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Reviews of Holland Gardens - Verve Senior Living

Gain exclusive insight into life at Holland Gardens - Verve Senior Living. Comfort Life’s exclusive reviews and videos give you insider information from residents and their families.

Our perspective

Holland Gardens offers a full continuum of care in an ultra-modern retirement community, replete with features. It's a unique experience in Bradford! Independent seniors can move in on their own and acquire care as they need it; this also creates an opportunity for couples with different care requirements to remain together in the same building. Making the move out of a traditional family home into a senior living community is challenging but Holland Gardens makes it inviting.

In a few short years, they have created a close-knit community of friends, where new people easily fit in. Staff like to highlight the luxurious resort-like lifestyle here (and well they should!) but we think there’s also a special downhome feel to Holland Gardens. The warmth of community begins at the top, with supportive staff and administration, but that easily extends throughout the building, where you witness many comfortable friendships among senior residents.

You’re going to love the food here, served by an exceptionally created culinary staff who love to make dining a great experience; meals are much more than just a plate of food, they’re food creations! The interiors, here, are bright and spacious throughout, starting with the warm, welcoming lobby highlighted by a fireplace. Among suites, there are four very ideal choices. Finally, while many people here will enjoy the independent living suites and the relaxed communal living, there's also assistance available for some basic personal healthcare needs.

Video interviews

We interviewed families and/or residents via video conference, asking them probing questions about life at Holland Gardens - Verve Senior Living. Get the behind-the-scenes information from those with direct experience.

Sandy Forrest, daughter of resident

Watch our interview with Sandy Forrest to learn about the unique experience offered by Holland Gardens.


More of what people say about this community

We've collected reviews and testimonials from around the web that are relevant to you: those from residents and their loved ones.

H D B, resident

We have been in Holland Gardens a week and already we feel it's our home. The staff are super to everyone, so friendly & helpful. The residents welcomed us with warm "hellos" and great conversations. The atmosphere is warm, the food is excellent and the staff cater to our every need. Just a super place!

We recently had a Mediterranean Cruise Week celebration. We had a wonderful time because the activities, the decorations, and the meals were outstanding. We had more fun than some of the real cruises we've attended. Congratulations to "Captain" Shelley and all the Holland Gardens "crew" for such a super week!

Yvonne Marleau, family member

We have recently moved our Mom to Holland Gardens from Sudbury and every day we are more and more thankful that we have. Our Mom came from another retirement home so we are aware of how they can be run and our expectations have been met 200% more than what we received before.
The staff are always ready to help our Mom to make her stay better. The activities are what she enjoys the most for they are endless. The staff have made her feel so at home and this was an element my husband and I were concerned about with moving her so far away from her home.
She has not once said she misses her old home and continues to praise Holland Gardens endlessly. What a relief, for it can be concerning to the families that they did not do the right thing. If anyone is hesitant please don't be, and come [to Holland Gardens to] enjoy what we see daily!!

Mark Weston, family member

One of our family members has been a resident for almost three years - as far as we are concerned the entire experience has been excellent on all fronts.

From our first "tour" in 2021 with Shelley Snoutten thru to today we simply have no complaints. Any facility worth its salt will ensure people receive a warm welcome at reception but that theme permeates Holland Gardens. Regardless of the day, they are having all staff members bring courtesy and a smile to the corridors & suites of the building. When dealing with the elderly requests can be odd and over the top but even those are handled with care & grace.

It's no secret that the dining facilities and quality of food can "make or break" the day of a resident and HG has this well in hand. The menu & quality of food are wonderful (and they are happy to prepare ala carte should the menu of the day not fit the bill) but the dining room goes well beyond this. The servers are attentive & courteous knowing many of the residents on a first-name basis. Rounding out the food, servers & environment is the attention to detail such as doubled table cloths with color changes between lunch & dinner and matching cutlery at every comfortable chair. After every sitting the dining room is cleaned and prepared for the next meal - the dining room is ready and welcoming to any passerby.

The nurses, housekeeping, and maintenance staff all bring seamless care to everyone they encounter - these people are the very pulse of HG.

None of this is by accident - anyone paying attention knows this trickles down from the top and in the case of Holland Gardens that means Shelley Snoutten - if you have a family member in Holland Gardens they are ultimately in Shelley's care and rest assured they are in the very best of hands. I'm a fan - Shelley brings the perfect combination of business acumen, care, compassion, and discipline... Speaking for our family's experience - Holland Gardens has exceeded our every expectation.

Marilyn Oswin, resident

The time came when my husband and I decided on senior living. We went to many residences but when we walked into the doorway and inside we just felt at home at Holland Gardens Seniors Residence. It was beautifully decorated with that “at home” feeling and everyone we met was so friendly. We had an appointment with Melissa who showed us around and we were happy to make the decision to move to Holland Gardens. Melissa was so honest and helpful in every way. If it wasn’t for Melissa the outcome might have been different. Selling in this economy was not easy but Melissa helped us with every step along the way. Gary and I have now been here for awhile and just love it. So many activities and a pool table, theatre, gym, spa and gourmet meals What more could you ask for and we are close to our children and grandchildren as well. We are in our early 80’s and we just love it here in our 2 bedroom apt. as well as a balcony to read a book on.

