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Calgary is home to a wide variety of retirement homes, so how do you know which one is right for you? User reviews and expert opinion should be critical in helping you make a final decision on senior care. Comfort Life has worked with Calgary retirement homes for over fifteen years, gathering input from residents, staff, and other seniors' home experts, to provide comprehensive reviews of select retirement residences throughout the city of Calgary.

Below, find ratings from families and seniors who live in these homes as well as our assessment of the unique value of each residence, to help you figure out which retirement residence best matches your needs and values. Before you choose, be assured you are making the best choice in all respects.


List of retirement communities in Calgary

Calgary, Alberta

  • This lovely community is ideal for a variety of people. The easy accessibility to the golf course is ideal for those who want to get out on the links several times a week. There's even a ski hill nearby. The community also offers a variety of care to accommodate couples with varying levels of need. Couples where one spouse requires assistance with some activities of daily living, while the other spouse remains independent, will be able to remain together under one roof.
  • Excellent staff and a beautiful home!
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Calgary, Alberta

  • This community is ideal for Calgary families and seniors looking for something a little different, something a little more ideally relaxed. The location just outside of Calgary in Rocky View County, is an idyllic location that offers quiet, country living close to the city. In addition, this is close to the Trans-Canada, making it easily accessible for family members from throughout the area.
  • My Dad has resided here for 3 yrs. The personal and medical care is superb ... . There is always s
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Calgary, Alberta

  • This is the choice for you if you want to live in a truly unique community. The variety of the housing and the layout of the grounds in a hub helps to create a true "village" feel. For all that, there is a distinct effort put forth by staff to make this place home, answering the unique needs of everyone who comes to live here.
  • I had reservations [about senior care, but] Lake Bonavista answered all of our needs. I'm sure that
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Calgary, Alberta

  • This community is exceptionally warm and friendly. You see people throughout this community who seem to have found a renewed joy in living. There's a lightness to life at Trinity Lodge. Staff demonstrate a personal connection to the needs of seniors. Trinity includes a focus on health and wellness that extends beyond the physical, to the emotional and spiritual. This is especially seen in the availability of in-house social features ranging from art classes to inclusive chapel services and much more.
  • Five stars all the way! ... Everything's very bright and sunny. The entire staff is very friendly.
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Calgary, Alberta

  • This community deserves closer attention! We love the striking modern look to the exterior of the building, for immediate starters. Inside, the design is striking, featuring an atrium-style dining room that extends to the second floor. Suites are also very stylish.
Calgary, Alberta

  • We love that Boardwalk Properties are cultivating a reputation for excellence with this and other projects in the city. If you’re considering a move here, feel confident that they will continue to develop this into a superb place to live. Award winning renovations elsewhere in the city have turned buildings into luxurious destinations that have blown away tenants’ expectations.
  • My mother-in-law lived there for more than 10 years. She made life-long friends there, many of whom
Claresholm, Alberta

  • This provides seniors with a modern place, perfectly suited to the person you are at this time of life. The community (and Claresholm, in which it is located) encourage a friendly atmosphere. Daily inconveniences (everything from grass-cutting to some personal health care concerns) are taken care of by other people. This really does encourage people to spend more time with friends and family, and renew your love for daily living.
  • Staff is very friendly ... and have been a great help in getting [my sister] settled in and mixing w
Calgary, Alberta

  • Prominence Way, still newly opened, is a recommended change of scenery for Calgary and area seniors. There’s no better way to revitalize your feelings than by moving into a completely new building. It’s peopled by a group of fellow seniors who’ve also recently made this change for the better. Many of these peers will encourage you and help you out in your own adjustment.
  • I have been a resident of Prominence Way Retirement Community  for 10 months and can honestly say i
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Calgary, Alberta

  • A sure sign of an exceptional community is long-term commitment on the part of residents. At StayWell Manor you’ll always find a number of residents who have lived here for five, seven, ten years, or longer. Many of those people will tell you that they’ve loved their entire time here and The Manor has become their home. What’s more is that staff turnover here is also low. Calgary seniors and families looking for a place to thrive need to take a close look at this community.
  • My mom has been a resident at Staywell Manor for over five years and we have always been happy with
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Calgary, Alberta

  • As soon as it opened, Cambridge Manor began generating suitably enthusiastic feedback from families and seniors. That’s no surprise, given that it’s part of the Brenda Strafford Foundation, an organization focused on research-backed innovation and care. Its setting in the University of Calgary’s intergenerational project adds an extra layer of exciting innovation. And then, for all its progressiveness, this community excels most of all in providing the evergreen need of care for our beloved seniors.
  • Cambridge Manor [has] been taking care of my father-in-law for months. Through Covid and all [he] ha
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