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Reviews of Meadowlands - A VIVA Retirement Community

Gain exclusive insight into life at Meadowlands - A VIVA Retirement Community. Comfort Life’s exclusive reviews and videos give you insider information from residents and their families.

Our perspective

This retirement residence is ideal for Hamilton area seniors who love living well. Aspects that help rejuvenate residents range from fine dining to the swimming pool, and from social activities galore to the up-to-date construction. For all the wonderful features, the happiness of the people here needs to be experienced. The Meadowlands is also wonderfully located, central to the Golden Horseshoe, where family from across the province can easily visit.

For Hamilton and area seniors who want to enjoy exceptional living, The Meadowlands in Ancaster is the place to be. This residence offers elegance and beauty at every turn. Everything within and without the Meadowlands is focused on providing the very best in independent senior living, through all aspects: the facilities, the staff, and the services. This home features a wonderful meal selection, and each day is filled with activities that keep people active, engaged and social. Some of the local favourites are the heated indoor pool and card games in the party room.

Inside, this residence is loaded with amenities. There's an onsite theatre that seats over 20 people, a swimming pool where you can exercise, play or lounge, and a Family Den complete with piano and library. You'll make many new friends over tea or coffee in one of the two in-house cafes. The Meadowlands exemplifies all the best elements in contemporary senior living in a community that's easily accessible to families from as far away as Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Brantford.

Video interviews

We interviewed families and/or residents via video conference, asking them probing questions about life at Meadowlands - A VIVA Retirement Community. Get the behind-the-scenes information from those with direct experience.

Kathy Scholes, resident

Watch our interview with Kathy Scholes to learn about the unique experience offered by Meadowlands - A VIVA Retirement Community.


More of what people say about this community

We've collected reviews and testimonials from around the web that are relevant to you: those from residents and their loved ones.

Sue Reid, family member

My aunt moved in 10 days ago to Meadowlands, transitioning not only from her home but also from another city.It is very hard to put into words our gratitude to ALL of the Meadowlands Retirement Community staff for the professionalism and kindness they have provided to her during this busy time. Everyone ( starting with Donna, and Rebecca) have gone above and beyond to make this transition an easy one, And she has been raving about the food!! Top notch facility all around.

Name withheld for privacy's sake, family member

We recently had my dad booked to stay in a respite room for 4 weeks at Meadowlands as a transition from hospital to home. After staying 2 weeks he enjoyed it enough to move in permanently. Our family has been so pleased with the caring and respect shown by all staff at Meadowlands. Rebecca has been especially helpful in this transition from home to retirement community. My dad has enjoyed the wonderful meals and friendly people. He has even begun using the gym on a regular basis. As an outgoing person, he has even played his guitar for a sing along with some of the residents. After touring several other retirement communities, we would highly recommend Meadowlands.

John Civello, family member

My Mother went for a two-week trial at The Meadowlands in 2017 and refused to leave to return home until her suite was ready! That is how quickly she felt at home. The food, the accommodations and amenities are top notch but it is the staff who are the most impressive - caring. friendly, helpful and professional. During Covid their care was exceptional. We couldn’t have picked a better place for my Mother to be.

Jane Fowler, family member

Moved our 96 year old father into the Meadowlands today. The amazing staff went out of their way to make him feel welcomed in his new environment. They made this moving experience as seamless as possible and were there to assist with any questions. I highly recommend the Meadowlands. The grounds are scenic, the mood is good and the staff are absolutely lovely.

Bert Cedri, family member

Meadowlands has large windows allowing lots of sunlight which in turn nourishes all the tropical plants that decorate the entrance and hallways throughout . Definitely brightens one’s day. Donna was very helpful with her advice and steered us in the right direction for the care of our mother.

Melissa M Pineda, family member

Donna was amazing. She was welcoming and positive, and really made my mom feel at ease. It is a beautiful community and the staff are all friendly.

