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22301 Fraser Highway, Langley, British Columbia, V3A 4H5
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Lifestyle options:
Independent Living
Guest stays available, Private home-care allowed
Cost (from):
145 suites (Studio, 1-bed, 1-bed + den, 2-bed)
290 residents

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Our Perspective

How we see Sunridge Gardens

One of the common remarks from people who move in here is, “There’s so much to do.” And there really is. The games room features a shuffleboard, pool table and blackjack table. There’s also a movie theatre with a lending library. In The Village, another open-concept interior space, there’s a puzzle table, fitness classes daily, and a separate dining room. Floors are heated geo-thermally so you’ll never get cold toes. Suites are spacious, with stylish kitchenettes and an excess of storage closets. You’ll feel like you’ve moved into that luxury suite you loved so much, last time you went on a cruise.

At Sunridge Gardens, you’ll appreciate not just that everything is done for you, but everything that is done. The hedges are trimmed, the yard is positively groomed, and there’s a spectacular water garden. Inside the lobby, the main floor lounge is immaculately clean, with prim carpeting and polished hardwood flooring. The overall impression we have is that things are all done better than we could ever do it for ourselves. Staff is readily available at every turn. Interiors and exteriors are immaculate. The furniture and decor is strikingly beautiful.

All those are nice, but what really stands out is the creation of community in shared spaces. The piano lounge, for example, is open for ivory-tinklers in the crowd, as well as games players. On weekend evenings, there’s musical entertainment available making this place a palace of hygge moments. You know that good moments are part of everyday life here, because you see those happening as you walk through. Friends gather in small groups, people chat together happily on their way to the dining lounge, residents and staff smile together as they chat. Of all the attractive open spaces throughout, one standout is the dining room, broadly open, brightly lit, and featuring a cathedral-like vaunted ceiling.

Community’s Perspective

How Sunridge Gardens sees itself

Who are you as a community?

Sunridge Gardens is a hidden gem in the heart of Murrayville with a lush outdoor courtyard, bright, spacious suites, and a vibrant lifestyle. A short walk from the WC Blair Recreation Centre, shops and services, and Langley Memorial Hospital make car-free living simple. You'll enjoy all-inclusive retirement living in a safe and supportive community.

  • Opened in: 2011
  • Ownership: Private. A member of Bria Communities
  • Languages Spoken: English

What do you do differently or uniquely well?

It's easy to live car-free at Sunridge Gardens. Take advantage of our SUV Courtesy Shuttle for private trips around town, or join in on bus trips to shopping and sightseeing venues. Our neighbourhood boasts meandering walking paths and easy access to shops, services, and civic amenities within one square block radius.

What supports do you offer residents as they adjust to life there?

Making a move can be challenging. Our management team is committed to making the move as smooth as possible by connecting with you personally as you move in to assist in making you feel at home. In addition, one of our resident Welcome Ambassadors will be assigned to you. They'll connect with you to show you the ropes, introduce you to new friends and help you get accustomed to your new home.

What might residents find surprising about your community?

When people tour our community, they often comment on how bright, warm and beautiful it is. When they move in, they discover it's so much more. Our team goes out of the way to get to know you from day one. You'll quickly become one of the Sunridge Gardens family, known by name. You'll never feel like you're just a number—your voice is valued, your presence is enjoyed, and you are always welcome.

What five facts about your community should people know?

1. We feature 115 apartments in an all-inclusive independent living seniors community.
2. Meals are made fresh in-house daily. Our culinary team is led by a red seal certified Executive Chef. Our pastry chef makes homemade baked goods for our continental breakfast every morning.
3. Living car-free! We have a courtesy shuttle for personal trips in the area. Our 18-passenger bus goes out for trips 2-3 times a week. We're conveniently located close to shops, services, the hospital and civic amenities.
4. Our building amenities include a theatre, fitness centre, games room, two dining rooms and a beautiful garden courtyard.
5. Your voice matters to us. You have an open door to our General Manager to share feedback, concerns and questions.

Insider Perspectives

Interview videos

What people with insider's knowledge of Sunridge Gardens shared with Comfort Life.

In our interview with Tanya Snow, Director of Bria Communities, she discusses her belief that relati...

Reviews of Sunridge Gardens

What residents and their loved ones say about Sunridge Gardens in reviews.

