Five Ways Dark Chocolate Boosts Seniors Health

Chocolate lovers take note – next time a chocolate craving overcomes you, give in, and grab a piece of dark chocolate.  Research has shown moderate amounts of dark chocolate is good for you as dark chocolate is bursting with numerous health benefits that will help you live longer and healthier.

I met  Mitchell Hewson, Canada’s first registered horticultural therapist, recently at the Palisade Gardens Retirement Living Community in Cobourg where he was giving a presentation on the healing effects of gardening, herbal tea and chocolate!  From his talk I not only learned delicious recipes, which are included below, but I gained a strong appreciation of dark chocolate’s healing characteristics, from reducing cardiovascular disease to improving brain function.

Here are five ways chocolate can boost your health:

Now that your mouth must be watering, below are two healthy and easy-to-make dark chocolate recipes Hewson created during his visit at the Palisade Gardens.

Mocha Coconut Clusters

1 lb. dark chocolate


4 tablespoons butter


4 teaspoons instant coffee powder


4 cups dry unsweetened coconut
Method: Melt chocolate in double boiler, stirring constantly, add butter.  Remove from heat and add instant coffee, stir until dissolved.  Stir in coconut; place heaping teaspoonfuls of mixture onto a lined cookie sheet.  When cool, serve the clusters in paper candy cups.

Cook’s tip: If you wish to toast the coconut, heat gently in a dry skillet stirring constantly until golden brown.

Chocolate Cups

1 lb. dark chocolate 

1 lb. mixed salted nuts


small candy cups
Method: Melt chocolate in double boiler, stirring constantly. Drop in the mixed nuts, stirring until all the nuts are coated with chocolate.  Spoon into small candy cups and let cool for 15 minutes.  These chocolates are suitable for freezing.


by Bria Weaver

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What is your favourite chocolate recipe? Share it with others by posting a comment below!

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