Diana, family member

Every single staff member has been so great to my Aunt over her 10 years here. Their safety measures in place are so appreciated and having the best staff in every department of Meadowlands from Concierge to Wellness Clinic to the PSW's to the Dining room to the Maintenance Department! They have always gone above and beyond with any request and when she had to move out to a Nursing home, I cannot praise each and every one of them enough for their help, their compassion and assistance in making the move a smooth one.

Bonnie Donaghey, family member

Very caring and helpful staff. My Mom passed away (91) having lived a great life and loving her 7 years at the Meadowlands. The staff were so supportive in helping me with the "move out" process. Very special thanks to Melissa concierge, Rico my very kind and patient helper and Julie on the screening desk. Everyone has been wonderful and very empathetic towards me in the process, always checking in to see if I needed anything. Even the community members kept checking in to see how I was doing and tell me stories about my Mom (Audrie Sherlock).

Brian Kiernan, family member

Since moving in during the Covid 19 pandemic, the wonderful staff has gone above and beyond to keep our mother engaged. With a constantly changing menu, plus activities on their in house channel to keep everyone motivated. They work with the Community members to keep everyone safe.

The Scholes, family member

Thank you to the entire Meadowlands team for your compassion, dedication and tireless hours to ensure the safety and well being for ALL.

Whether it is the personal sacrifices you make everyday not seeing your extended family/friends to reduce the probability of bringing COVID19 to the workplace or, the alternative activities you have painstakingly created or, the countless extra shifts you have worked or that act of kindness demonstrated to a CM whose day you unknowingly made with an uplifting word...thank you! ...

We are thankful the Meadowlands team treats our family members as one of theirs and painstakingly and tirelessly does everything possible to provide the best quality of life during these unprecedented times and in doing so keeping our loved ones safe and COVID19 free.

Jeanette Ford, family member

My mom moved into Meadowlands on October 31st, 2020. While this wasn't the best time to move in with Covid and restrictions, Meadowlands did everything they could to make her feel at home. As I was deemed an essential care giver, and helping to set my mothers apartment up, I was able to spend each day with her through the week which was extremely helpful. During this time I got to know many of the staff, especially Melissa Batista. She was exceptional and still is!! As I live in the states (yes, I did have self isolation for over 2 weeks and negative Covid tests before entering Meadowlands), she is always extremely responsive to my emails, as well helps to keep me informed of things going on with my mother. I can't say enough good things, except...thank you. I do appreciate her and all the staff at Meadowlands help. They facetime with me twice a week, feed my mother wonderful chef prepared meals (reminder I was there to see many of them the first week and yummy!!!) give my mother the help she needs and gives both my brother and I relief at knowing she is being taken care of.

Tracy Albert, family member

When my aunt moved to Meadowlands she found a home in a community that allowed her to be her true self. She was able to participate and engage in a variety of activities and even served as an orientation guide for incoming residents. She helped look after the resident birds and always dressed up for Halloween, winning a prize for her costume. She made friends with the staff and with many of the residents.
As her health needs increased, the nursing staff took on a pivotal role in her care and enabled her to stay in the community until she moved to long term care. The nursing staff and especially Linda, their leader, stepped into the role of primary medical contact as I needed leg surgery and was unable to fully fulfill that role. In an “annus horribilis”, they were able to look after her needs and allowed me to look after my own health concerns.
While Meadowlands is a business, the staff goes beyond their job descriptions to fulfill their responsibilities not only to their employers but also to the residents in their care. Families entrust their most precious loved ones to strangers and hope our relatives find a safe and happy home. The friendliness of the staff, the willingness to make lives easier, the patience with residents and their families and the genuine desire to be of service, is to be applauded.
While my aunt is unable to remain, she and I are both grateful for the years spent at Meadowlands.

Allan Byron, family member

My mother has been a resident of Meadowlands Retirement for the past 3 years . My wife and I couldn’t be more pleased with the staff and the care and comfort my mother receives. Donna is always a pleasure to deal with and has been an immense help throughout this Covid crisis. It hasn’t been easy on anyone but with the staffs help , we have managed as best as possible. Can’t say enough about the extra effort that the staff has put in to keep the residence safe .

