unit at the Hazelton has a wait list of around a year. They must be doing something right!

Tory Wright, family member

In considering a place for my mother to retire to I found my visit to the Hazleton to be extremely informative and welcoming. They did everything they could to illustrate the features of the residence including allowing me to see a lived-in suite and inviting me to lunch. I was very impressed. The management staff were very thorough and bent over backward to accommodate my mother’s needs. I would highly recommend it.

Oliver Madison, family member

I’m deeply grateful to know that my mum is in such good hands! The staff are extremely competent and caring, going above and beyond almost each and every time. Their flexibility and competence has been especially apparent as they have navigated through Covid, always prioritizing safety while also truly focused on the caring community they work so hard to create.

Adam Ivers, family member

Mom has been a resident here for over two years now. She is happy, safe and in more than capable hands as she ages gracefully and struggles with dementia. But the real joy is knowing that people who work here - especially during a pandemic - remain vigilant in their focus for everyone's safety and well-being. That comfort - knowing mom is receiving daily touch points with the staff - helped us endure the last year where visitations have been curbed by Covid-19. The quality of care is best-in-class and her suite is more than spacious. Above all, she has made new friends and embraces every day with a sense of optimism that is nothing short of inspirational. And to inspire and be inspirational really captures the essence of our experience so far at this gem of a retirement home....I tip my hat to their dedicated staff and

Dean Gangbar, family member

We moved my Mother into the residence in November 2018 and quite frankly it was the best move for her and our family. She is so happy to be in a facility that provides her with such a high quality of life. The suites, the staff, the food and the amenities are all top shelf. The new friendships she has made are irreplaceable to her quality of life.

During Covid our family knows that she has been kept safe and we couldn't be more grateful to the amazing team at the Hazelton.

Cara Pifko, family member

Hazelton was the perfect place for my father. The intake team was so helpful and reachable in the handling of all the details of our move-in process including all the choices. We chose a large suite which proved to serve as a perfect middle ground from the house he was used to, it felt like an apartment.

The nursing staff was incredible, friendly, attentive, they took over all the details of medications and treatments that had been so difficult for us to manage at home. They were always kind and attentive to changes we needed to make as his condition progressed. He made connections in the dining experiences both new and old, the staff there too was attentive to adjustments to suit his tastes.

It was also easy to integrate the government funded supports in to the flow with the Hazelton staff.

I would highly recommend the Hazelton experience. It provided the best environment for him to recover and for us to get the support we needed as his caregivers when the situation exceeded our ability to meet his needs at home.

Elizabeth Kingstone, family member

We moved my mother into Hazelton Place in June 2020, in the midst of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. My Mom moved to Hazelton Place after spending almost a year in the hospital in Niagara. Leslie went to great effort to ensure her transition onto the Assisted Living Floor was smooth and welcoming. My Mom has now been at Hazelton for seven months and her experience has been excellent. Her suite, the food and the services have exceeded her expectations. My Mom is not ambulatory and relies on staff and caregivers to help her use the bathroom, get in and out of bed, and to stop by for conversation. She often tells me how kind, gentle and attentive everyone is. Leslie, Grant, Chula and the team of nurses are also committed to communication. I receive regular phone calls and emails with updates on test results, changes in protocol related to COVID, things my Mom might need etc. My Mother has had to be taken to the hospital twice during her stay at Hazleton. On both of those occasions, the nursing team was decisive and competent in recognizing there was a problem, explaining the medical situation to me and taking appropriate action to send my Mother to hospital. I cannot say enough about how thrilled we are with my Mom’s new home!

Margaret Bangia, family member

My parents moved into Hazelton Place Retirement Residence last year in September. The move in experience was very positive, with staff and administration making sure that my parents settled in well, had what they needed, and ensured that they were welcome to the community. Although Covid has certainly changed the dynamics of the home, my parents still feel safe, well taken care of and feel connected to the other residents even if they are living within their little bubble. The home has taken great strides to keep the residents safe, from thorough cleaning procedures, to immediately addressing any Covid infections by sequestering a floor or the entire building. I can only commend that staff and administration for taking the time to ensure that the residents' safety is prioritized at all times.

John Thompson, family member

After several years of consider options for our Mother, we recently moved her to a new residence at Hazelton Place. The team was exceptional before, during and after her move. My Mom is now settled and grateful that she is in a safe and comfortable setting. My family is very pleased.

Earl Stuart, family member

A family member moved into Hazelton Place about three months ago. The move was motivated by the increasing difficulty of living alone during a pandemic and some serious health issues. The staff at Hazelton Place have been most thoughtful and caring in making the experience as positive as possible during the pandemic and were critical in our family member's remarkable recovery to date. We are most grateful!

Laura R, family member

Our family cannot say enough good things about Hazelton Place. Our mom was unable to travel home in the spring 2020 from her winter home in USA due to COVID, then had a medical emergency and had to be transported home by medical flight. Hazelton was the only facility that would even discuss taking her in (after mandatory quarantine, of course) and they were amazing. She was obviously distraught and medically compromised. They were able to accommodate us in a temporary unit until her permanent suite was available. Once moved, mom began to settle and is now thriving -- due to the care and attention she has received at Hazelton Place. Despite the current circumstances, the staff have ALL been incredibly friendly, energetic and compassionate. They ALL work as a team and it really makes a difference -- to residents and their families. Now that mom is safe and sound, she and we can relax and try to enjoy life! Thank you Hazelton!!!

Jenn Engels, family member

Leslie and her team were tremendous in helping my parents get moved into Hazelton Place. Every detail was attended to with precision and courtesy. Highly recommend.

Lynne Enchin, family member

This is a wonderful place!! They are on top of everything and have handled the Virus amazing!! It is very trying times and they have done an exceptional job!! The staff are kind and patient especially during covid!! Other homes should take lessons from Hazelton Place!!! I am lucky My Mom is there!!

A. Sonnenfeld, family member

My late mother lived at Hazelton Place for 6 years. I can not say enough about everything that Hazelton Place has done for her. My mother loved Hazelton Place and was happy to call it her Home. The staff and management were always very supportive and caring. I would recommend Hazelton Place in a heartbeat!

Li, resident

Very upscale retirement residence. [I] love the Sunday brunches at their restaurant.

Ilse Manley, resident

I live the same way I did when I was in my own house. I focused on location more than anything [when I moved here] and it's very pleasant living here.

Bert Mendelson, resident

This is the tops in Toronto. It's more like a hotel. And the staff make you feel right at home.

Percy, resident

This place isn't like any other retirement home. There's always something going on!

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