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Reviews of Stouffville Creek Retirement Residence - Verve Senior Living

Gain exclusive insight into life at Stouffville Creek Retirement Residence - Verve Senior Living. Comfort Life’s reviews give you exclusive insider information.

Our perspective

Stouffville Creek brings peace of mind to everyone involved – both to those who move in here and their family members. That's one of the great benefits of a community like this one: the stress-reduction for everyone, knowing how well you are looked after every day. People who move here improve in health, and perhaps more importantly, in their outlook on life, thanks to the caring community.

Seniors and families searching for senior care in Stouffville will find a myriad of choices: but one that stands out is Stouffville Creek. This is a place that will make you change your plans. Not only is it exceptionally elegant and beautiful, both the residents and the staff are wonderfully welcoming and caring. "We struck up conversations on our initial tour, and were immediately impressed with how wonderful and happy people were here," said one senior here.

Staff here is something that residents and visitors consistently highlight. Whether you are still quite independent or require some assistance, people here are gifted at addressing needs. Dedication, hard work and enthusiasm for the work of care for residents characterize staff at Stouffville Creek. In the end, you can't put a value on the feeling of security and confidence you can have, knowing the diligence of those who work here.

More of what people say about this community

We've collected reviews and testimonials from around the web that are relevant to you: those from residents and their loved ones.

Heather Pacione, family member

Stouffville Creek is amazing! My parents have been there almost 3 years. The staff is so caring and so helpful at all times. In these covid times they go above and beyond to try to make sure residents are safe. I could not say enough about this place. I know my parents are happy and safe.

Dianna Findlay, family member

A difficult decision for anyone to make on behalf of their loved ones to opt for a retirement residence and especially during the covid lock-down. Michelle Uniacke made this transfer amazingly easy. I would like to take this opportunity to official thank her and her staff for going beyond the normal to make this move efficient with empathy and caring. Each step along the way she has been there describing what was needed, by when, and the easiest way to accomplish the move. The food is delicious, the amenities great and the Michelle and the staff, extra super great!

Josie N, family member

At Stouffville Creek Retirement Residence they have been so supportive in many ways.  They helped me settle in my family member and are always very patient with him.  They provide great service and go above and beyond to make sure he is well taken care of and happy. The food is very good here, and they allow the residents to pick what they would like for meals, and offer a wide variety.  They also offer many activities to keep everyone busy and social.  I am very happy with the choice I made for my family member as I know he is well taken care of.  I would highly recommend this retirement residence to those who are wanting to have their family member taken good care of.

Name withheld for privacy's sake, family member

Staff here are warm and friendly. They made mom feel at home. It's very clean, rooms are bright and there are large lounge areas and dining area to accommodate family.

Barry M., family member

My mother's care at Stouffville Creek has been a blessing, in improved health, energy level and overall well-being. She has improved 100% from the time I brought her in a year ago. The staff is wonderful. They are not only true professionals, but beautiful human beings. Thank you for everything you've all done for my mom.

Eileen N., resident

I love music, and I think of Stouffville Creek as a musical family. We always have wonderful activities and entertainment, and it is great fun! Another thing I love about Stouffville Creek is how warm and friendly the residence is. There are windows everywhere, which makes it so bright and inviting. I could not be happier elsewhere.

Don S., resident

My wife and I were looking at many different residences when we were thinking of moving to a retirement home. We had lots to decide on. When we visited Stouffville Creek, I couldn't believe it. It was remarkable. It is so beautiful and elegant, and we thought, "Gee, we'd like to live here." Two of the reasons are: the residents and the staff. The residents are always great to have a conversation with, but the staff is something to behold. Everyone is so nice. The meals are as wonderful as the staff. Being served under such elegant circumstances is a delight.

Edna W., resident

I am a very busy woman at Stouffville Creek. There are so many enjoyable activities going on, that my daughters have learned to ask for an activity calendar so they know when to come by to see me! Also, the staff at Stouffville Creek Retirement Residence makes you feel welcome and cherished. They helped a lot in my recovery from my hip surgery. The nurses, physiotherapist, etc. ensured my well-being and aided in the healing process. Doctors told me that I would not be able to walk as I did prior to surgery, but with all the help and care I got from Stouffville Creek, I walked into the doctor's office with my own two feet. I sure showed them!

Jim and Muriel, resident

After enjoying traveling all over the world, my husband and I decided it was a time to go into a Retirement Residence. We wanted to make our own decisions, on our own terms, while we could. We have two wonderful children who have been very supportive to us. Jim and I wanted them to be able to travel and enjoy their life, without worrying about us. Our children could lead their own lives, knowing that their parents are well looked after everyday. If there was a health emergency, we know that Stouffville Creek will take care of our needs.

Anna H., resident

Myth: I will lose my independence and my health will continue to decline... Or at least, that's what I thought. Before Stouffville Creek, my health was declining. Since I've lived here, through exercise class, brain gym and the social and recreational events, I feel stronger and healthier than ever, allowing me to offer my family a more emotionally and physically fit me.

Bill D., resident

Myth: I can't afford to live in a retirement residence.... Or at least, that's what I thought. Then, I made a list of expenses in my own home; heating, electricity, gas, insurance, water, taxes, maintenance fees, house repairs, entertainment, exercise fees and more. Then comes food costs, the amount of waste when cooking for one, not to mention the cost to my health of preparing three meals a day for myself. Add to that, the stress of looking after the yard, the snow, etc. Then I realized the value of Stouffville Creek.

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