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Reviews of Bramalea Retirement Residence

Gain exclusive insight into life at Bramalea Retirement Residence. Comfort Life’s reviews give you exclusive insider information.

Our perspective

A beautifully spacious, brightly lit seniors' home in the heart of Brampton. The location —close to everything you need— is superb, while inside you'll find a beautiful, friendly retirement residence peopled with friendly, obviously happy seniors. This residence offers care up to assisted living, and is an ideal solution for seniors wanting to alleviate isolation and leave behind mundane daily tasks like cooking and housekeeping.

Bramalea Retirement Residence (BRR) is ideal for seniors with family in Brampton or anywhere else in the west end of the GTA. The cost is very reasonable for an apartment in Brampton. BRR gets seniors active and improves wellbeing through its lively activity calendar, prepared meals and friendly community of engaged peers.

Onsite features that make this even more attractive include an indoor swimming pool, a movie theatre, a very active fitness room, and a lovely courtyard outside. Aside from the mall, there are also nearby medical and health care facilities, the public library, grocery stores, and lovely greenspace like Chinguacousy Park.

More of what people say about this community

We've collected reviews and testimonials from around the web that are relevant to you: those from residents and their loved ones.

Cathy Snoggles, senior

Very nice retirement residence. The building is very clean and neat and the staff are friendly. Lots of free space and the convenience of being next to Bramalea City Centre & FreshCo is extremely ideal.

Cathy Shantz, family member

My Aunt resided at Bramalea Retirement Residences from 2016 until her recent passing after a brief illness. (That illness was NOT Covid-19 related.)
She chose Bramalea Retirement Residence after looking at a number of options in Brampton and surrounding areas and she always expressed her happiness with her choice. The staff was always kind and caring and she made many friends there who she shared time with doing the many activities the facility had to offer. She also appreciated the close proximity to Bramalea City Centre when she felt like walking over to shop.
As her niece and 'assistant' while she lived there, I too appreciated the staff and was also very pleased with the level of cleanliness in the facility. Most importantly, during the ongoing pandemic, the administration and staff placed a very high priority on the health and safety of the residence and their protocols were second to none. I was at the facility many times during the pandemic (only visiting outside during lockdown periods) and I was always impressed with the safety measures they had put in place.

Nico Ri, family member

The staff at BRR Constantly goes above and beyond for my grandma! My Grandma has been living at Bramelea Retirement Residence for almost 3 years now. She has nothing but good things to say about the residence and the amazing staff, and my family could not agree more!

They are always quick to respond to any questions we may have, and do so in such a caring manner. I commend their COVID-19 protocols and appreciate the effort that they are putting in for the well being of my grandma and all the other residents!

These are definitely trying times and I know that the staff are facing many operational challenges during this pandemic. At the end of the day, my family can rest easy knowing that BRR is a safe and friendly place.

Roberta Stritzky, family member

My mother has been at BRR for almost 4 years now and has really enjoyed her stay. The staff has always been kind to her and always provides assistance to her when required. As a guest I would say the parking is ample, the facility is always clean and in good order and provides all the amenities that my mother requires. I would certainly recommend this home for those who are in need!

Eileen Dawe, family member

Excellent staff, food and atmosphere. Our Mom has been here since 2017 and we could not have made a better choice for her well being and safety. The staff truly care and get to know each resident’s preferences (and quirks) while providing quality care.

Alyce Machado, family member

My husband has been a resident at BRR for 6 months now. This was a difficult decision for me. The staff are amazing and responsive to my husband's needs as a result of his health challenges. The environment is very welcoming and more conducive of a family environment . The premises are lovely and clean . The receptionists are courteous, patient and go out of their way to assist promptly and efficiently. The cleaning staff and support workers are caring and friendly . Clearly , all staff share the same goal i.e: to make life comfortable , respectful and safe for the residents . Customer Service skills are exceptional and I also truly appreciate the way they communicate frequently , appropriately , clearly and transparently. I highly recommend Bramalea Retirement Residence to anyone wishing quality, loving and caring services to their loved ones and peace of mind for themselves.

