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Reviews of Chartwell Ridgepointe Retirement Residence

Gain exclusive insight into life at Chartwell Ridgepointe Retirement Residence. Comfort Life’s reviews give you exclusive insider information.

Our perspective

Chartwell Ridgepointe Retirement Residence is another example of Chartwell’s expertise in creating a great atmosphere in a retirement home. Take a tour and you’ll likely be struck by the energy and sense of joy visible. You’ll witness this in the smiling faces of staff and residents, in conversations in the dining area at lunch, and in seniors’ enjoying each others’ company in lounges and other parts of the building.

Set in a quiet, secluded neighbourhood of South Kamloops, Ridgepoint offers suitably spectacular views of nearby mountains and the Okanagan Valley. (Suites on upper floors offer sweeping vistas.) It’s also close to parklands and Pineview Trails, while the property’s exterior features a variety of spaces including a patio, courtyard, and lovely gardens. Chartwell communities are renowned for generous amenities, and highlights here include an outdoor golfing green, exercise room, in-house salon, and more.

There’s lots going on in the community on a typical day. There’s a library, fireside lounge, a billiards room, and the spacious L-shaped dining room opening onto the patio. There are also educational programs and live music events on the calendar, along with day trips, and more. We love the cleanliness of the building and its thoroughly contemporary design and decor. That’s just one more aspect of the healthy spirit here.

Suites in Chartwell communities are among the largest we’ve seen in the industry, elegantly decorated, and optimized for comfort. It’s ideally suited for who you are at this stage. You’ll find yourself comfortable with the space.

Staff are often singled out by name in reviews for this community because, to a person, they’re dedicated to creating a great atmosphere. Watch them in action, and it’s obvious that they enjoy what they’re doing. The diligence of staff and the happy community they create with residents adds up to daily contentment for seniors here. When housework, cooking, cleaning, etc. is done by someone else, and people around are all your own age – and happy to be there – it’s liberating. Family members are relieved by the care and lifestyle their loved ones enjoy.

More of what people say about this community

We've collected reviews and testimonials from around the web that are relevant to you: those from residents and their loved ones.

Gordon Dodds, family member

Chartwell Ridgepointe Retirement Residence is a fantastic facility. Whenever I visit my father, he always has a big smile on his face and without prompting, always tells me how happy he is living at Ridgepointe. He has developed long lasting friendships with the other residents as well as the extremely professional staff. The facility is immaculate and the daily activities are varied and entertaining. The food/menu is well thought out and is first rate. The staff are inviting, welcoming and filled with joy - they seem to really like their jobs!!! We have had a very positive experience with Ridgepointe.

Thomas Bennett, family member

My mom has enjoyed her first six months of living in Chartwell Ridgepointe and is settling in nicely, making new friends, and thinking of it as home already. The transition from a family house into an independent living lifestyle is a big step and the staff made it easier than we ever expected and as smooth and accommodating as possible. Everyone (staff and residents) was welcoming and patient with all our questions and considerations and handled everything at the pace we needed. The facilities and apartments are modern, well maintained, and kept impeccably clean. The staff are always cheerful and very helpful and it’s easy to see they are happy to be there to create a positive environment for the residents, family members and co-workers.

Barb Goddard, family member

My parents moved to Chartwell Ridgepointe Kamloops several years ago. This is an exceptional senior’s residence especially under the Management of Jordan Amon, he has the perfect demeanor for this position, and is a great advocate. I would like to acknowledge the management and staff for the excellent service they provide and give a special shout out to Andrea, Dean, Marivic, Preston, Chris, Heather and Tanisha they are always so personable and accommodating. The last couple of years have been very challenging for our family and everyone at Ridgepointe has really stepped up to assist.

Gordon Harper, family member

My mother in-law lives at Chartwell Ridgepointe and my wife and I are very involved in her care. We visit several times a week. The team of staff are amazing, they go above and beyond to enrich the lives of the residents. Chartwell Ridgepointe offers quality surroundings, a welcoming atmosphere and we find staff to be very friendly and approachable. My wife and I say to staff "keep a suite for us as we know where we want to be in future".

Tracy Liesch, family member

Our mom has lived at Chartwell Ridgepoint for 6 years and we couldn't have asked for a better place for her. She is always telling us how much she loves living at Chartwell and especially loves all the people who help make their days happy and bright. The staff go above and beyond for all the residence and it truly feels like home

Joan Lyons, resident

Moving to a facility like RIDGEPOINT is one of life's major decisions. I am very happy living here where cheerful, competent staff provide me with an excellent lifestyle! It is a wonderfully relaxing place to live and enjoy a sense of "freedom" that many of us have never previously experienced. I did not ever want to put my family in that situation so for the following reasons I was quite "Pro-Active" in my decision to move.

I vowed after completing the VERY stressful, labour intensive time of "putting my parents house to bed" I would try NEVER to leave my children with such a huge and difficult job! After this experience I wrote myself a letter and shared it with my family stating my "Guidelines for Ageing"! What follows is a bit of my "history" that tries to explain my decision for moving to Ridgepoint.

I lived in my Condo for a number of years after my husband died from Alzheimer's, a cruel and lengthy disease which takes a toll on all those involved. My condo was large, filled with a lot of memories and "stuff"! It was really too much room for one person and not a particularly "green" way to live. Cooking, cleaning and all the responsibilities of ownership were beginning to seem like something I could quite nicely do without! I still had my health and the ability to make decisions and my family all agreed that moving was a good idea and were very helpful during the whole process. Downsizing is not easy but it went much smoother than I thought it would. I do not miss anything that I gave away!! I live very comfortably here and still have some of my "old stuff", BUT when I "go" it will be much easier for my family than if I had remained in my Condo. Living independently, where basically all my needs are met, gives my family "permission" to carry on with their own busy lives and not constantly be worrying about me! Many "middle-aged children" are overwhelmed with family responsibilities as our life-span continues to become longer and longer and various forms of Dementia and other life-threatening diseases have reached epidemic proportions. The arrival of "Covid" has pushed our Health Care to the edge of collapse! At 85 years of age I do not want to hasten its demise by demanding excessive medical interventions, none of us are immortal!

Moving here was one of the best decisions I ever made! The opportunities for various activities enhance life here, there is no reason to ever feel bored! I have family and friends in Kamloops and stay as active as I choose to. Life is GOOD and the wonderful staff work hard to keep us happy and well cared for!

Sheila Krasnuik, family member

I frequently go into Chartwell to visit friends or loved ones. Every time i enter the front doors I am greeted with a smile. The energy and kindness given to the seniors from staff in Chartwell is unlike any independent living facility I have been in. I would highly recommend Chartwell.

Kevin Rains, family member

I moved my father and his wife into Ridgepoint last September and it was the absolute best decision. Jordan ( GM) and staff go out of there way to ensure the residents are safe. They truly care and it shows everyday from the great food, events that are put on and the simple smiles that are on everyone’s face.

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