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Reviews of Gilmore Gardens - Verve Senior Living

Gain exclusive insight into life at Gilmore Gardens - Verve Senior Living. Comfort Life’s exclusive reviews and videos give you insider information from residents and their families.

Our perspective

Great care is found at Gilmore Gardens. The environment here leaves nothing to be desired, certainly, but staff really goes out of their way to cater to residents' needs. When you (or one of your parents) experiences a setback, you want to find the best care that will quickly bring you back to enjoying life to the fullest, surrounded by caring people, great friends and an optimally healthy environment. Staff here combines the qualities of being knowledgeable and personable with a love of fun.

This brightly lit, homey Richmond retirement community offers a welcoming environment that gives new energy to the seniors who make this their new home. This is a Verve Senior Living community, with that company's distinct take on combining exceptional environments with detailed care, in a vision that's intent on helping people live every moment to its fullest – no matter what your age.

You'll find pleasant spaces spread throughout this community. Established for nearly 20 years, this community is suited to offer a unique combination of modernity and coziness. The exterior is well-gardened and lush with greenery. Inside, every corner is well lit, with clean lines found in every interior. There's an outdoor patio enhanced by wood-grain furniture. Suites are brightly lit with walk-in closets and select suites featuring a balcony. You're blessed with beautiful views of the local mountains, and nearby there's plenty of parkland, shopping and much more to enjoy.

Life here is enriched by educational activities ranging from BrainGym to in-house workshops. Seniors gain renewed vitality through a variety of fitness programs, including osteofit, walking activities, tai chi and more. There's personal renewal in the form of birthday celebrations or in daily gatherings in the Gilmore Arms and other parts of the community where you meet new friends and deepen social relationships. In the end, a renewed appreciation for life is what you'll find most of at Gilmore Gardens.

Video interviews

We interviewed families and/or residents via video conference, asking them probing questions about life at Gilmore Gardens - Verve Senior Living. Get the behind-the-scenes information from those with direct experience.

Andy Wong, son of resident

Watch our interview with Andy Wong to learn about the unique experience offered by Gilmore Gardens.


More of what people say about this community

We've collected reviews and testimonials from around the web that are relevant to you: those from residents and their loved ones.

Anita Ong, family member

After interviewing several similar organizations in Vancouver, my daughters and I decided to send their father here to recuperate after a minor stroke. He is now settling in nicely and started to like the services, people and food provided by the home. We found the home extremely well run under the General Manager Mirandah Sinden, with impressive teamwork among all the staff and workers. We cannot be more pleased with this home, without which we would have to spend a lot more time and energy managing their father's well beings. Thank you Gilmore homes, we are forever grateful 💕❤️🙏🙏🙏

Vivienne Poon, family member

My parents have been living in Gilmore Garden since last summer. It was extremely difficult to find a right place for aging parents, but we are so glad that we found GG. So far we are very happy that they are in this warm, bright, and welcoming community where all staffs are friendly, caring and helpful to answer their needs. They enjoy the holiday celebrations, parties, concerts, and performances. They participate in programs and activities as they like. Most importantly, we feel that they are in a safe place should they need any health assistance. GG has done an outstanding job in creating a happy and comfortable home for seniors!

Mary Lou Miles, family member

I can't say enough about the staff and volunteers at Gilmore Gardens. They are respectful, responsive, and truly care for the residents they serve. My father has been their since January 2020, and has been pleased with the food, programs, and support provided.

Wilson Leung, family member

Extremely friendly staff and facility have a warm and homelike atmosphere.

Ida Ng, family member

My mom has been well taken care of in the past 1.5 years at Gilmore. The Staff has gone above and beyond in my mom’s needs. Everyday my mom is treated with caring, helpful and friendly staff. I would highly recommend Gilmore Gardens.

Brian Covernton, family member

My Mom is living at Gilmore since 2012. She loves it. Meals are good, staff friendly and during COVID19 staff have maintained proper protocols for the safety of all. Thanks.

Jennifer Wyatt, family member

It is a great comfort that Mum is happy, safe and sound at Gilmore Gardens. All staff go above and beyond, and always with smiles and positivity.