Chris Boyd, family member

I initially booked a 2 month stay for my Father, who was undergoing fairly serious surgery, as a recuperative time. This was 5 years ago!! My Father has been extremely well cared for in this time through numerous return visits to the hospital. The staff is very personable and has my Father's best interests clearly at heart. I have come to know many of the staff by name as they know myself and other family members. I cannot say how happy we are with the staff of Bramalea Retirement Center from top to bottom. You can assume that your family member will be well taken care of in a professional and personal manner.

Dave & Mary Ellen Anaka, family member

Our Mom, Jean Anaka is a resident of Bramalea Retirement Residence. She chose this place on her own, after speaking with her family doctor and visiting BRR. Her family doctor recommended BRR, as he had other patients living there and they love it. So after discussions with her family she made the move to BBR. Mom said that the people there looked very friendly and happy, and she felt that she could make friends there. She was also allowed to bring her BFF her cat Caille.
We were all so happy when she started making friends there. All the staff, from the Director to the staff cleaning their rooms, attending to them, and bringing their food, know all the residents by name.
What we have seen ourselves are kind and caring people looking after our Mom. All residents have been well taken care of during Covid 19, with implementing measures to protect our loved ones. Mom has staff administering her medications, checking her blood sugars, making sure she is drinking enough liquids throughout the day, and monitoring her on a daily basis, in the morning and evening. Before Covid19, there were many things for the residents to do. From sing a longs, crafting, excersise, playing cards etc. And the staff made each resident in BRR craft bags to keep them occupied, brought them lovely plants during Easter along with the Easter Bunny, set up Video calls, so that family could see them, and other things. They have a facebook page as well. There they have posted video and pictures.
The food is amazing. The chefs are welcome to cook at our house, anytime.
We are so happy that our Mom is here where she is safe and well taken care of.

Beth Minty-Berger, family member

I am very impressed with the Bramalea Retirement Residence.. The staff are wonderful. They are attentive, friendly and caring. The meals are excellent. In addition to the entree, soup and salad are available. There are good sized spaces available for family gatherings. Special meals, when family can attend, are arranged for events such as Christmas and Mother’s Day.

Mom’s Room is lovely! She has room for her own bed, 3 of her dressers, 4 of her arm chairs, and space for a bar fridge and microwave. She Has a rogues gallery of family photos, and many items of art on her wall. The room is very homey. Sometimes we take a lunch and eat it in her room.

Mom is happy at the residence. We feel comfort in that. We also feel relieved that such All the residents are very well protected from CoVid19. (Thank you so much to all the people working at the residence.)
I would highly recommend Bramalea Retirement Residence for anyone Looking for this kind of place to live

Scott Bugden, family member

I am very happy with BRR, my mother is in her 3rd year there it has been a great place for her to live and our family to visit. The staff is caring and in the current health emergency have done an amazing job ensuring residents safety.

Barry Nightingale, family member

I like that this Residence will host family get to gethers for my mother-inlaw. Also many of the family live far away; they can provide lodging if there are empty rooms. Also one can phone directly to your loved ones room. Your loved ones meds are supervised so no worries about missed meds.
During covid-19 they locked down promptly and tested staff and residents. This resulted in two residents placed in hospital quarantine. No further cases found. Understandingly they had to stop visitations as that was the only possible vector.
I like their cooking, of course my taste is mine.

Anupam Sharma, family member

BRR is an excellent Retirement Residence. My father is a resident there. The staff is very caring and helpful. During this covid pandemic they have been exceptional in their efforts to keep the residents safe.

