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St. John’s is home to superb retirement homes that bring together everything exciting about senior living today. Communities offer updated buildings with superb amenities and a daily schedule of activities that will fill your days with joy. The very best thing about these retirement homes, though, are the easy friendships that await, with the many people your own age who are all just outside the door. 


What you'll discover in St. John's retirement homes

Retirement homes today offer so much more than people realize! Communities listed above offer you a whole life inside their four walls. Included in the superb seniors' care provided at St. John's retirement home, you'll find some or all of the following services:

All of the retirement homes listed at Comfort Life offer superb services and amenities and promise excellent around the clock senior care. Expect adult living at its very finest from retirement residences listed above and other communities found at

Senior living in St. John’s, Newfoundland

Many seniors in St. John’s live in homes purchased when they were raising families, and in the meantimes they’ve outgrown these homes. Some people continue to live on their own, either as a couple or alone, and feel empowered by remaining in a home they own. For those who are widowed or single, though, it’s shown that loneliness comes with numerous adverse health effects. More recent studies say loneliness is just as bad as obesity or smoking. We understand that moving seems difficult, but many people find that it was easier than they initially worried it was going to be. 

Jennifer helped her mother move into a retirement home and she says, “It’s not as gut-wrenching as you might fear.” Her mother found a home that she liked right away, and then things fell into place, when they set their minds to the task at hand. When people decide to make this move in the 2020’s, many are amazed at how much their house is worth, how affordable it really is, and how much they love the community that they move into. People in retirement homes in St. John’s and across Canada often say the same things: “I can’t believe I can afford this” and “I wish I had done this earlier!”

Choosing a St. John’s retirement home

Here’s a brief look at resources you’ll find on Comfort Life to help you during the initial process, and as you move toward a final decision about where you are going to live. 

Having the conversation. Many families will tell you that there is not “one talk” but it’s an ongoing conversation. Having these discussions requires sensitivity, composure, proper timing, and a collection of tactics that will help you continually move forward. Begin with our video how to talk about senior care, which offers an overview. Our long form look at “Choosing a retirement home” /retirement-community-resources/choosing-a-retirement-home  covers different scenarios profiling different families and their experiences. You will hopefully find glimpses of insight that apply to your family.  

Hear about moving from other seniors. Many objections that people have fall into certain classes of comments and perceptions that others have often had. In our page of retirement home testimonials, we pull together anecdotes (linking to fuller stories) that detail how people have moved into a retirement community like those listed above, and found different ways communities have greatly improved their lives. 

When you are touring communities be sure to take along a checklist of things to look for.

Ensure you ask the right questions when you visit a retirement community for a tour. Download our free eBook The Ultimate Retirement Tour Checklist for 153 questions you should ask to make sure you have the information you need to make the right choice.

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