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THE COMFORT LIFE REPORT:The Village of Wentworth Heights 

1620 Upper Wentworth St., Hamilton, Ontario, L9B 2W3
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Lifestyle options:
Apartments, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Dementia & Memory Care
Private home-care allowed, Palliative care available
Cost (from):
258 suites (1-bed, 1-bed + den, Studio, 2-bed)

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Our Perspective

How we see The Village of Wentworth Heights

Wentworth Heights is the perfect fit for Hamilton area seniors who miss the old days when you knew your neighbours and everyone you met had a friendly "Hello." The village concept is truly unique and has to be experienced to be appreciated. Staff and residents love life in the village.

Still very new, this retirement village builds on the experience of other Schlegel Villages, in a community that progresses their innovative approach to senior care. Care ranges from independent living suites with walkout patios to units in the village's memory care neighbourhood. Schlegel's philosophy emphasizes flexibility, resident empowerment, diversity, and collaboration among staff; they're leaders in senior care. The village is well situated in a newer area of Hamilton mountain, conveniently close to shopping with the pleasant countryside of the Niagara Peninsula a short drive away.

Community’s Perspective

How The Village of Wentworth Heights sees itself

Who are you as a community?

Our Village is a proud part of a Canadian family tradition of community building that goes back 70 years. The first Schlegel family home became the foundation of what Schlegel Villages is today. Here at The Village of Wentworth Heights, we offer several lifestyle options to meet a variety of needs. Our continuum of care allows for residents to age with us in place as their needs change. The residents we serve come from a range of backgrounds that thread together the fabric of our community, and while we know resident-centeredness is a term that many lean on these days, we truly do focus on each individual’s wishes to guide our approach to service. Our Signature Programs help us focus on the individuality of each resident we serve. Our LIVING in My Today dementia care philosophy, for example, was developed by our team and our partners alongside people with lived experience. This provides our team the opportunity to learn exactly what it means to support a person who is experiencing the changing perceptions of dementia. We also celebrate the Wisdom of the Elder as another Signature Program, thanks to the inspiration of our founder Ron Schlegel. Ron once said: “The greatest untapped resource in Canada, if not the world, is the collective wisdom of our elders,” and we honour the individual and collective wisdom of those we serve in ways large and small.

  • Opened in: 2016
  • Ownership: Private. A member of Schlegel Villages
  • Languages Spoken: English

What do you do differently or uniquely well?

The Village concept that sets us apart was always meant to create a living space for seniors that feels like a small town. In many ways this is similar to the experience our founder, Ron Schlegel, had growing up in Ailsa Craig outside of London, Ont. Our Main Street connects to the Town Square as the social spine of the Village. Together these spaces allow for indoor and accessible options for residents to live life as they always have. Ron also envisioned the Village as community hubs for seniors and others from the surrounding community. His vision was to connect the Village to the broader community to enhance the lives of residents as well as support those living outside the Village.

What supports do you offer residents as they adjust to life there?

Each resident who calls the Village home, comes with a unique life story. By completing our My Experience (ME) Form, you help us better understand your life, experiences, values and preferences. In order to support you to live well within our village, we need to begin by hearing your story. Your dedicated Village Experience Coordinator helps guide you through this paperwork and helps make the move-in experience as smooth as possible. Our resident Welcoming Committee strives to help their new neighbours feel welcomed and connected.

What might residents find surprising about your community?

New residents often say “I wish I had done this sooner!” They’re surprised by how quickly they become absorbed in the community and how fast new friendships develop. In no time at all, everybody knows their name and like in any small town, a walk down Main Street is an opportunity to connect with friends and new acquaintances. People are also surprised by opportunities offered to grow and learn in their new community. They find new passions like hosting a podcast, riding a mechanical bull, becoming an artist or fulfilling a lifelong dream of skydiving. As they say, the possibilities are endless.

What five facts about your community should people know?

Ask us about our:
Ruby Restaurant: Schlegel Village’s hidden gem
#ElderWisdom: Stories from the Green Bench Podcast
Program for Active Living
Riverstone Spa
Signature Programs

Insider Perspectives

Interview videos

What people with insider's knowledge of The Village of Wentworth Heights shared with Comfort Life.

Watch our interview with Dave Sackett to learn about the unique experience offered by The Village of Wentworth Heights.

Reviews of The Village of Wentworth Heights

What residents and their loved ones say about The Village of Wentworth Heights in reviews.

Brian Johnston, senior

"Best seniors residence I have seen ... something for everyone .... excellent food at the Ruby!"