Cara Riesterer, family member

My grandmother is a resident here and is very happy. Management and staff are wonderful and take good care of her. She loves her room! The pandemic safety measures made the residents and their families safe and always go out of their way to make everyone comfortable.

Monika McCormack, family member

When you walk through the front doors at Gilmore Gardens, you feel like you are entering a 5 star hotel! The staff are always friendly and courteous; they treat residents and guests as family. Many staff members have worked there for many years ... which speaks volumes to the quality and respect of management. The layout of the building allows for maximum natural light in all suites; while the elevators in the middle of the building provide easy access for everyone. I'm so pleased that my parents chose to live at Gilmore Gardens!

Andy Wong, family member

Excellent service, friendly and caring staff, professional management, warm and inviting atmosphere, scrumptious meal service, 5 out of 5 stars. These are the words that comes to my mind when describing Gilmore Seniors Residence - my mother’s home for the past two years.

When our family was looking into assisted living for our mom, we wanted a place where all her daily needs- meals, housekeeping, shopping, security, would be taken care of. A place where her health and well-being will be constantly monitored and thereby giving us peace of mind. And a place where she can freely socialize with other residents, participate in as many of the programmed activities as she desires, and yet maintain her privacy and independence. Happily, for my mom and for us, we found Gilmore Residence – a place that provides all of that and more.

My mom loves her spacious suite that includes a bedroom, full bathroom, living area, dining area, kitchenette, and huge closet space. The common areas including the outdoor patios, front entrance reception, the main lounge, and the adjacent main dining room are all spacious and elegantly decorated. With all the different seasonal decorations, festive dinner menus, theme activities, etc., I truly feel that the atmosphere at Gilmore is more akin to a cruise ship than an ordinary seniors home.

The meal service is one of the highlights at Gilmore. The daily and weekly menus are filled with a variety of scrumptious and healthy choices for the residents. The dining room staff and service are excellent. What I like best is that family and friends are welcome to join in for dinner or lunch at any time (for a nominal fee). It is such a treat to be able to have a sit-down dinner with our mom every week. Suffice to say that I’ve enjoyed every meal there. And better still, there is a private dining room available by reservation for those special family celebrations. We took advantage of that several times already and it was wonderful.

Given the prevalence of the Covid-19 pandemic and long term care homes in the news, it would be remiss of me not to comment on how Gilmore has managed this crisis. First, Gilmore as an independent retirement community for active seniors is far and away better staffed and managed than those LTC homes that you hear on the news. Right from day 1, the staff and management at Gilmore has been pro-active in implementing all necessary health and safety measures. As a result of their diligence, hard work, and the total cooperation of the residents, there has not been a single infection among the residents. All residents and their families were constantly updated with bi-weekly emails and bulletins on every aspect of the crisis. Yes, all residents were under lockdown and not permitted to leave the building other than for essential appointments. But I, as the ‘designated family visitor’, was still able to visit with my mom in the reception lunge. In fact, management even set up a temporary visitor’s room in the parking lot to allow residents to see their family and friends. The pandemic has indeed been a crisis for all. But its handling by the staff and management at Gilmore is a testament to their dedication in ensuring the safety and well-being of the residents.

I have worked in the service industry all my life and I know excellent and caring service when I see it. One of the main attributes of any successful company is their attention to details. Gilmore Residence is no exception. This is clearly evident in all aspects of their operation, such as the Chinese translation of dinner menus, the friendly greeting of visitors, 24/7 handyman service, in-house hair stylist, festive decorations, sincere respect shown to each and every resident, efficient well-trained staff, morning safety checks, and so on and so on.

In conclusion, I highly recommend that if you and your family are contemplating assisted living for a loved one, do make a visit to Gilmore Residence, sample a meal, and enjoy a tour of this excellent ‘home away from home’. You will love it.

Joanne Schroeder, family member

My mother just loves living at Gilmore Gardens. The management is outstanding and the staff are friendly and caring. We have been so impressed with the measures taken to keep the residents safe and healthy during the pandemic. Mom enjoys the wonderful activities and her fitness has improved with the daily exercise programs. She has made some great new friends and is excited to see what’s on the menu every day. This retirement residence is truly exceptional!