K D, family member

Holland Gardens is a beautiful place to live! My parents have lived there for a year now, and we have nothing but good things to say. It has such a homey, welcoming feel from the moment you walk in the front door. The building, itself, is beautiful and well kept, but it’s the incredible staff who make it exceptional... they consistently go above and beyond the call of duty, and are so kind and attentive to the needs and concerns of the residents. The meals are not only consistently delicious, but also beautifully presented, and they switch up the menus regularly to incorporate a lot of variety. I would say that the only downside of this place is that I’m still too young to live there, lol. My husband and I would move there in a heartbeat if we could! :)

Mark Roberts, family member

After touring three different retirement homes in the area we found Holland Gardens to be a perfect match for my mother! We really like the great variety of spacious apartments with beautiful views. Dining meals, a caring nursing staff, medication administration and proximity to shopping were among our top concerns and Holland Gardens had everything we were looking for!

E J, family member

After a very challenging time being isolated during the pandemic, my mother sold her house and moved into Holland Gardens in an Independent Living Suite in July 2021. We spoke with Shelley during our tour, and she was so welcoming and compassionate that it made a very difficult decision a lot easier. We are very thankful to the wonderful staff who have been so friendly, kind and attentive. My mother has enjoyed many activities and fun events and has met a lot of new friends since she moved in.

The building is impeccably clean and is very well managed. This transition has been a positive one and having a nurse available 24/7 also gives us peace of mind.
We are happy that we found Holland Gardens.

Warren Hunter, family member

My mom has lived there now for almost 2 months. She has changed so much. The environment, the kindness of the staff. She hasn't had one complaint. Not sure why the comments on the food, I have had 3-4 meals all very good. Mom tonight just went for an omelette, she loved it. I have had a veggie omelette too for lunch and thought it was fantastic. Not once in 2 months has she complained about food. Back to the Holland Gardens, I would of never moved mom in here if I knew there was a doubt. Staff... amazing. The grounds impeccable. As soon as you walk in it's like family. Reception is always amazing. And yes it looks like a 5 star resort, but feels like home to mom. The bonus, I can barely get ahold of my mom, because she is always out mingling. That means a lot for people that need to be social. 5/5

Sandy Forrest, family member

[All the staff are] excellent here… To me, they hire me the best. I'm really at ease to call at any time to ask any questions, because they really do care…That makes my experience and my dad's experiences awesome. They listen, they communicate. They take their time with you. They take time with the residents. I see it all around.

The care has made his life much better. He's in his late 90s. He knows they're always there, and that's a great thing. And they're there morning, noon, and the night through. So that makes all the difference. No matter what level, you can come in here [in] independent, memory, care, whatever [level] you're at, you’re being taken care of.. you're being looked after for that level. Independent is more, you do your own thing, you do whatever. Assisted living, they do it [regularly] odd hours, but in every [care level]... it's a whole different experience. So it depends on the age and whatever your situation is in life, whatever you come in here at, or whatever you progress to, you need to know that that level of care is there for your loved ones.

Garth Wright, family member

I can't say enough great things about Holland Gardens. Our Mom was one of the original residents when they opened last year. The building itself is amazing as are the staff. They have all been very supportive on a day-to-day basis [and] when issues have arisen that needed nursing support. The accommodations, food and activities are top notch. The management team has been available at any time when we have needed extra support and assistance. This has been a great move for our Mom and she is in a place of support and care.

Julie Faruggia, family member

My mother recently moved into Holland Gardens on their Memory Care floor. The staff have been very accommodating, kind and helpful with the transition from her home to [her new home] … She is safe and well cared for. The staff genuinely have the clients’ best interest as a priority … Staff have been helpful in providing updates and ensuring my mother is comfortable.

Jim and Lori Nopper, family member

We were extremely impressed at the quality of the building and the staff within. We checked my aunt into the memory care section on February 25th [2020], thank goodness before the arrival of Covid19. The care that my aunt has been receiving is well beyond our expectations. The meals and cleanliness are exceptional with no complaints.

Ed Katkauskas, family member

My 95 year old father moved in 1 year ago, into the independent living section.  The  staff, location and services at Holland Gardens are first rate ... caring, helpful ... It really is worth every penny to have my dad comfortable, safe, without worries. As well, they have treated the Covid situation quickly, professionally, and with the needs of residents foremost. Our highest recommendation.

The Haylocks, family member

Holland Gardens has a “Hotel Feel”, with all the amenities that anyone could ever need, but also with  a “Community Feel” from the moment you walk through the doors. During [our mother’s] first 5 months, she had met so many new friends that sometimes it was hard to reach her as she was always taking part in the many activities that this place has to offer.[During COVID] our Mom & Family have also been extremely reliant on all of the staff @ Holland Gardens to look after [her] well-being … [All our requests have been] met with the level of Care & Respect that anyone could ever ask for. 

Hilda Anderson, resident

The people that have been coming to live here are absolutely wonderful. You can't meet a better family and they've got me involved in a lot of things. You couldn't be in a better place. The staff make sure everyone is taken care of. Everyone is important to them. They make everyone in this whole building important to them ... And we have such laughs here, too. It's not just a pleasure, it's a privilege to live here.

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