Dave Sackett, family member

"The overperform in their goals and objectives [for care and atmosphere]. They go above and beyond all of the time. Every couple of days my mother will relate an experience of kindness that didn't need to be done by a member of staff but it was... I talk to her every day and she's extraordinarily happy. What impresses me most is the people there. "

S AT, family member

"We secured a spot for my brother in the LTC neighbourhood in May 2022. He is very happy and verbalized it just a few days ago. The leadership for the Rymal neighbourhood have been amazing not only helping to transition my brother into his new home but answering my questions as well. Thank you to everyone at WH for creating a welcoming home for my brother! "

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Testimonials and Stories

  • We have never been so happy and well cared for...

    My wife and I moved into this village Dec 13 2016.Our decision to do so was based on the ownership, staff, administration. The staff have always treated us with respect and are always friendly. We have good entertainment and lots of crafts and games to do.



Lifestyle options

Apartments (definition)
Cost from $4,500

In Ailsa Craig, our Independent Living Apartments are designed so you can enjoy an active, fulfilling life without having to worry about household chores, as housekeeping and linen laundry are included. With access to all of the amenities and events on Main Street, you can be as busy or as quiet as you like. You are able to choose a spacious one or two-bedroom suite with a full kitchen and in-suite washer and dryer. This lifestyle option allows you the flexibility to prepare all of your own meals, though you can add a meal plan, buy occasional meal tickets, if you wish, or you may choose to dine at The Ruby, a full restaurant experience upon the 10th floor.


  • Designated dining area
  • Use of community amenities
  • Use of community services/programs
  • Use of dining services
  • Meals (2x/day)
  • Daily tidy (Extra fee)
  • Housekeeping (1x/week)

Independent Living (definition)
Cost from $4,200

At Schlegel Villages we have two Neighbourhoods that support resident independence. As a Becker resident, you will enjoy living in a spacious apartment with a kitchenette featuring a full-size fridge and microwave, as well as an in-suite washer and dryer. Lunch and dinner are included in the cost, as well as weekly housekeeping and linen laundry. Additional services are available to purchase. In Williamsburg, our Full-Service Retirement Neighbourhood, you will benefit from supports to help you maintain your independence, including all the services listed below. All Williamsburg suites have a kitchenette and are on the Main Floor, with a beautiful walk-out patio. Residents in both of these Neighbourhoods benefit from all of the amenities and events that keep Main Street bustling throughout the day.


  • Designated dining area
  • Meals (Extra fee)
  • Daily tidy (Extra fee)
  • Housekeeping (1x/week)
  • Medication administration (Extra fee)

Assistance with

  • Bathing (Extra fee)

Assisted Living (definition)
Cost from $5,500

As a resident living in Egerton, our Assisted Care Neighbourhood, a higher level of support with your activities of daily living is provided, due to greater physical needs. Our dedicated team members will support you as you continue to enjoy a life filled with meaning and purpose. Your studio or one-bedroom suite has a convenient kitchenette, and you will have access to our Main Street and all of the Village amenities to enjoy as you wish


  • Designated dining area
  • Cancer care
  • Diabetes
  • Dialysis
  • Huntington's Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Stroke care
  • Meals (3x/day)
  • Daily tidy
  • Housekeeping (2x/week)
  • Incontinence care
  • Medication administration
  • Resident Reminders

Assistance with

  • Bathing (1x/week)
  • Dressing
  • Feeding (Extra fee)
  • Transfers

Dementia & Memory Care (definition)
Cost from $5,800

Emma's neighbourhood is designed for residents living with memory loss and offers care and recreation programs specifically designed for those with Alzheimer's Disease and other related forms of dementia. Residents will enjoy private time in either a studio or one-bedroom suite, while also having access to gathering spaces and programs in the Neighbourhood, as well as larger Village programs on Main Street. At Schlegel Villages, we believe there is no “loss of self”, but rather a “change in self” with the progression of dementia. Our Signature Program, LIVING in My Today, supports people living with dementia as they tap into their strengths, express themselves and enjoy the comfort and security of friendships in a place where they experience acceptance and belonging. Our emphasis on developing relationships while understanding the experience of those living with dementia forms the foundation of The Five Pillars of LIVING in My Today: (MEETS) Meaningful and Active Engagement, Enjoyable Mealtimes, Empowered Care Partners, Thoughtful Design and Supportive Approaches. Our dedicated team works with and cares for residents, supporting them to live well each day, regardless of what that day looks like. We’re proud of the foundation we’ve built in LIVING in My Today and the extensive work and collaboration that brought the program to life.