Carol Millar, family member

My mom has resided at Meadowlands for 2 years now. She loves it and as her family we are grateful to know that she is cared for and yet has her independence. They staff are her "friends" and we know they truly care for her as a person. They respect, encourage and make her feel valued. They work hard in particular during COVID to keep our mom and other residents physically safe while also ensuring that she is stimulated and has activities to keep her mind busy. This is not an easy time for many families and we struggle with not being able to visit but we know the staff are doing everything they can. We can't thank the staff enough for going above and beyond. With admiration, appreciation and respect....The "Ayers" family.

Erin and Robert Orr, family member

As a family we cannot say enough good things about the Meadowlands.

The last year had been a struggle for my mother living on her own, after a scary fall that resulted in broken bones, surgery and a long recovery in hospital - all during the Covid lockdown, she finally came to the decision it was time to leave her home of 65 years and move to a retirement community.

The idea of moving her into a retirement home was daunting to say the least especially during Covid. Our whole experience with the Meadowlands from our first initial visit to moving her things in and then finally her arrival - everything was smooth, easy and efficient all thanks to the staff at Meadowlands. Donna is so kind and truly made us feel she cared about this transition going well as much as we did.

This move was overwhelming for our mom, her whole life had turned upside down during a global pandemic. We were so concerned for how she would adapt, how she would fit in and whether or not she would be comfortable. We cannot believe how quickly and easily she adapted to her new home. She is making friends easily - thanks to the warm welcome of staff + residents. She loves the activities that are arranged - movie nights, shopping trips, etc. And she can’t say enough good things about the food.

We truly are so thankful for everything Meadowlands has done and continues to do for her. Making the choice to move your parent into a retirement home is not easy - it’s something we struggled with as a family for quite a while we felt strongly it should be her decision, we all had anxiety around this move. Now looking back it was the right choice and we can all sleep well at night knowing she is safe and happy.

Every time we pick her up she has a huge smile on her face and can’t wait to tell us what’s been going on and all the sweet people she has interacted with.

Bob Korstanje, family member

The Meadowlands has been my mother's new home for over a year now. The care she has received has been exceptional. The staff are all dedicated, caring professionals and have performed heroically during the pandemic in order to keep their residents safe and healthy. Management have always been responsive and effective, but during COVID have been even more outstanding! It has been wonderfully reassuring to me and all of my family that my mother is in such a lovely and caring environment.

Penny Matwychuk, family member

My brother recently moved into Meadowlands Retirement Community . I was very concerned about how he would adjust to such a change in his life. I didn’t need to worry - the staff at Meadowlands is so welcoming, kind & understanding, he has adjusted much better than I could hope for. Even though he is in quarantine for his first 14 days, the folks who have contact with him are so pleasant they are helping to make that time bearable. Also, no complaints about the food - plentiful & tasty!

Monica Wales, family member

I have lived here for 2.5 years. I can say I am very happy living here. The nursing staff, including the PSW’s are great. Under the circumstances of COVID we had great meals that the chefs came up with, pleasantly served by great dining staff. Housekeepers kept the place spotless and clean all the time. Lifestyles team were always available and helpful with anything we needed and to keep us in contact with our family and friends. The administrative staff have been so pleasantly helpful to all of us.

Glenn Aylward, family member

My mother, Muriel Aylward lived ten wonderful years at the Meadowlands Retirement Residence in Ancaster. I would like to extend a very sincere thank you to the Meadowlands management and all the staff that made my mother's stay at the retirement community so pleasant. She was always treated with so much compassion and kindness. She thoroughly enjoyed having her meals with her friends every day and often would say it was like living on a cruise ship. It gave us peace of mind knowing that she was so happy and comfortable. In this COVID 19 environment , Meadowlands is doing a great job looking after all the community members and providing updates to the family members.