Monika Vriend, family member

"My mom and mother in law have been at Sunridge for a year and half. They both love it there. The staff are fabulous. The events they plan for the residents plentiful and a fun variety. And oh yes, the food delish! "

Irene Bennett, family member

"My father in law has lived at Sunridge Gardens for 8+ years and has flourished since moving into this great community. "

Jim Johnston, family member

"My mother-in-law had 8 glorious, fun filled years at Sunridge. If you are looking for a supportive, friendly and secure place, this is it. I highly recommend Sunridge, the staff is caring and feels like family. Please check it out! "

Read all reviews

Testimonials and Stories

  • What Bria Residents Say: Harvey and Ruth's Story

    Ruth: We have lived at Sunridge Gardens now since August of 2019 and we're enjoying it very much.

    Harvey: We had our old yard, and mowing and trimming and painting—and it was more than I wanted to do. We looked at others and Sunridge was open and had the two-bedroom, which gave us lots of room so we decided to come here. 

    Ruth: We had the piano and I wanted to bring it so I needed a little bit more room. 

    Harvey: The whole staff is so great to be amongst and visit with them, what little we do. That’s the main thing for me, the staff. 

    Ruth: The service is wonderful. You don’t have to do your own cooking and you don’t have to do your own changing your beds, because your sheets and towels get done for you. It’s spacious. 

    We have a wonderful courtyard that we can enjoy the flowers and trees and shrubs. So we don’t have to stay inside, we can go out. Walk around the courtyard; visit with our friends; from a distance at this point. 

    There’s so much else. There’s a wonderful library and a theatre where you can see movies if you wish. And there’s a great exercise room.

    There’s a wonderful family feeling. So we’re happy with it. 



Lifestyle options

Independent Living (definition)
Cost from $2,795

We have 145 suites for seniors who are active and self-reliant. Our all-inclusive lifestyle offers the freedom to enjoy friendships, activities, entertainment, and to make your own choices about your daily routine.


  • Designated dining area
  • Meals (3x/day)
  • Housekeeping (1x/week)


Type Size
(sq ft)
Lifestyle CostCompanion fee Includes Contact
Studio 398 - 463 $2,950 (Rent) +$800 per month
  • Cable TV in room (included)
  • Call Bell System
  • Kitchenette
  • Mini-fridge
  • Patio/Balcony
  • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
1-bed 438 - 550 $3,750 (Rent) +$800 per month
  • Cable TV in room (included)
  • Call Bell System
  • Full size fridge
  • Kitchen
  • Patio/Balcony
  • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
  • Stove
1-bed + den 619 $4,050 (Rent) +$800 per month
  • Cable TV in room (included)
  • Call Bell System
  • Full size fridge
  • Kitchen
  • Patio/Balcony
  • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
  • Stove
2-bed 674 - 696 $4,350 (Rent) +$800 per month
  • Cable TV in room (included)
  • Call Bell System
  • Full size fridge
  • Kitchen
  • Patio/Balcony
  • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
  • Stove
  • Type: Studio
  • Ownership: Rent
  • Cost: $2,950
  • Size: 398sq/ft
  • Companion fee: +$800
  • Details:
    • Cable TV in room (included)
    • Call Bell System
    • Kitchenette
    • Mini-fridge
    • Patio/Balcony
    • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
  • Contact: email

  • Type: 1-bed
  • Ownership: Rent
  • Cost: $3,750
  • Size: 438sq/ft
  • Companion fee: +$800
  • Details:
    • Cable TV in room (included)
    • Call Bell System
    • Full size fridge
    • Kitchen
    • Patio/Balcony
    • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
    • Stove
  • Contact: email

  • Type: 1-bed + den
  • Ownership: Rent
  • Cost: $4,050
  • Size: 619sq/ft
  • Companion fee: +$800
  • Details:
    • Cable TV in room (included)
    • Call Bell System
    • Full size fridge
    • Kitchen
    • Patio/Balcony
    • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
    • Stove
  • Contact: email

  • Type: 2-bed
  • Ownership: Rent
  • Cost: $4,350
  • Size: 674sq/ft
  • Companion fee: +$800
  • Details:
    • Cable TV in room (included)
    • Call Bell System
    • Full size fridge
    • Kitchen
    • Patio/Balcony
    • Personal phone number in room (additional Fee)
    • Stove
  • Contact: email


Our culinary team prepares and serves fresh, locally-sourced, delicious cuisine to the seniors who make Sunridge Gardens their home. Our Executive Chef is Red Seal Certified and brings passion and creativity to his role, leading his team to provide high-quality service with a personal touch. We offer three meals a day. The Bria Continental Breakfast is available in the country kitchen at your convenience. Our dining room features open seating for lunch and dinner. You have the choice of two delicious entrees at each mean, along with a starter and dessert. A variety of a la carte options are also available, as are alternative menu items. Wine service is available for a small additional price at dinner. We are able to accommodate a variety of dietary requirements. Our chef meets with residents regularly to take suggestions and input. Special occasions are an opportunity for fine dining, with our team putting together some of the best meals in town! Tray service to the suite is available if a resident is unwell; otherwise, a small fee applies.