AL, family member

My father has been a resident of Gilmore Gardens for over six years, and the staff have always taken good care of him. Thank you to Miranda and Audrey, and the rest of management for being especially attentive and thorough with their safety precautions during the COVID pandemic this past year. Gilmore Gardens has repeatedly gone above and beyond to provide the great quality of care, including arranging special meals to accommodate my father’s needs. We greatly appreciate all they have done to ensure the safety and comfort of the residents, and cannot recommend Gilmore Gardens and their extraordinary care enough.

Anita Pau, family member

Really appreciate all the care and attention given to my mom at Gilmore Gardens. With the closed border due to COVID travel restrictions, and unable to visit mom, this is the only place that gives me peace of mind as I know someone is always there to keep an eye on her.

Caroline Nevin, family member

We researched a lot of places before we all agreed on GG five years ago (in part, influenced by two different people who reported positive experiences for their own parent). Mum and Dad have enjoyed it thoroughly since then, and we’ve been so impressed with how they’ve been protected from COVID transmission this past year. Throughout, communications with residents and family members has been excellent. When COVID restrictions first started, they swivelled quickly to full-service meals and daily checkins, and to this day their sanitation and contact protocols are the most stringent I’ve seen. We expected that social isolation would be a problem this past year, but the staff worked extremely hard to make life as enjoyable and interesting as possible in the circumstances. My parents have nothing but compliments for GG and its staff, and our family would recommend it to anyone considering a move, especially at this challenging time.

Peggy Lee, family member

My parents moved into Gilmore Gardens in 2014 and over the years, our experience with the community has been exceptional. Every member of staff have gone above and beyond to provide for our family's special needs. Communication with Mirandah and Audrey during COVID times has been excellent and we are grateful and comfortable in knowing that the team continues to keep our father safe. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending this retirement community. Look no further!

Jacqueline Ogilvie, family member

I could not be happier that my Mum is living at Gilmore Gardens. The staff are amazing and caring, they really make it feel like a home. During the pandemic they have maintained such high safety standards that I never worried about my Mum’s health or safety. Would highly recommend GG to anyone looking for a great place to take the stress out of day to day upkeep of your own home, and gain an extended family too.

Steven Randolph Grenzberg, family member

Mom is very happy and well cared for. She loves her suite and the relationships that she has with the staff and residents. She feels very secure and at ease. We all appreciate the staff and the care and support that they provide.

Perry Wilson, family member

My mother loves it here. They take such good care of her here. Their pandemic precautions made the residents safe and found ways for us to visit without going to her suite. Thanks so much to them for keeping her safe.

Sandy Bichard, senior

Warm, caring staff that go above and beyond to keep the residents comfortable, safe, and engaged. Lovely surroundings, great food, and lots of amenities.

Eugene Lupynis, family member

Miranda and the entire Staff have been great in support of our parent(s) and all the residents during these difficult COVID times. Though we cannot regularly visit we know our Mom is cared for and Safe!

Lisa L., family member

My mother has been a resident for over 2 years, she is almost 90. The staff are very kind and considerate. She loves the activities, the exercise classes, the library and the meals. They have been very good with their [COVID-19] response and precautions.

Janet Ragetli, family member

Gilmore Gardens is truly exceptional. My mother has been a resident for over three years. The leadership is outstanding, and this reflects onto all management and staff. I see residents being treated with dignity and respect, in a warm and welcoming family-style community. [What] sets Gilmore Gardens [apart] is the people - friendly, efficient and helpful in all positions and at all levels.

Susan, family member

I'm so very grateful for the care my mother received when she was at Gilmore Gardens.

Elizabeth, resident

My expectations were exceeded ... It was great to find such excellent assisted living in the city of Richmond ... I highly recommend Gilmore Gardens for anyone looking for a high level of living and senior care for elderly loved ones.

Tabitha, family member

Four stars. Clean suites. All common
areas are really neat and tidy.

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