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Families in Barrie who are looking for help for a loved one with Alzheimer's have a variety of options. You should certainly begin with the LHIN, of course, but you need also learn about a number of options in the private sector.


How to find the right care at different stages

As Alzheimer's is a progressive disease, there are different kinds of care recommended at different stages of the disease. It may be customary for families to give their own time during the early stages of the disease. At every step of the way you should learn all you can about professional help available, and understand that there are many things you can learn from professional caregivers.

Non-professionals have much less understanding the effects of the disease, and you may have difficulty remaining patient and dealing with negative effects like angry outbursts. For example, in some cases, people even in early stages of dementia can have violent outbursts. Professional caregivers have special training in gentle persuasion and other person-centred care approaches. There is an increasing amount of training expected of personal care workers, and it is very advantageous to families to get as much professional help as possible. 

For families of Barrie seniors in early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, home care is a fair option to consider, as a supplement to round-the-clock attention from loved ones. Alzheimer's has a wide variety of negative effects, and these can manifest differently in different people. For example, sundowning can be a troubling sign of the movement into later stage Alzheimer's for some, while for other people it can indeed be relatively harmless and not even related to Alzheimer's. The same goes for memory loss and a variety of other signs associated with the disease. Monitoring symptom development is just one way in which it is helpful to get professional in-home help. The more professional help on, the better you will understand manifestation of your loved one's symptoms, and the progress of his or her disease. Learn all about home care for Alzheimer's sufferers.

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For those in later stages of Alzheimer's, professional retirement homes (like those listed above) offer assured care. Alzheimer's robs patients of normal cognitive functioning and memory, and patients can be extremely difficult to deal with. There is no known cure for this most common form of dementia. Care and treatment by professional Alzheimer's care providers in up-to-date facilities is the best solution for any family dealing with those in the later stages of the disease.

Finding care for related dementias

For the variety of related dementias, memory care facilities are also equally well-equipped to deal with these. Related dementias treated and cared for in Barrie retirement homes include Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, Parkinson's, Lewy Body Dementia and much rarer disorders including Huntington's Disease and others. Learn more about related dementias cared for in memory care

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