Karen McPhee, family member

My mom has been a community member at the Meadowlands retirement home for the past couple of years and I couldn't be happier with the experience. There is so much for the community members to do and a lot of social activities too. My mom accesses the Wellness Centre on a daily basis and they have been great looking after her health. They have been particularly amazing during the Covid-19 pandemic and have worked tirelessly to ensure that the community members stay connected to their loved ones, which has meant a lot. Again, I couldn't be happier.

Cathy Catton, family member

Meadowlands is a wonderful retirement community. The staff are always caring and friendly to both residents and visitors. The facilities are exceptional and you could not ask for more. Meadowlands is impeccably well managed especially during the Covid pandemic. I could not ask for a better home for my father. Five plus stars!!!!

Rebecca Raven, family member

Meadowlands has been a wonderful choice of retirement community for my family member. The staff is kind, patient and professional. In particular, communication has been outstanding during the pandemic - they've done an amazing job of keeping everyone safe and well informed during these past tumultuous months. The facility is bright, clean and welcoming and my family member is extremely happy with the choice she made in moving to Meadowlands.

Catherine Coady, family member

My father has been at the Meadowlands Retirement for just over a year and the care he has received has been exceptional. During this difficult time with the Covid crisis, staff have been extremely supportive and caring and have gone above and beyond to make certain that father is well cared for. They have also been a great support to our family and have always communicated with us when we need them. My father has developed a fondness for so many of the staff as they have been willing to give him "special attention" when it is needed.

Carolyn May, family member

During this COVID outbreak I have found the staff at Meadowlands to go well beyond expectations when it comes to caring for my mom. Most recently, my mom lost her hearing aid somewhere in her unit. I requested entry into her suite to search for it before paying to have it replaced. The administrative staff went out of their way to support me in this regard. Two of the support staff (Violet and Melissa) conducted a VERY THOROUGH search of my mom’s unit prior to my visit. As a result, I did not need to enter the residence myself and felt there was nothing more I could do then what was already done. I could not have been happier with the way this situation was handled.

Debbie McDonald, family member

Right from the beginning Meadowlands has felt like home to mom. She enjoys her unit, and always tells us about the latest activity and/or staff acts of kindness. A big Thank you to the staff for everything they do to keep mom safe & happy during this pandemic.

Betty Burgess, resident

I moved into The Meadowlands Retirement Residence when it first opened in 2002. From the first day I moved in, I felt a sense of calm and relief, knowing that I had made the right decision about leaving my home. The stress and uncertainty about moving into a retirement home was greatly alleviated by the wonderful staff that made sure that my move into The Meadowlands went smoothly. They took care that I was comfortable and made me feel right at home. The service at The Meadowlands from my daily meals, to housekeeping is superb and just knowing that nursing is available if needed is an added comfort. They have a wonderful meal selection and a large number of daily activities to help keep me active. I can enjoy the exercise classes or a daily swim in the heated indoor pool or play a variety of card games. I enjoy volunteering in the Tuck Shop and even helping out with Bingo. I have made so many new friends and we enjoy getting together for coffee or tea in one of two cafes. I now call The Meadowlands Retirement Residence home. I encourage anyone who has any doubts about retirement living to come in and see what The Meadowlands has to offer.

Murray Buttrum, resident

Everyone here — and I mean everyone — is good people, including everyone on the staff. The food is excellent here, the people are excellent, there isn't anything I can say that's negative.

Audrie Sherlock, resident

The kids are happy that I'm here and I love it here, too. A lot of people feel the same here, they feel safe. There's always somebody looking out for you. I think the main thing for new people coming in is ‘get active! You can be as busy as you want to be here!

Helen Beaudry, resident

There's a lot to do and a lot of wonderful people to associate with. The people are all wonderful here, including the staff. Everybody that's here! And we have just so much fun here.

Al Gordon, resident

I meet new people in the hall or in the lounge or wherever you are, and they're all just such good people.

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