  • Designated dining area
  • Designated floor
  • Meals (3x/day)
  • Daily tidy
  • Housekeeping (2x/week)
  • Incontinence care
  • Medication administration
  • Resident Reminders

Assistance with

  • Bathing (1x/week)
  • Dressing
  • Feeding (Extra fee)
  • Transfers


Type Size
(sq ft)
Lifestyle CostCompanion fee Includes Contact
1-bed 503 - 1021 $4,200 - $5,800 (Rent) +$500 per month
  • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
  • Call Bell System
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchenette
  • Patio/Balcony
  • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
1-bed + den 887 - 1299 $5,400 - $5,700 (Rent) +$500 per month
  • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
  • Call Bell System
  • Insuite washer/dryer
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchenette
  • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
Studio 321 - 558 $4,100 - $4,400 (Rent) +$865 per month
  • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
  • Call Bell System
  • Kitchenette
  • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
2-bed 1469 $5,900 - $6,200 (Rent) +$500 per month
  • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
  • Call Bell System
  • Full size fridge
  • Insuite washer/dryer
  • Kitchen
  • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
  • Type: 1-bed
  • Ownership: Rent
  • Cost: $4,200 - $5,800
  • Size: 503sq/ft
  • Companion fee: +$500
  • Details:
    • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
    • Call Bell System
    • Kitchen
    • Kitchenette
    • Patio/Balcony
    • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
  • Contact: email

  • Type: 1-bed + den
  • Ownership: Rent
  • Cost: $5,400 - $5,700
  • Size: 887sq/ft
  • Companion fee: +$500
  • Details:
    • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
    • Call Bell System
    • Insuite washer/dryer
    • Kitchen
    • Kitchenette
    • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
  • Contact: email

  • Type: Studio
  • Ownership: Rent
  • Cost: $4,100 - $4,400
  • Size: 321sq/ft
  • Companion fee: +$865
  • Details:
    • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
    • Call Bell System
    • Kitchenette
    • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
  • Contact: email

  • Type: 2-bed
  • Ownership: Rent
  • Cost: $5,900 - $6,200
  • Size: 1469sq/ft
  • Companion fee: +$500
  • Details:
    • Cable TV in room (additional fee)
    • Call Bell System
    • Full size fridge
    • Insuite washer/dryer
    • Kitchen
    • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
  • Contact: email


Meal service : Bar, Bistro: (24 hours), Bistro: (daytime), Pub, Table service, Tray service in suite (extra fee)

Seating type : Assigned seating , Open seating, Two Seatings

Special diets : Puree foods

Amenities & Services

Residence Amenities & Services

Arts and crafts
Community Garden
Emergency call system (pendent)
Emergency call system (pull-cord in room)
Fitness Studio
Games Room
Gift Shop
Hobby kitchen
Laundry machines
Mail box
Mail to concierge
Newspaper delivery available to suite
On-site General Store
Onsite foot care
Parking (indoor)
Parking (outdoor)
Party room
Pet friendly
Putting Green
Recreation facilities onsite
Religious Services & Holiday Celebrations
Spa Services
Spa tub or shower room
Spa/Beauty Salon
Storage lockers
Walking Path
Wellness Center
Wheelchair (electric)
Wheelchair Accessible

Programs & Activities

Arts and Crafts
Billiards/Pool Tables
Brain Fitness
Card Games
Continued education
Day Trips
Exercise Program
Movie Nights
Religious & Holiday Services
Resident social / activity club
Weekly Shopping Trips & Excursions

Staff & Care


Medical and other support staff
Registered Practical Nurses24 hrs/day
Personal Support Workers24 hrs/day
Doctorvisiting 7x/week
Foot care specialistvisiting
Dentiston call
Physiotherapiston call
Chiropodiston call

Care services

Care options available:

  • Private home-care allowed
  • Palliative care available

Health Services:

  • Catheter care(with special assistance)
  • Cognitively impaired residents(with special assistance)
  • Medication charted by electronic pen(with special assistance)
  • Medication charted by exception(with special assistance)
  • Ostomy care(with special assistance)
  • Oxygen assistance(with special assistance)
  • Physically challenged residents(with special assistance)
  • Vitals monitoring(with special assistance)

Move-in requirements

• Chest x-ray
• Medical form completed by family doctor
• Personal Interview
• TB test required

COVID-19 Information

We are very thankful for our residents that much of Village life has returned to normal. It is wonderful to have a full schedule of groups and activities and to see our residents enjoying full lives and connection the way that they did prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. With our lives returning to normal our teams continue to remain cautious and vigilant to keep all residents safe and healthy while living life to the fullest.

Currently accepting move-ins. Request suite details.


Recent News

'It Just Feels Like Home' at Wentworth Heights

Anne Whittle and Ruth Chasty sit together in the lounge off Main Street in The Village Wentworth Heights. Other tables are filled with fellow residents, some sipping pints of beer or steaming mugs of ... ... read more.

Accreditation & Associations

Social Feed



We are located in a great part of the city on the Hamilton Mountain. Close by we have a shopping center and down the street we have Limeridge Mall. We are close to the linc and have a bus route directly outside our building.

Village of Wentworth Heights is located at 1620 Upper Wentworth St., Hamilton, Ontario, L9B 2W3.

What's nearby:

Turner Park Library
The Village Pharmacy
The Village of Wentworth Heights
Sackville Hill Seniors Centre
Limeridge Mall

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