Dianne Knox, family member

My mom is a resident of Bramalea Retirement Residence and my family couldn't be happier that she chose BRR. One of the main reasons my mom made the decision on BRR was because everyone was so friendly and because everyone including the Director knew the residents by name. We used to worry every time she didn't answer her phone that she fell as her family home had 2 stories. When she doesn't answer her phone now I smile knowing she is socializing with new friends. The atmosphere is great, the team at BRR is fantastic and the food is amazing. Never have we been so proud that she chose BRR than now and how they have handled COVID-19. Our loved ones have been kept safe and for that I am forever grateful.

Barbara Eplett, family member

Choosing where's next for mom or dad can be challenging and worrisome! Be assured, your parent will be cared for with the utmost respect and consideration at Bramalea Retirement Residence. My mother has been a resident at Bramalea Retirement Residence for over two years, and my cousin also received respite care at this facility. Their kindness and social activities are ever present. The staff are patient, cheerful and fun! Often I see Residents sharing a laugh or a card game and colouring has recently become popular. I heard 'Happy Hour' happens too....
I visit often and have dinner with mom - always telling her she's a princess - being served daily in the beautiful dining room. The food is very good, nicely plated and the porportions are more than adequate. BRR health and safety protocols are top-notch. Be confident, the facility is locked and secure. On site nursing, pharmacy, doctor appointments and foot care all under one roof - its practically one stop shopping and the grand kids can still visit and swim! Having Bramalea City Center at your doorstop is a great diversion too.

Your parent will be celebrated and come to know this was the best decision to maintain their independence. And you can finally RELAX!

Stella Taylor, family member

The whole experience at BRR is outstanding. This is our mother's home and she has gained an extended family at BRR. There is laughter, entertainment, indoor and outdoor activity, multiple media rooms, an beautiful patio, an indoor swimming pool, where family can access and so much more. The menu is very diversify and provides alternatives as well, the food is delicious and very well prepared. BRR provides all the necessities of independent living in a retirement community. There are parties, and steak nights, game days and bingo and so much more. When our mom decided it was time to move from her home to BRR it was an easy decision for her and us, we felt the love, friendliness and most of all respect. The entire staff is wonderful, caring and respectful, I mean really great people. they developed a relationship with everyone. When COVID-19 was in the early talks, BRR shut down immediately, they put the safety of the residence first. They stepped in to do everything possible to ensure that our loved ones are well taken care of and communicated to us regularly on updates within BRR. The staff is A1, tops and because of them this has been the best decision for our mother. BRR is a wonderful place for retirement.

Judy Willemsma, family member

My mother lives at Bramalea Retirement Residence and has been there for four years now. She receives excellent care and enjoys her comfortable lifestyle. Her meals, house keeping, exercise and entertainment options are all very good. The excellent nursing staff looks after administering her medications and keeps an eye on her overall well-being. The staff is knowledgeable and patient with looking after the specific needs of our senior folks. In short, I don’t have to worry about day to day care and I feel free to enjoy a mother-daughter relationship. I am thankful for Bramalea Retirement Residence and highly recommend them.

Steve Square, family member

It is quite literally impossible to put into words how tremendous the staff is at Bramalea Retirement Residence. Time after time they exceed our expectations in all respects. My Mom has been a resident since September 2019. Should you wish further details I would be happy connect directly with you by phone which you can arrange through the front desk. We have simply had too many positive experiences with the staff and the level of care provided to do justice here.

Lori Leckie, family member

Exceptional staff. My father Reg Leckie was there for a few short months before his passing and not an easy guy to deal with. They were so loving, patient, caring. The atmosphere is like a residence. Lots of activiies, warm environment.

Neila, resident

The suites are cozy, the common space is very luxurious, and they offer every amenity possible to make your stay comfortable ... I love the location, [it's] so accessible to shopping!

Gina, family member

So much space for socializing ... So light and airy with lots of common areas, the suites are decorated to a high standard. The staff are fantastic; [they] truly care about seniors and their wellbeing.

Dorelle, resident

The best move we've ever made. Great location, great food and great people.

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