Meal service : Bistro: (daytime), Room Service (extra fee), Table service, Tray service in suite (extra fee)

Seating type : Open seating

Special diets : Gluten Free, Lactose free, Vegetarian

Amenities & Services

Residence Amenities & Services

Our games room, fitness centre, library and movie theatres are first class. They must be seen to be truly appreciated. Residents are welcome to book the Bria Courtesy Shuttle for errands, appointments, shopping and visits around the Murrayville and Langley City area.

24-hr concierge
Arts and crafts
Community Garden
Emergency call system (pendent)
Emergency call system (pull-cord in room)
Fitness Studio
Games Room
Laundry machines
Mail box
Mail delivery to suite
Movie theatre
Newspapers delivered to concierge
On-site General Store
Parking (indoor)
Pet friendly
Private bus for outings, regular trips
Private dining room for family/friends
Spa tub or shower room
Spa/Beauty Salon
Wellness Center
Wheelchair (electric)

Programs & Activities

Arts and Crafts
Assisted Walks/Trails
Billiards/Pool Tables
Brain Fitness
Card Games
Day Trips
Exercise Program
Movie Nights
Table Tennis
Weekly Shopping Trips & Excursions

Staff & Care

General Manager's Message
Shannon Saunders

Hi, I'm Shannon Saunders. I've been the General Manager at Sunridge Gardens since shortly after it opened in 2011.

I would love to welcome you into our home. Our staff time is second to none and will make you feel like you're part of the family. Our Executive Chef and his team are making delicious meals in our kitchen, and you'll especially enjoy their culinary creations on special occasions. 

We have lots of fun, and our recreation team specializes in parties, events and social hours that will make you laugh, sing along, and create lots of special memories. 

You and your family can rest assured, knowing you're in an environment that gives you the freedom to be yourself with the safety and support of a loving community. 

I hope you'll come by for a tour and discover life at Sunridge Gardens. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions: [email protected]

Care services

Care options available:

  • Guest stays available (cost from $100)
  • Private home-care allowed

Health Services:

  • Cognitively impaired residents(with no special assistance)

Move-in requirements

Residency Coordinators and General Managers work together to assess the suitability of prospective residents by getting to know them personally.

• Personal Interview

COVID-19 Information

Our mission is to create safe and vibrant communities where choices are valued and seniors lead active and purposeful lives. The Covid-19 pandemic has given us the opportunity to showcase our commitment to the safety and health of our residents. We continue to adapt to changing health orders and identify ways to ensure residents flourish during challenging times.

Visit our website to follow regular Covid-19 updates as well as updated policies and procedures.

Read the most recent COVID-19 updates from Sunridge Gardens

Currently accepting move-ins. Request suite details.


Recent News

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It's been two years since Eva helped her Dad, Lloyd move into Sunridge Gardens. They love it even more now than they did then. ... read more.

Why Wendy Chose Sunridge Gardens

Wendy fell in love with the bright spaces and wonderful amenities at Sunridge Gardens. Now she, her husband and her dog Tillie are all making friends, having fun, and feeling right at home. ... read more.

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The world of senior living can be complicated. Bria Communities has developed a free digital booklet full of expert advice to help you navigate it. ... read more.


It's been ten weeks since our residents received their first dose of vaccine, and the results are fantastic! ... read more.

Accreditation & Associations

Social Feed



Built in the heart historic Murrayville Town Centre, Sunridge Gardens is part of Sunridge Place, a multi-use residential neighbourhood. Situated within easy walking distance of many amenities and services, including the swimming pool, public library, local cafés and shopping.

Sunridge Gardens is located at 22301 Fraser Highway, Langley, British Columbia, V3A 4H5.

What's nearby:

Langley Memorial Hospital
Shoppers Drug Mart
WC Blair Recreation Centre
IGA Marketplace
Murrayville Square

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